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"Perfect World International" Barbarian Build Guide

Leonard is a big fan of "Perfect World International" and he loves playing with the Barbarian class.

Creating a Barbarian character in "Perfect World International."

Creating a Barbarian character in "Perfect World International."

Understanding Barbarians

Welcome to my ultimate Perfect World International Barbarian build guide. I would like to start off by saying that I think Barbarians are one of the best classes in Perfect World International. I have spent considerable hours playing my Barbarian and practicing the art of “Tanking” in order to give you the best information I can gather.

What Is a Barbarian?

So, what is a Barbarian? A Barbarian is a Melee range, Physical Damage dealer, with adequate damage output, offset by exceptionally high HP and Physical Defense. Barbarians are the only “real” tank in Perfect World. And although some Blademasters may feel that they too are tanks, they cannot compare to the ability of a Barbarian in this area. Blademasters have a role; it’s just not the same as a Barbarian’s role.

Some people find Barbarians a boring class to play. Your damage is low, and your accuracy is not great to start, so you will miss often, and even small 1v1 mob battles can sometimes drag out for what seems like forever. But as Barbarians age, they become stronger, they miss less, and they play a huge support role in squad play.

Barbarian Forms

Barbarians have two forms: a human form and a tiger form. Understanding the different forms of a Barbarian is important. Both are tools that should be used in certain ways. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both should be considered when building your Barbarian. Tiger form is the form you will be in during squad play, if you are the primary tank, while you may find human form better while soloing and doing normal questing.

Human Form

Human form offers higher damage output at the cost of lower physical defense and HP. Being that a Barbarian has naturally high HP, this is a very acceptable way to solo, perform everyday quests, and grind. But not really set up for a squad setting. Human form skills are designed to provide damage, and have less aggro effect than tiger form skills. As a secondary Barbarian in a squad, you may be able to play in human form, but it will depend on the level of difficulty.

Tiger Form

Tiger form is your Tank form. True form skill is the skill that transforms you into a tiger; it also gives you an HP increase and speed increase at the cost of damage output. You are also given the skill of shapeshifting intensify, this in a physical defense increase, and is a passive skill. Those coupled with the multiple aggro effect skills and D.O.T.s are what make Tiger form the only real way to tank properly. It is perfectly acceptable to stay in tiger form all the time. Some people will focus only on the Tiger form skills, especially at lower levels when spirit points can be hard to come by.

Tanking in a Squad

In a Squad, a Barbarian is the primary tank. They will be expected to control the battle and make sure mobs are focused on them. They will be absorbing as much of the damage as they can, in order to keep their squad members alive. It is very important to know this role and learn this role. Barbarians will not be damage dealers, and they cannot be expected to. Even in human form, they do not deal enough consistent damage to compete with Archers, Wizards, or Psychics for damage dealers. They can play a similar role to that of Assassins or Blademasters, but they are truly there for tanking.

Squad Composition and Tactics

In a normal Squad setting, you should have a Barbarian, a Cleric or two, a Blademaster or Assassin, and the rest of the squad should be damage dealers. When approaching mobs, it is important for the Barbarian to control aggro from the beginning. Your Damage dealers should be aware that you need to attack first, using your primary aggro attack skills, either flesh ream for single target or Roar for an AOE effect.

Also, it is important to remember that you will want to SPAM flesh ream, and you will want your damage dealers to focus on the same mob as the one you are targeting with flesh ream. Otherwise, you will have mobs breaking free and running into your damage dealers and Cleric.

A tiger-form Barbarian holding a Pole Hammer.

A tiger-form Barbarian holding a Pole Hammer.

Barbarian Weapons

As a Barbarian, you are forced to use axes in order to utilize your skill tree

Axes have high spike damage. Axes come in 4 main forms: Dual hand axes, Dual Hammers, Poleaxes and Pole hammers. Each one varies statistically, and each one has pros and cons. All Axe Class weapons share the same range of 3.5.

  1. Dual Hammers: Attack speed is 0.83 attacks per second. Their average minimum damage is 1st, their average maximum damage is 3rd, and their DPS is 1st. This is the best choice in the axe class. In my mind at least.
  2. Dual Hand Axes: Attack speed is 0.83 attacks per second. Their average minimum damage is 3rd, their average maximum damage is 1st, and their DPS is 3rd. This is a great choice for those looking for the spike damage. This is a nice trait for PvP but serves you no great purpose in PvE.
  3. Pole Hammers: Attack speed is 0.91 attacks per second. Their average minimum damage is 2nd, their average maximum damage is 4th, and their DPS is 2nd. This is a solid choice if the right weapon is found.
  4. Poleaxes: Attack speed is 0.91 attacks per second. Their average minimum damage is 4th, their average maximum damage is 2nd, and their DPS is 4th. This would be a last resort or only something I would consider if I liked the weapons add-ons.

Of course, all axes are very close statistically. Any of them will work just fine, and it is more a matter of visual appeal and individual weapon statistics that should drive your decision.

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Barbarian Gear

Gear is pretty straight forward. There really is no great secret. Always use heavy armor. It's that simple. And always try to make or purchase the best armor you can. When you reach higher levels and want to start adding shards (wait till after 50), go with HP stones. That is really all you need to know, but I will try to supply you with a little more detail in the matter.

Never buy your gear from the vendor. This is the bottom of the barrel gear. I will tell you to always make your own or buy something from the Auction house. Never settle for the junk. It really makes a difference.

  1. Armor: For armor pieces, I look for bonuses like, +Vitality, +HP, +HP recovery, and reduce physical damage %. Waste bonuses like maximum endurance and reduced requirements are lost on this build, and if that is all your getting with a piece of gear, I would try to do better.
  2. Rings: I like to stick with either quest rings or legendary rings, crazed lupines are usually pretty cheap and excellent ones to start with if you can. Misty forest rings are the goal for many Barbarians, I tend to agree, I like them a lot, but there are others, any that increase accuracy or offer +% critical rates, are good. Any extra vitality you may be able to get out of these is good also.
  3. Ornaments: I suggest you use elemental necklaces and waist. Although it is not a terrible thing to use physical ones, this is an area you can add to your magical defense without a huge loss in other areas of concern. If you use elemental, always look for +HP and +MP bonuses here.
  4. Shards: Any Barbarian build that I will ever talk about will take HP shards. There is no better stat for a Barbarian to add to.

Barbarian Statistics

This section may be a little geeky, and I do apologize for that, but, I want to try to be as thorough as possible to help you determine what sort of statistical allocation you will want to implement.

There is not a whole lot of option when it comes to building a Barbarian. You are forced to use so many points towards Strength, due to the Axes requirements, which leaves you very little wiggle room. We will talk about your options, but there just is not much to say.

One thing that many people do not consider when building a Barbarian, or teaching someone how to build a Barbarian, is. You're not going to be a tank right out of the gate. In fact, you will seldom get the opportunity to tank before level 50. It’s just the way it is; you don’t have the skills or HP level to do it much earlier on any consistent basis. So, in the meantime, this gives you an opportunity to strengthen your Barbarian in other ways.

Stat Options

Before you decide what your Barbarian build is going to look like, statistically, it is important to always remember that your axes need 6 strength points and 1 dexterity point every other level. This only leaves you with 3 spare points, every other level. Most will tell you to put it all into Vitality. You can, but it is not the only way you have to do this. You do have some options as a Barbarian. While I can not say that one of these builds is better than the other, I play a Barbarian on a PE server, and I play him as a Tank, so, I use my Tank build.

  1. Tank Build: Levels 1-30 as a Barbarian may have been the worst experience of my life. And I did it twice. My first Barbarian became a bad experiment, so I started a second. This is my method I used for that build. Some people may think I am completely wrong, but I will explain my thinking. For levels 1-21, I went 6 strength, 4 dexterity. Yup, it is true. And from 23-41, I went 6 strength 2 dexterity, and 2 vitality. And from that point on, I would go with a 6 strength, 1 dexterity, and 3 vitality, until you hit 80 dexterity, then you do not need to add any more Vitality. I did this because I had to speed up solo fighting, it took forever, and since nobody wants a level 20 barb to tank for them, why not throw all your point into Dexterity early. At level 71, I currently have about 7500 HP when in tiger and buffed out. That may not be as high as some, but it is pretty good, And on top of the I have a critical rate of over 5% and 80 dexterity
  2. PvP or High Dexterity Build: I think this is not that bad of a build. I believe that for PvP, a Barbarian can get away with Less Vitality. If they want to. Barbarians actually take well to Dexterity. They get 8 accuracy points, and 8 evasion points per Dexterity added, only blademasters are better. So, going with a 6 strength 3 dexterity, and 1 vitality build, could result in a very hard hitting Barbarian. One very well suited for PvP. At least in my mind. Of course, you may not be able to tank as well, but there are many areas you can make up extra HP.

Barbarian Skills

I will try not to drag it out too long though. I will also not go crazy with what the skills are and their descriptions, there are other places on the web you can go to find that information.

Skills are always broken down like this for me. There are Passive, Buffs, Defensive, and Attack skills.

Passive Skills

  • Weapon Mastery (level it): Always Level these, these should be primary skills for you. They add increased damage output percentage, at the very minimum level your primary weapon, weapon mastery. At level 10, you gain a 60% damage increase.
  • Swimming Mastery (not needed): So level this if you want. It increases your swimming speed by 50%. I personally have never found it to be very useful, but it is a cheap skill.
  • Feral Regeneration (level it): This is a must level. This increases your HP regeneration speed, when the skill is at max level, this gives you a 20 per second boost to your base regeneration rate.
  • Shapeshifting Intensity (Level it): Another must level. This is a passive skill that increases your physical defense, but, only in tiger form.


  • Beast King’s Inspiration (level it): Love this buff. It grants you and your squad members a % HP increase, based on their own max hit points. This is a must-have.
  • Strength of the Titans (level it): Damage output increase buff for you and your squad members. It is a physical damage increase only, but still more than worthy of keeping level.
  • Blood Bath (level at your own discretion): Personally I don’t use Bloodbath, I learned it, but I do not level it right now. Maybe I will later. It reduces your HP, in exchange for increasing your accuracy. It may be more of a PvP skill, Not sure, but I have no use for it. I am not even sure if I should call this a buff or an attack skill. It lasts for 10 minutes.
  • Poison Fang (level it): Self buff, adds wood damage to your attack. It lasts for 15 minutes. If you have the spare points, I would level it.


  • True Form (level it): Technically not an attack skill, True form is your transformation skill. With transformation into Tiger form, you receive a Max HP increase and a speed increase. At the cost of our damage output.
  • Beastial Rage (learn it): This skill is a bit of a last resort skill. When active, you absorb physical hits at the cost of 5 chi per hit, and it lasts for 15 seconds. If your HP is below 50%, the skill gives you a magic shield that can absorb a certain amount of elemental damage.
  • Untamed Wrath (learn it): This is an AOE stun. It is only a 1-second stun, but it is cheap and worth having around if you need a second to get things under control.
  • Frighten (learn it, tiger form only): This is an AOE also with a Physical defense reduction for enemies around you. And it reduces their speeds. It is not a damage skill, so it only has a limited role. Hold off on leveling it until you have spare points. If at all.


I am going to break up attack skills into Human form, and Tiger form. Human being first. I will talk about the skills as if you are going to focus on both human form and Tiger form. Most people will focus on their tiger form skills first, and I would also give them first priority, But if I have the points, I would level some human skills too.

Human Form

  • Stomp of the Beast King (never level): Starting skill, it does base damage plus extra damage, but there are better skills. It does have a quick cast and cool down, but, just not enough power in it.
  • Garrotte (level when you can): Better than Stomp, It deals base damage plus a 15-second bleed. Bleeds are nice, and although it doesn’t say so, D.O.T’s are a way to help hold aggro, mostly because they can stack and they continue after time.
  • Swell (get it, level when you can): Welcome to a Barbarians AOE skills. Swell is a frontal Fan shaped AOE; it does base damage plus extra damage. It is not a great AOE, not even for a barb, just at least get it though, to open up that skill tree.
  • Mighty Swing (level it): This is a good one. Level it, maybe one of your better human skills. It does base damage, plus extra damage, and has a chance to stun. On top of that, it is 100% accurate, that’s right, it will never miss. That is the best part of that skill.
  • Penetrate armor (don’t bother): It is not a bad skill, but, I would think it would be better. It does base damage plus extra damage and reduces your targets defense for 10 seconds. It is also an aggro skill. If I want aggro, I am gonna get it in tiger form. Just my opinion though.
  • Fire Storm (get it, level 1 max): This skill is too expensive for my blood. I think the fact that it costs a spark to use is crazy. It is a linear AOE, and it does do good damage and has a Fire DOT over 15 seconds, so you may want to level it later on. But I find Linear AOE's to have very limited use.
  • Slam (level it): Love this one. Your radial AOE. It does base damage plus extra damage, and it is a knock back — perfect AOE in my mind. Cool down is a little too long to spam this skill, but it is still a great one for Barbarians who want to AOE Grind.
  • Bestial Onslaught (no, maybe late in game): Being that this skill comes after penetrate armor, and I don’t like penetrate armor, I don’t have this skill. It looks like an alright radial AOE, it does % damage, plus extra damage, and reduces evasion. But I would hold off. It just is not enough.
  • Armageddon (WTF, really?): I honestly do not know what to make of this skill. I got it, just because it is crazy! You lose half your HP and MP, and all your Chi and it costs 2 sparks. But for that, you get a radial AOE, and just massive damage. It is fun just to use occasionally, but if you're charmed it is truly a charm burner.
  • Violent Triumph (get it if you want): It is something that I would only get if I was doing a lot of PvP. It makes you immune to stuns freezes, slows and other movement impairments that can be used against you, it lasts 10 seconds, costs 1 million spirit points. If you have the points to spare and you’re a PvP’er, I would say go for it.

Tiger Form

  • Flesh Ream (level it): If you plan to tank at all this is a must-have. It is your primary single target aggro skill, and you will spam it like crazy. Not only does it deal base damage, and increase aggression, it is also a stack-able bleed over 15 seconds. On top of that, it is 100% accurate. This is your bread and butter as a tank.
  • Alacrity of the Beast (learn it): I believe that this is a skill you don't always have to have leveled. It has good effects, but the damage is nothing special, and the effects are the same for level 1 as they are for 10. It gives base damage plus extra damage. The important part is that is is a channel canceling skill and has a 50% chance to freeze.
  • Devour (level it when you can): Devour is a solid skill. It does good damage and reduces your enemies defenses. But it is not the most important Tiger form skills by any means. Level it when you can.
  • Surf Impact (level it when you can): This is an ok AOE. It does damage plus extra damage and has a slow effect, it has a pretty small range, making it only worth leveling when you can
  • Roar (level it): This is your AOE aggro skill, and it should be kept up to date. Its only purpose is to generate aggro, but that is enough. Keep it leveled at all times; it can be a squad saver.
  • Sunder (level it): Nice skill, it does base damage plus weapon damage, plus a bleed, plus a regeneration to your HP during the bleed. Did I mention it was an AOE also? Level this; it is one of your best skills.

Barbarian Genie Skills

This is an area subject to personal preferences. Whatever you do with your genie is not going to make or break your Barbarian. I am only going to talk quickly about a couple skills. And they will all be revolved around self preservation.

  • Second Wind: This is a strength-based heal. I love this when I am soloing. It really can save you at a moments notice.
  • Solid Shield: This is a strength-based shield; it reduces the damage you take at the cost of your speed. I am not sold on this skill, I think there are better ones out there, but it is good enough to be mentioned.
  • Relentless Courage: This is a strength-based skill too. It increases attack speed, movement speed, and channeling speed. Nice little bonus to speed up kills
  • Tree of Protection: This is strength and dexterity-based. This is a heal over time and is also an HP increase.

© 2010 Leonard L Sampson


Nyssa_de_Or on June 13, 2015:

This is a wonderful resource thank you. But it would have been even better if you had added the levels acquired and your 1-5 ranking like you did with the Clerics.

Keep up the great work.

tuxalot on August 14, 2012:

I did the same thing. I only have 6.5k at lvl 71. With 111 vit.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 22, 2012:

This is my current Build.....Bit Messy, and am spending most of my time farming as well. It is the way of the barb I think. To farmfarmfarmfarmfarm, or maybe its just my imagination O.o

dethofall(RT) on March 20, 2012:

Soooo Arma is a great skill if you can use it will TOP(Tree of protection)Genie skill. You can Pop TOP and Wait like 2 Seconds and armageddon then when TOP runs out your at max HP with no charm tick.:D (With TOP maxed ofc). Anywho You sir have fun gaming :D

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 15, 2012:

You PK a lot? On a PvE? For all who like to PK, it is a great skill. I don't teach PK.

Leonard L Sampson (author) from Michigan on March 15, 2012: