How to Make Money in "Wurm Online"

Updated on March 9, 2020
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Jon has been playing MMORPG's since 2004; starting with "World of Warcraft" and then branching into other MMO games.

Earning silver in Wurm Online

Unlike most MMO's making money in Wurm Online is difficult, but at the same time rewarding. The creatures that inhabit the land do not drop any money and there are very few NPC traders that have money to give for items. Therefore, you are left trading with your fellow players. What then is valuable in Wurm Online? Really anything that your fellow players think is worth their coins in trade, usually your labor. Below is a list of activities I know of to make money in Wurm Online.

1. Bulk production

This is usually the best way for newcomers to start getting some cash. By making hundreds of bricks, planks, cooked meat, etc. You can usually find someone that wants to buy it. Ask around on the chat channels if someone is wanting to purchase bulk items and see if you can arrange a deal.

The main items traded in bulk are:

  • Bricks
  • Planks
  • Mortar
  • Cooked meat
  • Farm goods

When this is written the price is usually 1 silver for each 1000 items. This can of course be negotiated, and the prices can fluctuate depending on your location.

Bulk produce ready for market.
Bulk produce ready for market. | Source

2. Specialization

If you decide to go premium you can specialize in some field like carpentry, weaponsmithing, blacksmithing, etc. The greater your skill is the better-quality items you are able to produce which in turn are more valuable in trade. Keep in mind that to reach skill levels that start making some real money you need to spend some time training the required skills. In some cases, bulk production of items give you good skills required for your specialization.

If you are able to produce quality items, you might consider buying a merchant to help you trade them. They cost 10 silvers but are worth it in the right circumstances. You can also advertise your expertise on the Wurm Forums.

Forge and water barrel for the master smith.
Forge and water barrel for the master smith. | Source

3. Ship building

Ships generally sell for a nice amount of silver. It takes a long time to make a single ship, so it requires some dedication. It's probably best to try your hand on a simple rowboat to start out with. Instructions on how to build ships are found in the wurmpedia. A rowboat usually sells for 70 coppers or so, while a caravel can sell for 20-30 silver.

To build a ship you need several skills at good levels. You need rope making, cloth making, blacksmithing and shipbuilding at decent levels. When you sell a ship it's best to sell it with a boat lock and anchor.

A fine sailing boat.
A fine sailing boat. | Source

4. Farming

Bulk production of high quality farm goods is a very nice money maker. The added bonus is that farm goods grow mostly on their own, so they are in many ways a passive income source. Cotton and wemp are needed for cloth making and rope making and are usually in high demand. Higher quality produce gives more silver and is usually easier to sell, so it's a good idea to grind the farming skill a bit. Also, with a higher skill you get better yields per tile. Farming is also the best source for vegetables, which are used to cook meals that are essential for the game.

A nice little farm.
A nice little farm. | Source

5. Landscaping

If you are good at terraforming land after specific guidelines you could get a job as a landscaper. Helping people shape their villages is usually well worth the silver. Another way of doing this is to buy a piece of land, create a ready village and sell it again. However, this might end up costing you money due to upkeep costs. Like with everything you should ask around in the forums and chat channels if something like this is viable on the server you are playing.

6. Trading

Like every MMO trading between servers or even on the same server can be profitable, this however requires you to have a good grasp on local prices which can change swiftly. Also having one of the larger ships is necessary. As such trading is best done when you have played the game for some time, built up some contacts and got yourself some silver and a decent ship.

7. Get a job

You can ask around in the chat channels if anyone has simple jobs they want completed for a few coins. There are often people that are working on their deeds that could use a hired hand to dig, saw, mine, cut and other tasks. Just be sure to hammer out the details beforehand, preferably in the forums.

8. Get yourself a trader

Trader contracts can be bought for 50 silvers. They are really expensive but a good source of silver and really the only source of money form NPC's. The starting price of 50 silver is hefty though and you can only have a single trader in a 63 square radius. You also need to have a deed to reap the full benefit. The mechanism of the traders are somewhat complex but they are explained nicely here.

9. Breeding

If you have a knack for it breeding high quality horses and other animals can be really rewarding. The leather and meat from animals can go for a decent price and a good horse can sell for a few silvers. This however takes some real dedication and is best left until some experience with the game has been reached. Breeding is not skill intensive. The only skill needed is Animal Husbandry and at level 45 you have most of the benefits for breeding.

A couple of fine horses.
A couple of fine horses. | Source

10. Meditation

In Wurm Online you can learn the art of meditation. To start meditating you need a meditation rug. When you start meditating you gain skills rather fast. At level 15 you can choose a path to follow. By choosing the Path of Love you can earn a few coppers by enchanting grass tiles for your fellow players. This is not a massive money maker but is generally seen as worth it.

11. Taxi service

If you have a ship you can offer to transport people between islands and villages on your local server or between the various servers of Wurm Online for a few coins. Advertise your services and see if you get some silver.

12. Selling to settlement tokens

A recent addition to the game is the ability to sell items directly to a settlement token. This way new players can get a little money without having to make huge amounts of bulk material or hiring themselves out.

This is however not intended as a huge source of income and should be treated as such.

13. And finally the easiest way

Simply purchase in-game coins from the Wurm-store. 10 silver coins cost only 10 euro and for most people starting that is much more money than they need.

There are probably other ways to make money in the game than those listed here, remember Wurm is a sandbox game, if you get an idea and someone is willing to pay for it, then you can do it.


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      • takkhisa profile image


        6 years ago

        I have played this before and it is a really interesting game :)

      • socialcx1 profile image


        6 years ago

        This is all new to me, thanks

      • profile image


        6 years ago

        This game sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!

      • combiplumb profile image


        6 years ago

        Ha my lads would love this, will show him.

        Virtual gold is the new goldrush for kids.

      • blestman lm profile image

        blestman lm 

        7 years ago

        Good job. Any youtube stuff on wurms?

      • gadifi lm profile image

        gadifi lm 

        7 years ago

        very interesting lens keep up the good work


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