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"Mobile Legends": Dyrroth Build Guide

Explore the best items, battle spells, and emblems for Dyrroth in "Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" and create the perfect build!


Mobile Games I'm Loving in 2022

Are you bored? Do you have a smart phone or iPad? Look within!


Why Do People Pay so Much Money in Games Like "Rise of Kingdoms"?

Players stay with RoK because it is a fun and social game. And while they are there, competition between them will help the makers squeeze out as much money as possible.


"Dislyte": How to Get Relics for Your Characters

Dislyte is a mythology-based role-playing gacha game. To progress through the game and complete content, you will need to obtain different characters and enhance their attributes using relics. Relics can be obtained in a variety of ways, in particular through Ritual Miracle, as explained here.


"Heroes Evolved": Glee Puck Tutorial Guide

This is a tutorial on how to play Glee Puck. Glee Puck is a support mage hero from "Heroes Evolved." She is capable of stunning enemies and healing allies. Glee Puck is a very good utility hero who can also be played in mid-lane. "Heroes Evolved" is a game very similar to "Dota2."


"Dislyte": How to Get New Characters

"Dislyte" is a role-playing gacha game with mythological and musical themes. A big focus of the game is character collection, and there are a number of ways to obtain characters, including Echo summoning, Ripple Dimensions, character fusions, and more.


A Review of Niantic's "Pikmin Bloom"

"Pikmin Bloom" is a phone-based game that tracks your steps while you "plant" flowers in a virtual map. In this review, I talk about my experience with the game and the pros and cons of the game.


7 Fun Games Like "Evermerge"

Are you a fan of merge games that allow you to build a city, farm, and cook orders? Here are 7 more games that play like "Evermerge"; perfect for when you're waiting for your "Evermerge" energy to regenerate!


"Scatter Hold ‘em" Review

I review the free-to-play game "Scatter Hold ‘em." This is a free-to-play poker game made by Murka. The company also owns "Scatter Slots."


Games Like "Two Dots" Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a standalone version of the Scavenger Hunt mini-game from "Two Dots"? Unfortunately, an official version doesn't exist, but here are some alternative options!


10+ Tips for Playing "Animal Restaurant"

Looking for ways to earn cod quickly in Animal Restaurant? Here are 10+ gameplay tips that'll help you earn money and upgrade facilities faster!


"Lord of Heroes": How to Get New Characters

"Lord of Heroes" is a mobile role-playing game with over 80 unlockable characters. However, unlike other gacha games, these characters are unlocked in as many as 10 different ways. Ready to fill out your team? Here's all the information you will need.


"Zynga Poker” Tournaments Guide

I explain how to play tournaments in "Zynga Poker". I'll teach you how to win more sit and go and spin and win games.


The Best Wholesome and Cute Games for Android and iOS!

Do you love the wholesome aesthetic and cute games? Look no further than this article for the best free wholesome and cute games on Android and iOS devices!


"Monopoly Poker" Review

I review the free to play game "Monopoly Poker." As the name implies, the game combines "Monopoly" and poker.


"WSOP" Rise to Glory Album Guide

Read this guide to learn about the Rise to Glory album in "WSOP". I explain what the album is and how to get all the album cards.


"Royal Match" Events Guide

Royal Match is full of events every single day. Playing them properly can result in significant rewards to help with beating levels. This guide covers how they work.


"PunBall" Pets Guide

A major progression feature, pets offers stats, unique abilities, and a new twist on how to strategize your play. This guide covers how they work, how to get them, and how to make them stronger.


"Archero" Altar & Prayer Guide

The Altar offers players a means to accumulate more stats as well as a way to earn temporary buffs! This guide covers how it works and how you can level it up.


"Figure Fantasy": A Guide to Gear

A quick guide on what gear is in "Figure Fantasy", how to obtain better gear, and how you should gear your figures.


"Figure Fantasy": The Big Three, Let's Red

A quick guide on what figures to use from the Let's Red brand in The Big Three in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"Figure Fantasy": The Big Three, Galatea

A quick guide on what figures to use from the Galatea brand in The Big Three in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"Figure Fantasy": The Big Three, Tenma

A quick guide on what figures to use from the Tenma brand in The Big Three in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"PunBall" Pass & Seasons Guide

The seasonal PunBall Pass adds a battle pass system to PunBall, which offers paid and free rewards for players for completing levels. This guide covers how it works and how you can best get all the seasonal rewards.


"Figure Fantasy": Building a Summoner Team

A quick guide on the "summoner" strategy in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"Archero" Monster Arena Guide

Auto battle with your monsters in the Monster Arena for fun and rewards! This guide covers how it works and what you can win.


"Figure Fantasy": Building an Ignite Team

A quick guide on the "ignite" strategy in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"PunBall" Daily Challenges Guide

A secondary mode, Daily Challenges allow players to play unique modifiers in a unique challenge rotating daily for extra rewards. This guide covers what you need to know.


"Figure Fantasy": Building a Frost Team

A quick guide on the "frost" strategy in the mobile game "Figure Fantasy."


"PunBall" Skill Tier List

Your skill selection is everything in "PunBall." The right skills in the right situations make all the difference. This guide covers which ones are strongest and weakest.


Ultimate Ice Team Build Guide in "Honkai Impact 3rd"

Learn how to build an ice team in "Honkai Impact 3rd" through this ice team build guide. This article will cover team builds for both F2P and P2P players.


"PunBall" Weapon Tier List

Your wand is the biggest factor in determining your offensive power. Make sure you select the right one to invest in!


"PunBall" Offline Earnings Guide

A small but meaningful feature, the offline earnings system lets you generate resources over time. This guide covers how it works and what you can get from it.


"PunBall" Talents Guide

You can upgrade your character's stats and unlock perks via the talents system. While it's fairly straightforward, there a few things you need to know.


"PunBall" Equipment Types, Special Skills, and Upgrade Guide

As the primary means of improving your character, equipment provides the necessary stats and perks to complete more chapters. However, with level, rarity, fusion, and a few other unique twists, you need to understand how it works to make the most of it.


5 Idle RPG Mobile Games You Don’t Wanna Miss (Android/IOS)

Check out our special recommendations for you!


"Archero" Clan Guide

Clans bring an entirely new social dynamic to Archero featuring many new ways to earn rewards or even a brand new hero by the name of Gugu.


"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links": Gate Keys Guide

A quick guide on Gate Keys in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links."


How to Earn Gold and Bubbles on "Highrise" Virtual Metaverse

Looking for ways to earn Gold and Bubbles on Highrise? Here are some tips and tricks to earn lots of Gold and Bubbles without spending your real money!


Late Game Guide for "Farmville 2: Country Escape"!

Are you more of a seasoned Farmville 2: Country Escape player and looking for ways to maximise your game? Check out this guide for tips on Marie's Order Board, Country Fair, Boat Race, Mariner's Orders, Animal Park, barn management, and more!


"Axie Infinity": Breeding Guide

Learn everything about breeding Axies in "Axie Infinity."


Top 10 Swimsuit Servants in "Fate/Grand Order"

Countdown the ten best swimsuit-bearing servant alternate forms in mobile game "Fate/Grand Order"!


The Sus Checklist for the Pro Gamer

Want to find the imposter? Here's a sus checklist to help you find them on your journey. From one gamer to another, there's a imposter among us!


"Archero" Jewel Guide

You can now embed jewels into your gear slots for extra power. This guide covers how to get jewels and how the system works.


"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" Rank up Using Mage Lylia

Here is a quick guide to using mage Lylia and how to increase your rank.


Top 30 Noble Phantasms in "Fate"

Explore the 30 most powerful ultimate attacks throughout the "Fate" universe!


Ultimate "Honkai Impact 3rd" Begginer Tips and Guide

Learn the best beginner tips and tricks for "Honkai Impact 3rd".


"Townsmen" Mobile Game Review

"Townsmen" is a classic resource management and city building simulator that is simple and intuitive enough for the casual mobile gamer. It's been around for a while, but the graphics and gameplay still remain timeless and aesthetically pleasing.


"Mobile Legends: Bang Bang" Guide to Luo Yi

Luo Yi is certainly an amazing mage hero in "Mobile Legends Bang Bang". Here is a quick guide to rank up using Luo Yi to either annoy the opponent or to be a damage dealer.


My Review of "Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen"

Learn all about my experience playing "Masketeers: Idle Has Fallen".