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Top 30 Noble Phantasms in "Fate"

Explore the 30 most powerful ultimate attacks throughout the "Fate" universe!


Ultimate "Honkai Impact 3rd" Begginer Tips and Guide

Learn the best beginner tips and tricks for "Honkai Impact 3rd".


"Townsmen" Mobile Game Review

"Townsmen" is a classic resource management and city building simulator that is simple and intuitive enough for the casual mobile gamer. It's been around for a while, but the graphics and gameplay still remain timeless and aesthetically pleasing.


"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" Guide to Luo Yi

Luo Yi is certainly an amazing mage hero in "Mobile Legends Bang Bang". Here is a quick guide to rank up using Luo Yi to either annoy the opponent or to be a damage dealer.


My Review of "Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen"

Learn all about my experience playing "Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen".


The Fishercat Mobile Game Review

The Fishercat is a casual mobile fishing game that is available on Android and iOS. The visuals are simple and cute, but the gameplay gets repetitive quickly.


"Fate: Grand Order" Game Review

Explore whether free-to-play mobile game "Fate: Grand Order" deserves your attention!


Mobile Game Review: "Fate Grand Order"

You are Humanity’s Last Master and must save the world from incineration by traveling through time and correcting irregularities in history. Is this gacha game with notoriously low pull rates worth your time and money? Let’s find out!


Is Mistplay Legit? Does It Really Pay?

This is a review and description of the Mistplay app from a user's perspective. Learn about earning free and reliable gift cards for playing games on your phone.


Ultimate Nebuchadnezzar II Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Learn how to build Nebuchadnezzar's Talents perfectly through this Nebuchadnezzar Talent Tree Build Guide.


"Archero" Quick Raid Guide

You can instantly complete chapters with the quick raid feature, but there are a few caveats you should know about. This guide covers how it works.


Music Soundscapes in Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games (MOBA)

Games like "Arena of Valor," "BrawlStars," "Mobile Legends," and many others, use their musical soundscapes to define the tone of their games. This article examines how the music characterizes these complex games.


Ultimate Cyrus the Great Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

In this Cyrus the Great Talent Tree Build Guide, you'll learn how to build his talents the right way. Since Cyrus the Great is a powerful nuking archer commander, you should learn to unlock his maximum potential through this talent tree build guide for Cyrus the Great.


Top 10 Servants in "Fate/Grand Order"

Explore the ten strongest allies in mobile game "Fate/Grand Order"!


The Best Bundles to Buy in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Learning the best bundles in "Rise of Kingdoms" will certainly help you get more value out of your every recharge. Through this guide, you will be able to identify what are the best bundles that you should be buying first among all the other bundles available in the game.


The Best Epic Cavalry Commander in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Know the best epic cavalry commanders in "Rise of Kingdoms" through this guide. Learn how to utilize these epic cavalry commanders, build their talents and pair them with other commanders through this best epic cavalry commander guide.


Top 10 "Among Us" Variants

Explore ten great alternative ways to play hit mobile social deduction game "Among Us"!


"Archero" Outfits & Coupons Guide

Update 2.6 brings with it the ability to change your hero's outfit and grant additional stats in the process. But you'll need coupons to unlock these outfits. This guide covers how it all works.


"Archero" Egg Hatchery and Farm Guide

The 2.6 update brings an unexpected addition of egg hatching and monster farming. This guide covers how it works and why you should do it.


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Drive Knight Skill Guide

Explore Drive Knight’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest."


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Watchdog Man Skill Guide

Explore Watchdog Man’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Metal Bat Skill Guide

Explore Metal Bat’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Phoenix Man Skill Guide

Explore Phoenix Man’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Flashy Flash Skill Guide

Explore Flashy Flash’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Gyoro Gyoro Skill Guide

Explore Gyoro Gyoro’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


Ultimate Zenobia Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

This guide will show you how to make Zenobia into a powerful garrison commander for city or stronghold defense. Learn how to utilize Zenobia as an excellent city or stronghold garrison defense commander through this talent build guide for Zenobia.


Ultimate Harald Sigurdsson Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

This Harald Sigurdsson guide in "Rise of Kingdoms" will show you the right way to build his Talent Tree. Learn how to make him into a powerful nuking infantry commander through this talent build guide for Harald Sigurdsson.


"One Punch Man: The Strongest": Gouketsu Skill Guide

Explore Gouketsu’s skills in “One Punch Man: The Strongest.”


The Best Civilization in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Know the best civilization in "Rise of Kingdoms" through this list of the best civilization to choose in the game. Through this guide, you'll know which is the best civilization you should choose for your role in "Rise of Kingdoms".


"Archero" Lucky Spin Guide

The Lucky Spin is a temporary event system granting rewards, including hero shards. This guide covers what you need to know about it.


"Archero" Ancient Maze Guide

The Ancient Maze offers brand new ways to play the game in addition to a way to earn soul stones and the all new ancient silver. This guide covers everything you need to know.


"Archero" Blacksmith Guide

Managing your gear has been revamped as of update 2.5 and this guide covers everything you need to know about fusing equipment, exchanging equipment, and bulk dismantling.


"Rise of Kingdoms" Best Commanders for F2P Players to Invest

This guide showcases the Best Commanders in "Rise of Kingdoms" that F2P players should focus on investing. Learning "Rise of Kingdoms" Best Commanders enables F2P players to maximize their sculptures and resources whilst being able to impact the battlefield significantly.


"Archero" Locket Tier List

Lockets provide additional stats and some special effects that trigger on low health. This guide covers which lockets you should invest in.


5 Tips to Win "Among Us" (As Both Crewmates and Imposters)

Learn 5 tips to help you succeed (as both crewmates and the Imposter) in mobile deduction game "Among Us".


"Archero" Hero Evolution Guide

Evolve your heroes to new star powers to earn massive stat boosts and unlock all new perks! This guide will tell you how it all works and what you need to do.


Ultimate Attila Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Learn how to build Attila's Talents through this Attila Talent Tree Build Guide. Make him the strongest cavalry commander in the game by following the recommended talents from the suggested talent builds for Attila in this guide.


Ultimate Artemisia I Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Learn the best talents to unlock for Artemisia I in "Rise of Kingdoms" through this Artemisia I Talent Tree Build Guide. Be able to utilize her in different situations by checking out the different talent builds available in this Artemisia I Talent Build Guide.


Ultimate Yi Sun-Sin Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Learn how to build Yi Sun-Sins Talents in this Yi Sun-Sin Talent Tree Build Guide. Step up your garrison defense in "Rise of Kingdoms" by using Yi Sun-Sin in your garrison while utilizing this talent build guide.


Ultimate William I Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Check out the best talent build for William I through this William I Talent Tree Build Guide. Maximize William I's potential through the talent build we've featured in this guide.


Ultimate Ramesses II Talent Tree Build Guide in "Rise of Kingdoms"

Check out the best talent tree build for Ramesses II in "Rise of Kingdoms" through this guide.


Top 10 Characters in "Power Rangers: Legacy Wars"

Explore the ten strongest fighters in the mobile game "Power Rangers: Legacy Wars"!


"Sengoku Asuka Zero": Status Effects

Many skills in Sengoku Asuka ZERO cause status effects either on allies or enemies. What are these status effects and what do they do? Choosing warriors that have skills with optimal status effects can make levels much easier.


"Hearthstone": Demon Hunter Midrange Deck (No Weapons!) and Analysis

Demon Hunter is a powerful class that can be used in Hearthstone in a variety of ways. It is often played with aggro decks, using aggressive tactics and weapons to take down the opponent quickly. However, this midrange deck without weapons can also be successful against a variety of opponent decks.


"Archero" Daily Quests Guide

You can earn some extra loot with the Daily Quests feature.


Why Crafting Is Life in "GOT: Conquest"

Certain gear sets provide attack bonuses or cut down on healing costs. These are a few that I use.


"Archero" Runes Guide

Providing a new way for players to power up, runes is an incredibly valuable but also complicated system. This guide covers everything you need to know.


"Archero" Expedition Guide

The expedition mode in Archero features a new way to battle, a new energy system, new reward structures, and a permanent upgrade to the time reward system. This guide covers everything you need to know.


"Sengoku Asuka Zero": Fealty Guide

Fealty is an important aspect of Sengoku Asuka ZERO because it allows your warriors to power up, grants you the chance to forge new weapons, and lets you build and level up the buildings in your castle town to enhance your warriors and gain coins.


Top 5 Best Buff Creatures in Summoner's War

The easiest one-trick team for climbing the Tower of Ascension in Summoner's War! Please note that I do not own Summoner's War!