21 Must-Play Games Like Minecraft

Updated on December 24, 2016

Minecraft - An Open World Indie Game

Minecraft is a sandbox indie game created by Markus Persson and later developed by Mojang. Who would have thought that textured cubes in a 3D world would entertain millions of gamers around the world? Despite sporting a different feel especially on the visual level, Minecraft has taken the world by storm thanks to its innovative gameplay. The game's open world allows players to play the game as they wish, a feature that is key to Minecraft's phenomenal success.

Minecraft has popularized the sandbox survival genre, opening a lot of gamers' eyes into looking for similar games. No matter which device you use, this article has you covered. Here are games like Minecraft for android, PC, Facebook, iPad, PS3 and Xbox360 where you can enjoy hours upon hours of gathering resources, building units and engaging in exciting combat.

Best Minecraft Alternatives

More Sandbox Building Games

1. Terraria (PC, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita, Android, Windows Phone, iOS, Paid)

Terraria is an action-adventure, role playing indie game. The game was released for PCs on May 16, 2011 and became the top-selling game on Steam during its initial week of release. As of January 2013, Terraria has sold more than 2 million copies, a testament to how amazing this game is. The game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation Vita, Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

Terraria is set in a 2D world, and features several elements that can be seen on Minecraft such as crafting, construction and combat. Terraria also has a unique feature that allows you to let NPCs occupy the rooms you have built. How cool is that? The game also has day and night cycles. Zombies and Demon Eyes lurk at night and run away at dawn. During the day, you face slimes, hornets, and other monsters that get increasingly stronger as you progress through the game.

If you are a fan of action-adventure, RPG or even side-scrollers, then Terraria is absolutely a must-play game. The developers have posted a spoiler on the PC update so there are lots of things to look forward to.

2. Ace of Spades (PC, Mac, Paid)

Ace of Spades is a sandbox FPS game developed by Ben Aksoy. The game was released on Steam in December 2012. The game is like a combination of Minecraft and Team Fortress 2. It features various game modes such as base infiltration, zombie defense and team deathmatch. You can choose from four classes: Commando, Marksman, Rocketeer and Miner.

Since its release, Ace of Spades has received mixed reviews. Some critics praise the game for the nice blend of the sandbox and FPS elements. Others say that the game is unpolished, especially the version that was released on Steam. A dedicated community website, BuildAndShoot, still hosts the 0.75 beta version of the game for free.

3. Mythruna (PC, Mac, Linux, Facebook, Free)

Mythruna is a game that attempts to combine a variety of elements including building, crafting and role-playing in a randomly generated sandbox world. The game's developer is Paul Speed.

At first look, Mythruna may seem to be just like any other game under the sandbox genre. However, it is more than just a Minecraft clone. The developer has said that it is an ambitious project, but once the game is competed, it will provide players with a unique gaming experience.

Mythruna is certainly a game to watch out for. Want to sail all over the world? Then find a ship and a crew. Want to build an enormous city? You can do that, too. The role you take will be entirely up to you.

4. Cube World (PC, Mac, Paid)

Cube World is the project name of a voxel-based exploration RPG currently in development. As of now, the game is not yet available for download. So why include it in this list? Well, this game looks very promising, and its features entice gamers to anxiously await its release.

The game has bright, cartoonish graphics. Cube World is set in an endless random world made up of blocks. The game has a Zelda feel to it, plus the RPG elements of Diablo and the graphics of other block-building games. The developers do not plan on adding mining and digging features, but a crafting system is likely to be implemented. The game currently has four classes: Warrior, Rogue, Spirit Mage and Ranger.

The developers also stated that once the game is released, it may not bear the name Cube World. But whatever the title is going to be, all gamers are hoping for an amazing game that's worth all the wait.

5. Manic Digger (PC, Linux, Free)

Manic Digger is a free game like Minecraft for Windows and Linux. It started out as a third-party client for Minecraft Classic.

You can build anything you can think of with the 3D cubes of different elements and materials. There are three classes available for you to choose from: Soldier, Medic and Support. Choose from four weapons: pistol, submachine gun, sniper rifle and shotgun. Manic Digger also features both single player and multiplayer game modes.

6. Roblox (PC, Mac, iPad, iOS, Free)

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game released in 2005. The game is geared towards children and teenagers, but adult gamers will have no problems enjoying Roblox as it offers a lot of interesting features.

The game is highly praised for being educational. Children can learn a lot about programming, and their in-game experience will expose them to the world of marketing and advertising. Character customization is one of the key features of Roblox. You can create your own articles of clothing, making your character stand out from the rest. World construction involves the use of blocks with different sizes, shapes and colors. This is done through the Roblox Studio 2013.

A recent addition to the community is Bloxcast, a monthly livestream that features live gameplay, Q&A sessions and announcements of updates.

7. Minetest (PC, Mac, Linux, Free)

8. Block Story (PC, Mac, Android, Paid)

If you’re looking for a free game similar to Minecraft, then you should really check out Minetest. Celeron55, Minetest’s developer has done an awesome job creating a game that is very close to Minecraft. The game is free and less resource-hungry, so you won’t be having problems running Minetest even on an old computer.

Some say that Minetest is just one of many Mincraft clones. The development of the game has been painstakingly slow. It looks great. In fact, you might think it is Minecraft the first time you play it. However, it still lacks the features that made Minecraft so popular. Currently, Minetest has Survival and Creative modes. It also has a crafting system.

If you’re old hardware couldn’t run Minecraft, then Minetest might be the game for you. It doesn’t have the best features, but you can still surely have an enjoyable time playing the game.

Block Story is the game you’re looking for if you want a sandbox building game combined with RPG elements. More than 3 million gamers have downloaded Block Story. The game also has full compatibility between PC and mobile devices, so you can enjoy playing whether you’re at home or on the go.

The graphics of Block Story are simply amazing. You will surely enjoy exploring the game world because it is so well designed. One key feature of Block Story is that you can craft different weapons and armor. You can make guns, staves, knives and even shields. Rings can also be crafted to give your character some bonus stats.

Block Story also has quests, which help you understand the mechanics of the game better. A leveling system is also in place, allowing you to see the fruits of your labor.

9. Survivalcraft (Android, iPad, iOS, Windows Phone, Free)

Are you in search for the best mobile sandbox building game? Then Survivalcraft is the game you’re looking for. The game is developed by only one person, yet it proves to be a tremendous game, even dethroning Minecraft Pocket Edition as the top mobile block-building game.

Survivalcraft was originally released on Windows Phone, then subsequently on Android and iOS. The game is very well polished. You wouldn’t bump into walls because the game world is absolutely enormous. There are a variety of creatures in the game world, each of them are beautifully designed. There is also a huge emphasis put on survival. For instance, you’re character will faint if it didn’t get enough sleep.

Survivalcraft is just one marvelous game. It’s still being constantly developed, making the game even better than it already is.

10. Terasology (PC, Mac, Linux, Free)

Terasology is like Minecraft, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper put into one. Although it still does not have all the features of the three games mentioned, it is slowly being updated to make the gameplay more compelling.

One thing that’s really great about Terasology is its awesome graphics. You can simply look around, enjoy the water and lighting effects, and you will say that the developers have done a fine job making the game world look gorgeous. Your objective for this game will be to build your own fortress and handle your own group of minions to defend your territory from invading creatures.

There are still tons of things that may be added to the game, such as NPCs, advanced crafting and game portals.

11. StarMade (PC, Mac, Linux, Free)

If you want a Minecraft-like game that is set in space, StarMade is the perfect game for you. The Alpha version is free to download, but the full version is paid.

In this game, you are thrown in the middle of the universe and you can start doing whatever you want. You can roam around freely or start building your own edifices. Blocks can be collected from asteroids and NPC ships. You can travel to different planets and set up different structures. You can even make your own space station for your faction in multiplayer mode.

Another interesting feature is the game’s fighting system. There are NPC ships in the game that attack you whenever they see you. You get to shoot canons at them with pretty amazing visual effects.

12. Infiniminer (PC, Free)

Infiniminer is the game that Minecraft is based upon. This fact alone makes fans of the block-building genre to try it out despite being an old game. Zachary Barth, the developer of Infiniminer, discontinued updating the game after a source code leak. However, the game has garnered a cult following, so you still have many players to enjoy the game with.

The game is originally designed to be a battle between two teams. The objective is to gather more precious metals than the enemy team. In order to do this, your team should make the most out of every class available in the game. There are four classes: the miner, the fastest digger; the engineer, equipped with the most building options; the prospector, the one who can spot rare minerals; and the sapper, who uses TNT to destroy huge amounts of blocks.

Many players of Infiniminer these days have chosen to just explore the randomly generated game world and create various in-game objects. There are still those who play the team-based battles though. Choose a server that fits what you are looking for in the game.

12. FortressCraft (Xbox 360, PC, Paid)

FortressCraft is a game similar to Minecraft for Xbox 360. A PC version is also released under the name FortressCraft Evolved.

You start the game in a randomly generated game world where you can freely explore and create different structures. There is no real objective in the game. You can build whatever you want by using over 100 different blocks. If you are looking to add some spice to the gameplay, you can try the other game modes such as Freezetag, Hunt, and FPS mode. You can also play relic hunter where you search for relics that grant you special abilities such as increased jump and flight.

FortressCraft is a highly enjoyable game. The PC version offers a lot of enhancements and its features are absolutely plentiful.

13. Eden – World Builder (Facebook, iOS, iPad, Free)

Eden – World Builder is a fantastic sandbox building game for Facebook and iOS. As with most Minecraft alternatives, there is no real objective in this game. You are put in a huge world of blocks and you can do anything you like.

The blocks in this game are made from different materials. They vary in color and effects. For example, TNT blocks explode when set on fire and fire and water blocks spread out when used. The key feature of Eden is that you can download and upload maps from a server. There are many detailed maps created by other players and developers. You can use a map of a highly decorated cathedral or enjoy playing in some of the most famous cities in the world.

Eden – World Builder is a great game overall. The lack of objectives may put off some gamers, but many find it very liberating. The abundance of maps you can use make the gameplay much more interesting.

14. Epic Inventor (PC, Linux, Free)

Epic Inventor is a game like Minecraft for PC and Linux. It is a side-scrolling action RPG combined with some RTS elements. Playing Epic Inventor will surely remind you of Minecraft and Terraria.

The game is set in a 2D game world. You begin the game with a robot companion. You can jump in and take advantage of the various advantages the robot offers such as travelling faster and a huge arsenal of offensive and defensive abilities. You begin with no resources at all, so you have to slowly work your way up. Build up your resources and create your own city. Manual resource collection will gradually diminish as you progress through the game.

Epic Inventor is a highly enjoyable game, with a lot of interesting features that will keep you hooked. If you want a block-building, action role-playing game, then you should definitely check out Epic Inventor.

15. BlockYard (PC, Mac, Linux, Free)

BlockYard is the game for you if your focus will be on building structures and not on PvP. In this game, you can create your own cities, robots, tanks, weapons, airplanes, buildings and anything in between.

The gameplay of BlockYard is really simple. You click on the ground to create a block. There are different controls to create various shapes and sizes of blocks. You can then use these blocks and place them wherever you like. The building aspect of BlockYard is absolutely enormous. The only limit is your imagination.

You can play BlockYard on your browser. You only need to download the Unity 3D plugin in order to play the game.

16. King Arthur’s Gold (PC, Mac, Linux, Free)

King Arthur’s Gold has been in existence for quite a while. And now that it’s available on Steam, the game is stronger than ever. A side-scrolling action RPG, King Arthur’s Gold have shades of Minecraft and Terraria rolled into one.

Different game modes are available in this game. There is Gold Hunt, Deathmatch, and Capture the Flag. In Gold Hunt, your team needs to gather more gold than the enemy team. Gamers who want more action will enjoy the other game modes, Deathmatch and Capture the Flag. Your team will protect your home base while trying to destroy the enemy team’s fortifications using bombs, arrows and catapults.

King Arthur’s Gold is one superb game. The various game modes and different character classes keep the game exciting.

18. Brick-Force (Facebook, Free)

Brick-Force is a browser-based multiplayer FPS. It can be played on Facebook or through games portal Kongregate. Brick-Force doesn’t really offer anything new to the table, but its developers have done a great job at making sure their features work really great.

As with most shooter games, there will be a lot of killing in Brick-Force. But if you find killing random users boring, there are quests that will keep the game interesting. For example, you can take on a quest to kill 50 people using a certain kind of weapon. There is also a leveling system which allows you to unlock customization options as you gain more experience.

Brick-Force is a pretty straightforward game. Create your own map, invite other people in, and start firing at each other. While it doesn’t have any unique features, fans of the FPS genre can still have an enjoyable time playing this game.

19. BlockWorld (Android, Free)

BlockWorld is a game like Minecraft for Android. There are two versions of this game, free and paid. This is great as you can try out the game first for free before deciding whether to buy the full version or not.

One of the best things that you will notice right away when playing with the menus is that you have a bottomless inventory. You wouldn’t be running out of space in your inventory like you would in most games of the same genre. You also have the ability to fly in this game. There are no objectives, so you can fly around the game world and enjoy the stunning visuals. You are also given an infinite amount of explosive devices. You can throw explosives while flying around the map, which makes up for a great time aimlessly destroying things.

BlockWorld is one solid building game. It has a survival mode and a creative mode, making it a perfect clone of the original game.

20. Don’t Starve (PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Paid)

Don’t Starve is a game similar to Minecraft for PS4, PC, Mac and Linux. Developed by Klei Entertainment, the game is influenced by Minecraft and filmmaker Tim Burton. It has sold over a million copies in 2013.

The main character of the game is scientist Wilson, who finds himself in a dark and eerie world where he must do anything to survive. Combining survival and roguelike elements, you must explore the huge 3D world and gather food, firewood, recipes and avoid enemies. You gain experience points each day, which unlocks other playable characters. Death in this game is permanent, but a rare item called Touch Stone allows you to respawn albeit in a helpless state.

Don’t Starve has been highly praised by critics because of its art, music and high level of difficulty. This is the perfect console game for fans of the survival genre.

21. Synthetic World (PC, Linux, Free)

Looking for a Minecraft alternative set in the real world? If so, Synthetic World is a must try for you. This voxel game adds a twist of realism to the popular sandbox building genre.

The game has a vast open world. You are provided with a base inventory which you can use to create objects around you. You can change everything in the environment to your liking: cut down trees, build houses and change the landscapes. What’s really interesting about Synthetic World is its well-polished graphics. Everything in the game looks very realistic, add to that the stunning shadows and lighting effects.

Synthetic World is only in its 0.1 release, so you can expect more features to be added in future updates.

All Images Courtesy of Their Respective Game Developers

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    • profile image

      oof man 

      13 months ago

      minetest is best

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      20 months ago

      minecraft clones

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      21 months ago

      Roblox is overrated and mainly only fun if you are a kid.

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      22 months ago

      I Always play roblox cuz it rocks

    • profile image


      22 months ago

      bad really bad

    • profile image

      Better Player 

      24 months ago

      Please list Portal Knights. In relation to minecraft, it has all the aspects but better. It even establishes role playing as well as building. The graphics are well polishes, and just barnone. You won't find a better game!

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      The Author forgot about cool game like minecraft - WorldCraft : 3D Build & Craft

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      I Like Minecraft better than all them other games

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Minecraft p0rn is the best

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      Roblox and terraria are the best

    • profile image


      2 years ago

      You should take Cube world out of this list there has been any update to it for years even if the dev showed some changes on his Facebook / Twitter

      The game is awesome but not recommended due to the updates that wont come ever

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      minecraft is like infiniminer

      not the other way around.

      infiniminer came first

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      Synthetic world isn't free anymore. :(


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