5 Games Like Vindictus

Updated on April 14, 2016

Vindictus - A Fast-Paced MMORPG

Vindictus is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by devCAT. It is a prequel to another popular MMORPG, Mabinogi. Millions of gamers around the world have been enticed to play Vindictus because of its fast-paced and fluid gameplay while successfully eliminating button-smashing that is typically present in most MMORPGs.

There are 6 playable characters in the game, each coming with its own unique set of skills and abilities. This guarantees a different playstyle for each character, allowing you to explore the game and have a different experience by playing more than one character. Character customization is also an integral part of Vindictus. During character selection, you can choose your character's hairstyle, hair and eye color, and height. There are also customization options that require in-game cash.

It's pretty difficult to find games like Vindictus because of its many unique gameplay elements. But here are games that share some features and also have fast-paced combat systems if you're looking for action-packed sequences.

5 Games Like Vindictus


Warframe is a free-to-play third person shooter game developed by Digital Extremes. Although it sports a different theme, it shares some similarities with Vindictus in terms of gameplay. Prepare yourself and gear up your Warframe as you engage in the war against the Grineer and Corpus.

In this game, you team up with up to 4 players to complete missions. You will have access to a huge arsenal of weapons and armors, ranging from rifles and shotguns to pistols and melee weapons. You gain experience points by killing enemies and completing missions. Gaining enough XP allows you to level up your weapons and armors. You can also execute different maneuvers such as jumping, sliding and rolling to avoid enemy attacks.

Warframe is a highly entertaining game, and if you're looking for a fast-paced, co-op game, this game is well worth checking out.

Black Desert


If you want a game like Vindictus but with a vast, open world, then you might want to check out Black Desert Online. Developed by Pearl Abyss, this game has beautiful graphics as well as many features that are not seen in many MMORPGs.

Black Desert Online comes with the typical set of classes, but eliminates two common favorites: the healer and stealth characters. The five classes available are fighter, sorcerer, predator, ranger and tamer. A lot of interesting features are present, including castle sieges, PvP and trading. Parkour elements can also be seen as well as horse riding. One of the most exciting additions to the game is the ability to purchase a property in the city and turn it into a shop or crafting area.

With its incredibly detailed graphics and interesting gameplay elements, Black Desert Online is set to make a lot of noise in the MMO scene.

Dragon Nest


Dragon Nest is a fantasy MMORPG developed by Eyedentity. Its combat system is very similar to Vindictus, and you are sure to have an action-packed experience as you try to complete every dungeon in the game.

In Dragon Nest, you have full control of your character's movements. It uses a non-targeting combat system, meaning you have to aim your attacks precisely in order to hit enemies, as well as react and evade swiftly to avoid taking damage. You have to team up with other players to finish instanced dungeons. What's more interesting about Dragon Nest is its PvP system. It is highly skill-based, meaning low level characters can completely dominate high level characters if they have superior skills.

Dragon Nest is another game that is not lacking in action. It's combat and PvP system is something to behold, and it's a great game if you want to measure how great you really are skill-wise.

Core Blaze


Core Blaze is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by Gamania. The game is still in development and makes use of the Unreal Engine 3. Set in an Oriental world, Core Blaze has fantastic graphics and consists of well crafted instances.

In this game, you are allowed to form a group of four or more players to travel to and complete dungeons. Four weapon types are available, and you can freely switch from one to another between missions. The four weapon styles are Sword and Shield, Great Sword, Dual Blade and Long Bow. You can strategize and choose which weapon to best use in a specific mission.

Core Blaze certainly looks like a solid MMORPG, and because its still currently in development, many gamers are hoping that it only gets better.

Monster Hunter Frontier


Monster Hunter Frontier is an action MMORPG released for the Xbox 360 in Japan on June 24, 2010. It takes the popular title to the multiplayer scene, allowing you to connect and play with your friends for nonstop action and adventure.

This MMORPG version of Monster Hunter takes many features from the previous installments of the franchise, including MH 1 & 2 as well as the PSP version. The developers constantly update the game with new additions particularly during holidays. Many events are held including PvP and hunting rare monsters. The only downside of this game is that it's only available in certain countries in Asia. Capcom's online gaming manager has said that Monster Hunter Frontier was intentionally made available to Japan only. Until now, there has been no confirmation about whether or not the game will be released in North America and Europe.

Monster Hunter Frontier is absolutely a fantastic game, and if you happen to live in one of the countries where it is available, then you're one lucky gamer for having a chance to play this incredible action RPG.

Which game like Vindictus will you play next?

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