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"SWTOR" Guide to Romance With Kira Carsen

Discover how to start a romance with the companion Kira Carsen in "SWTOR"!

Discover how to start a romance with the companion Kira Carsen in "SWTOR"!

How Do You Romance Kira Carsen in Star Wars: The Old Republic?

In SWTOR, Kira Carsen is the Jedi Knight’s second companion. It is possible to romance Kira Carsen if you say the right things at the right time in the right situation. This guide will help you figure out how to set up the situation for romancing Kira. From there on, the conversational choices are pretty straightforward.

Kira Carsen is a romanceable companion in "SWTOR."

Kira Carsen is a romanceable companion in "SWTOR."

Support Kira During the Defector Mission

There are lots of opportunities to get on good terms with Kira Carsen before the defector mission, but the mission will reveal some dark secrets about her and set up the situation for you to start your romance.

In the defector mission, you receive a call from a would-be defector. When you arrive at the desolate star system, you find a Sith Lord waiting for you. The Sith Lord tells you some dark secrets: Kira Carsen is actually a daughter of the Emperor and was supposed to be brought up as a Sith. However, she ran away and became a Jedi instead.

Defeat the false defector and then support Kira all the way, telling her that people can change and that being born a Sith does not make her a Sith. You also have to do this in front of the Jedi Council. This will earn you a lot of affection points with Kira.

When you return to your ship, speak to Kira and pick the right options to flirt with her. She will respond appropriately and then kiss your character. This will set the course for igniting a romance.

Tell the Council That Kira Should Become a Jedi Knight

After the defector mission, you will have plenty of opportunities to increase your affection points with Kira. However, you can potentially get a massive surge of affection points after defeating Darth Angral. During the fight, Kira Carsen is taken over by the Emperor and attacks your character.

However, if you support her by telling the Jedi Council later that she should become a Jedi Knight, then the Jedi Council will make her a Knight. This results in a huge amount of affection points, and—do we dare say it?—Kira might actually fall in love with your character.

On your return to the ship, keep talking to Kira and flirt with her. At some point, she will remark that she thought the first kiss was a fluke. Show her that it was not a fluke, and the romance will become supercharged.

Does Kira Carsen Have a Rival in Shadow of Revan?

SWTOR: Shadow of Revan brings the Jedi Sentinel to level 60. It also introduces a soft-hearted Sith Lord named Lana Beniko. She is literally to die for. Heroes are allowed to flirt with Lana Beniko. Could she be a romance rival for Jedi Carsen? The answer is a definite yes.

When Can You Romance Lana Beniko?

In Shadows of Revan, you can only romance Lana Beniko (as in just kissing her initially) after the Rishi Flashpoint and before traveling to the Sith planet to confront Revan.

Lana Returns in the Rise of the Emperor Update

Lana returns as a Sith minister in the Rise of the Emperor update for Shadow of Revan. She looks colder and stranger but also sexier and more appealing. Oh, Lana Beniko!

Is Lana a Companion in Knights of the Fallen Empire?

SWTOR continues in the story-based Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion. This follows Shadow of Revan. You can have Lana Beniko as a companion again.

Tip for Sith Fans

If you thirst for more SWTOR Sith action, then look no further than the Sith Warrior class. In the videos below, you can see the Sith Warrior heroine becoming a dominating commander, leading her first and second companions.

Good Luck With Your SWTOR Romances!

Hopefully, this guide has helped your character form a happy romance with Kira Carsen (or perhaps it's convinced you to skip Kira and pursue Lana instead). What's your favourite romance in the game? Please share below in the poll and comments!