World of Warcraft Brawl: Warsong Scramble

Updated on October 6, 2017
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I've been playing World of Warcrat since 2008 with the launch of The Burning Crusade. I enjoy gold-making and achievement hunting.

The PvP scene in World of Warcraft is quite varied, but a fun game mode like this one is always welcome. What Blizzard is doing right now with the Weekly Brawls is taking the classic battlegrounds and adding some wacky rules or extra game-play elements into them.

This week we have the Brawl named "Warsong Scramble" which takes the classic and beloved Warsong Gulch battleground and puts some extra rules and wacky elements into the environment.

The biggest difference between this brawl and others is that each faction has 3 flags instead of 1.There are 3 flags in each base so you will have 3 flag carriers at all times, which means there are 3 enemy flag carriers at the same time too. Good luck getting a team that manages to focus 3 EFC's. If they couldn't accomplish this feat in the regular Warsong Gulch with just one 1 EFC, than it will most likely be more challenging to achieve in this brawl.

The second biggest difference in this brawl version of Warsong Gulch is the presence of random buff cubes. There are multiple spots on the map where buff cubes spawn and running through them will grant you a random buff from a list of four. All of these buffs have their uses in this special mode, so let's go through them one by one.

Buff Cubes
Buff Cubes

The buff cubes (pictured above) grant you the following abilities:

  • Gripping Chain - Pulls an enemy to you.
  • Discombobulator Ray - Dismounts an enemy and reduces combat stats.
  • Arcane Prison - Conjures an Arcane Prison at a location which blocks enemies from traveling through it. Going through the Arcane Prison will cause the enemy to be teleported to the center and get a 1 second stun.
  • Mega Kick - Knocks the enemy high into the air.

Buff Cube Abilities in Depth

  • Gripping Chain - This ability is useful when it comes to dealing with the enemy flag carrier. Picture this scenario, both teams are on the last flag run, both your flag carrier and the enemy flag carrier are close to the base, you're slightly behind the enemy flag carrier, watching him run to a glorious victory— but wait! What was that? There's something creaking in your left pocket. It's a chain with a hook attached to the end of it and with the might of a thousand arms you throw it at the enemy flag carrier, pull him back into your grasp, and unload the fury of the titans on him; thus granting your team that sweet, sweet victory.
  • Discombobulator Ray - This ability dismounts enemies and reduces their stats. It's good when it comes to ganking the healer when he is trying to reach his team or to reduce the stats of those high level pro PvP players.
  • Arcane Prison - This one is good to use in the choke points, which are the tunnels on both sides of the map. Grab the flag, pop the Arcane Prison in the tunnel behind you so the enemy will get slowed down, and you'll be able to escape.
  • Mega Kick - This ability is awesome if you can get ahead of the enemy flag carrier and kick him back into your base. This ability is used purely for slowing down the enemy flag carriers and delaying them as much as possible.

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Extra Bonuses

To win this Brawl your team will need to cap 10 flags, which is not that hard to do and it should not take long, depending on how prepared the enemy team is or is not. With these 10 flags there is an extra bonus, which might not be obvious.

Each flag cap will grant you Honor, but most importantly they will grant you Reputation with the Silverwing Sentinels. You will get 100 Reputation per Flag and if your team wins you will get 1000 Reputation per match, but only from the flags themselves. This is a nice bonus for players that want to get extra achievements and/or RP gear from the reputation vendors.

With everything considered, Warsong Scramble is a fun brawl that I am enjoying thoroughly and with the extra Reputation bonus I am getting each match, I will be sure to farm it for the duration that it is available.


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