10 Best War Games for Android

Updated on March 13, 2016
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Casual games are dime-a-dozen on the Google Play store, but what about war games for us armchair generals? Well, developers have brought the combat zone right to our mobile devices. While these games may not be as good as PC or console games, they offer new gameplay features that will appeal to mobile phone and tablet PC users. Here’s a rundown of some of the best war games for the Android platform:

1. Frontline Commando: D-Day

The sequel to Frontline Commando has a WWII setting. Combine this with console-like graphics and slick touchscreen controls and you get a stunning war-themed third-person shooter for your mobile device. Developers did a great job in capturing the WWII period. In-game weapons are modeled after their real-life counterparts and places like Utah and Omaha beaches are carbon copies of real WWII locations.

The game has over 100 missions and each mission will give you plenty of opportunities to get headshots. The butter smooth touchscreen controls make for an immensely satisfying gameplay. There are several of those ‘hide behind cover’ moments. You will need to dodge enemies and shoot at the right moment to kill enemies avoid getting hit. And that’s not all – you will need to move to the next cover, which can be made possible with a quick tap. Some missions make things extremely difficult. Beware of those deadly minefields.

Frontline Commando: D-Day is an excellent third-person shooting game. This isn’t a fixed screen shooter but a solid game that lets you use WWII weapons (machine guns, sniper rifles, stationary guns etc.) and complete a variety of missions.

2. Arma Tactics

A turn-based tactical war game, Arma Tactics lets you control 4 soldiers in close combat battles. Moving soldiers is easy – just tap on a soldier and drag him to move from one place to another. However, you will need action points to move him. These action points can also be spent on healing and firing. You can spend a maximum of 2 action points per unit.

You will be forced to move shorter distances because both action points will be utilized if you move longer distances. Most gamers won’t like the point system as it prevents them from trying anything new. The entire focus will be on saving and managing points to move and kill enemies. While point system does add some variety to the game, it ends up being boring.

Arma Tactics would have been a great game if there were no action points. However, there are very few tactical war games out there and if you can tolerate a few hiccups here and there (including bad camera angles and other problems), then you would find some of the missions quite engaging.

3. Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front

Brothers in Arms 2’s gameplay can’t be compared to its PC counterparts, but it does offer an enjoyable first-person shooting experience for your mobile device. Unlike BoA games for PC, Gameloft’s WW2-era FPS game does not provide tactical team play. The game is played from the first-person perspective but switches to third-person when you duck for cover.

Global Front has linear missions, but they offer some variety to ensure players don’t get bored. Missions span from Europe to South Pacific. Various tasks involve protecting fellow soldiers from enemy fire, manning turrets to fire at German/Japanese infantry, escorting tanks and many more.

The game’s touchscreen-based controls are smooth and work very well. However, managing weapons and equipment by accessing multiple icons can be a chore, especially when you are surrounded by enemies.

Global Front is for those who want a Call of Duty-like game for their mobile phones. It’s a pure action FPS game where most of the time you will duck for cover and run and fire at enemies.

4. 1941: Frozen Front

An alternative history game, Frozen Front’s missions revolve around WWII’s bloodiest campaign – Hitler’s war against the Soviets. The deadly Russian frost was one of the main reasons behind Nazi Germany’s defeat Russian soil. This Android game replicates the events that ultimately destroyed Hitler’s plans to conquer the world.

Frozen Front allows players to command both German and Soviet Russian forces. The turn-based battles take place in a hexagonal grid map. Missions range from destroying enemy units to capturing supply centers and demolishing the enemy base. Players will need to spend action points to move soldiers and vehicles from one place to another. The enemy AI will begin moving its forces and attacking units once a player’s action points have been consumed.

For a mobile strategy game, Frozen Front provides amazing depth. Tanks can be camouflaged, trenches can be dug for soldiers and supply trucks can be used to restore health. The dreaded Fog of War can be removed by sending scouts. However, 2D sprites are not animated enough. Tanks just move and fire but the turret does not rotate. Due to the lack of animation, Frozen Front looks more like a board game.

Overall, 1941: Frozen Front is a solid turn-based strategy war game for Android. The missions are challenging and a player may have to replay a mission several times before he can move on to another mission.

5. World of Tanks: Blitz

World of Tanks: Blitz is a multiplayer tank battle game where a player controls armored vehicles to destroy his opponent’s base. The mobile version is as good as its online counterpart. The on-screen controls are a breeze. You control a tank’s movement with the left virtual stick whereas the turret can be controlled with the right virtual stick. Pressing the button on the left and right side of the screen fires shells at the enemy. Battles obey real-life physics, which makes them even more challenging.

Winning in World of Tanks heavily depends on team work and strategy. You just cannot rush into the enemy base thinking you might crush them all alone – you will be crushed in seconds. Tank upgrades are necessary to have stronger vehicles by your side. With every new mission, you learn a lot about the tank you control, what upgrades it requires and how to make it more powerful.

The visuals are quite good for an Android game. Tanks are well detailed and the environments are large enough to give you enough time to scout, flank enemies and chalk out tactics. World of Tanks: Blitz is a game you should not miss. It’s one of those rare tank battle games that immerse you in an intense battle between armored vehicles.

6. Strategy & Tactics: World War II

Strategy & Tactics: World War II is a turn-based strategy game. Gameplay is similar to Risk-like board games. S & T has 18 scenarios. Each map is divided into territories that must be conquered by a player in order to earn income for his troops.

The game has plenty of unit types, such as soldiers, vehicles and motorized infantry. Combat takes place on the map, with either side having their troops spread across the provinces. Winning lies in numbers and the province with more number of units can easily push back the opponent with fewer or weaker units. Various factors such as fortifications and a unit’s “Operational Index” affects combat.

In Strategy & Tactics, 18 different scenarios present more than one victory condition. Goals must be completed to win scenarios. You will also earn research and resource points each time you conquer enemy territory. A player’s nation is rated based on the goals completed, the casualties suffered and the number of turns required to defeat opponents.

The game is suitable for both hardcore and casual strategy fans. A tutorial explains the bare basics about combat, upgrades and tactics. The visual style is quite similar to old school strategy games. However, the lack of animation (except for movement and explosions) may dampen the gameplay experience, especially for those who yearn for animated battles.

Strategy & Tactics: World War II may not be one of the best war strategy games for Android devices, but it will appeal to old school strategy and Risk fans.

7. Great Battles: Medieval

Great Battles: Medieval is a historic strategy title with a quasi-RTS gameplay. The game takes place during the Hundred Years’ Wars and has plenty of skirmishes, a multiplayer mode and a campaign mode. The animated battles look good on the mobile screen. Each unit has its own unique combat animation.

The game’s combat system makes battles fun to watch. While fighting AI soldiers and cavalrymen, you can press the pause button to give orders to your units. The paused moments will only give you time to tactically move units. The battles are quick, so utilize the time you get to move soldiers when the game is paused for a few seconds. After completion of each battle, troops can be trained to upgrade their skills. The experience gained can be used to boost their stats.

Great Battles: Medieval scores a 5/5 for its well-designed battle system, graphics and battle animation. A must-play game for fans of historic strategy titles like Total War.

8. Total War Battles: Shogun

Total War: Battles is not as massive as its PC counterparts, but the TBS/real-time tactics and a puzzle-like approach to base-building and combat make missions challenging and fun. Battles take place on a hexagonal grid and factions are placed on two ends of the grid. Each faction boasts units that are stronger or weaker than the opposing faction. Combat is based on the rock-paper-scissor mechanics.

The game has over 20 story missions and some extra side missions. However, there’s no online multiplayer, except for a local multiplayer, which allows two human players to play against each other on the same device.

Total War Battles: Shogun focuses on tactical combat between factions and is quite different from the PC versions. However, developers did a good job in offering a challenging strategy game on a small screen real-estate.

9. World at Arms

World at Arms isn’t a world war game as the title suggests. It’s a battle between America and a terrorist organization. Developed by Gameloft, World at Arms is a base-building strategy title. The split screen combat mechanics is similar to that of Empires & Allies, Zynga’s first social strategy game.

However, World at Arms adds more interactivity to battle. Along with unit positioning and placement, you can unleash special weapons like missiles and swipe incoming enemy missiles in mid-air to prevent heavy damage to your units. Leveling up your base unlocks additional special weapon such as explosive shell, napalm strike, airstrike, laser sight and nuclear strike, which can launched any time during combat.

The split screen approach won’t appeal to hardcore war strategy players. Casual gamers will find World at Arms’ game easy to play and addicting.

10. Great Big War Game

Great Big War Game is one of the best war-themed turn-based strategy games on Android. From toy-like units to fun missions to humorous dialogues, everything about this game screams “Awesome”. The 50-level campaign offers something new in every stage, including new units and plenty of sub-missions. Each level’s unique environment affects gameplay. For example: shooting from a hilltop ensures easy kills with less resistance. Even the tiniest piece of land gives some strategic advantage to both you and your enemy faction.

The attention given to every level makes gameplay more immersive. Mission variety and diverse environments allows players to come up with their own strategies. Gameplay is very much similar to Advance Wars and AW fans will relish every moment spent playing this gem of a war strategy game. Players will be able to control land, air and sea vehicles, capture oil derricks, deploy scouts to remove fog of war and send special ops soldiers to assassinate enemy generals.

Great Big War Game’s campaign mode is better than the skirmish mode as the latter has only one objective – destroy the opponent’s headquarters. Playing against human players in multiplayer mode would be more challenging than playing against AI opponents in skirmishes. Overall, the game is good and is highly recommended for strategy and Advance War fans.

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