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"SWTOR" Sith Inquisitor Fourth Companion

"SWTOR" Sith inquisitor Fourth Companion

"SWTOR" Sith inquisitor Fourth Companion

Sith Inquisitor Fourth Companion

In SWTOR, the fourth companion for the Sith inquisitor is Ashara Zavros. No Sith inquisitor storyline can be complete without the master corrupting and then taking on a dark apprentice. This is the story of the corruption of the Jedi Padawan Ashara Zavros to become the dark Jedi and then apprentice to the Sith inquisitor.

Ashara Zavros is also very exciting because she is a Jedi Knight turned to the dark side of the force, and she is able to wield two lightsabers and complement the backstab and other abilities of the Sith assassin.

Turning Ashara Zavros to the Dark Side of the Force

Ashara Zavros does not come willingly to the dark side of the force. There is much work to be done for the Sith inquisitor before his fourth companion can submit to the dark side.

Rumours of a Ghost

First, the Sith inquisitor must be at least level 32 and have finished the Sith hierarchy quest. The Sith inquisitor then arrives in Taris in search of the truth behind the rumours of a ghost in which to bind. This ghost is the ancestor of Ashara Zavros and is located in the ruined Jedi enclave somewhere on Taris.


In the Padawan quest, the Sith inquisitor must find the weaknesses behind Ashara's outlook to her Jedi training and philosophy to find the cracks and turn her to the dark side of the force. To this end, Elisos Maliss, an imperial agent, suggests looking for databanks scattered in the Brell sediment on Taris. These databanks paint an interesting story behind Ashara's main weaknesses: her pride and desire for battle and action. These are attributes for the making of a great Sith, and the downfall of a once good Jedi Knight, as suggested by the Sith and Jedi codes:

  • Sith Code: "Peace is a lie, there is only passion."
  • Jedi Code: "There is no emotion, there is peace."

The Sith assassin has his work cut out for him in retrieving the databanks, as he can simply sneak through all the monsters on Taris to get the databanks.

Sith Holocron

To turn Ashara to the dark side of the force, the Sith inquisitor must also find a Sith holocron within the transport station ruins on Taris. Again, the Sith assassin can simply sneak through the mobs to get the holocron, and then use quick travel to get back to base. Next, the Sith inquisitor must battle some republic soldiers, including a republic armsmaster, to loot a republic holocron to contact Ashara.

Talking to Ashara

In the Padawan quest, with the republic holocron, Ashara finally talks to and meets her Sith master-to-be. The Sith inquisitor must clear out some mobs in the swamp region and meeting place before talking to Ashara. The following answers and options are suggested in the dialogue between the Sith inquisitor and his apprentice to be, in keeping with understanding Ashara from the information in the databanks:

  • "Are you afraid?"
  • "Masters will destroy it."
  • "Send you the coordinates of the swamp"
  • "Such passion."
  • "It does spark the curiosity."
  • "They don't want you coming here."
  • hand over the Sith holocron
  • use Sith lightning

Now watch as Ashara Zavros succumbs and turns to the dark side of the force. Experience what Palpatine experienced when he turned Anakin to the dark side of the force and into Darth Vader.

Defeating Master Ryen and Master Ocera

In the apprentice quest, Ashara Zavros agrees to clear the area within the haunted Jedi ruins of enemy forces for the Sith inquisitor. However, when the Sith inquisitor arrives at the haunted Jedi ruins, he finds it still full of enemies, especially Jedi adherents and Jedi apprentices. Clear these mobs to meet Ashara Zavros who has in fact told Master Ryen and Master Ocera of the Sith inquisitor's impending arrival.

How to Fight the Masters

The Sith inquisitor has to defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera to get Ashara Zavros as his fourth companion. To defeat Master Ryen and Master Ocera, the key is to take them one at a time.

  1. For the Sith assassin, once the conversation ends, use force cloak to go into stealth mode immediately. Then head to one corner of the room, and prepare to strike.
  2. Still in stealth mode, go forwards near one of the two masters Ryen and Ocera and mind trap one of them. The Sith assassin should bring along Andronikos Revel for this fight. Armed with dual pistols, Andronikos Revel is a great dps companion.
  3. Concentrate only on one master, and use a combination of backstab maul, electrocute, tumult and assassinate to finish off that master.
  4. Now head to one corner of the room to heal up if possible (or use med pak) and then restart the battle with the other master, again using backstab maul, electrocute, tumult and assassinate. Watch as Master Ryen and Master Ocera fall to the Sith assassin.

Now all that is left is for Ashara Zavros to see the power of the dark side of the force as the Sith inquisitor binds the ghost of her ancestor. Ashara Zavros will then accept her place as the Sith inquisitor's fourth companion.

"SWTOR" Sith Inquisitor Ashara Zavros in Action

"SWTOR" Sith Inquisitor Ashara Zavros in Action

Ashara Zavros' Abilities

Ashara Zavros is very compatible with the Sith inquisitor because her armor and weapons are almost similar to those of the Sith inquisitor, making it easy to equip her. In addition, she can dual wield lightsabers, giving additional secondary offhand damage. Also, Ashara Zavros has the following abilities:

  • Exsanguination - a combat stance giving her a chance and ability to deal internal damage over a period of time
  • Perforation - a combat stance giving Ashara increased armor penetration
  • Freeze - freeze foes, reducing movement speed for a period of time
  • Power Strike - a series of powerful combo strikes that deal lots of damage
  • Blade Ward - used to parry and defect enemy attacks and firepower
  • Whirling Force - area effect attack that does damage to 3 enemies
  • Charge - essentially Ashara's force jump ability; this can be combined with force cloak to great effect - from steath mode, attack the mob using Ashara to force jump / charge, then use the Sith assassin's backstab, electrocute and tumult, then force cloak and repeat the method again - force jump / charge, and use the Sith assassin's backstab, electrocute and tumult again

Shadow of Revan

In the SWTOR Shadow of Revan poster, the Sith lady wielding the red lightsaber is Lana Beniko. Is she the Sith inquisitor's next companion, or just an uncontrollable NPC? Shadow of Revan will give you the answer.