10 Games Like Dragon City for Android

Updated on January 22, 2014
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Dragon City combines pet simulation with zoo sim to offer a pleasantly satisfying gameplay experience. Its popularity reminds me of Pokémon, a game once popular among Nintendo DS owners. Incidentally, this dragon breeding game has often been called a Pokemon-clone. What’s funny is the fact that there are plenty of Dragon City-like games available on Android and iPhone. Today, “dragon breeding” has become a genre of its own.

In most pet breeders, it's the pet-raising part that really attracts gamers. Well, pet simulation has always been a favorite genre, but current games offer more than just raising and breeding creatures. Players get to train, evolve and cross-breed to discover rare monsters and take them to battle. Some of the games listed below have a separate training/battle mode, but few are plain pet breeders. All are free to play, with additional premium features that may require players to spend money:

1. Dino Pets

Dino Pets lets you build your own Jurassic Park full of cutesy prehistoric animals. You will need to help a human tribe rebuild a shelter for dinosaurs and their babies. From harmless but huge dinos to the scariest Tyrannosaurus Rex, there will be a host of dinosaurs to discover, raise and train. You will also get access to the hatchery to breed mythical dinosaurs.

The game offers plenty of breeding opportunities by allowing players to combine two totally different species of dinosaurs to create bizarre breeds. There are 50 genuine dinosaurs to discover and 20 mythical creatures to create. The game’s social feature lets you visit other players’ shelters, but there isn’t any battle feature. Graphics are bright, colorful and very cartoonish. The artwork will appeal to kids and grownups. If you are fond of pet-raising simulation type of games, then you should download Dino Pets to your device.

2. Giant Realms: Battle Arena

Bored breeding and training dragons? How about hatching giants for a change? Giant Realms lets you do that. You will be combining giants with dragons and monsters to create bizarre-looking creatures. But the fun does not stop here. The game offers a host of mythical giants to collect and use them in battle arena. These include legendary giants such as Goliaths, Titans and Behemoths.

Besides breeding giants, you will also be building islands for your creatures. Island-decoration and building is very similar to other monster breeding games. However, instead of building farms, you will be running magic breweries to make them stronger than their rivals. You can then take your stronger monsters to battle and earn rewards. Visually, it isn’t as appealing as Dragons World, but it does offer some cool breed of giants.

3. Dragon Mania

Dragon Mania is Gameloft’s foray into the dragon breeding genre. The game has a unique battle system and a huge collection of elemental fire-breathing creatures. You will be feeding, growing and training monsters and then creating a team out of them to fight rival monsters in the battle arena.

The game lets you curate a park by building habitats, farms and other structures. It offers plenty of quests that reward players gold and gems upon completion. The combat system is what makes Dragon Mania unique and engaging. Instead of tapping special powers, you will need to keep an eye on a moving slider. Pressing the slider at the right moment will inflict maximum damage to the enemy.

Other factors such as elemental affinity affect a creature’s health, so correct dragon-selection is key to win games. Graphics are good, but there are frame-rate issues. Despite the visual flaws, Dragon Mania manages to provide a satisfying gameplay experience.

4. Pocket Frogs

Pocket Frogs is the cutest breeding game I have ever played. There’s no combat or shelter to build – Just a pond and some dragon fly-munching frogs. But the real fun lies in breeding frogs to create gorgeous amphibians. The newly-created amphibian can then be traded with your friends or sold to in-game customers.

The variety of frogs you can create is nearly endless and each frog is totally different in size and color than the other. A recent upgrade adds a new feature to this game – “The Froggydex”. This tool lets you keep track of the number of frogs you have collected or bred. This new feature would definitely appeal to collectors. The latest update also introduces a new frog type and changes in background color. Gameplay may not be similar to Dragon City, but trust me; it’s the best pet simulation game out there. You will just fall in love with those adorable amphibians.

5. Monster Story

Monster Story not only lets you breed strange creatures, but also evolve them through 4 stages to make them stronger and fiercer. Gameplay elements are very similar to dragon breeding games. These include building habitats, island-decoration and quests.

Monsters in this game are a peculiar lot. There’s a Tree Rex, Blue Blob and plenty more to discover. Each creature’s shape, size and characteristic is different from the other. Well, being a monster trainer is fun, especially when you will be training a totally different breed of critters on your island. The game gets updated weekly with new monsters and quests, so make sure you have an active Internet connection to get the latest content.

6. Dragons World

Dragons World is the best 3D dragon breeding game on Android. You can zoom in to catch a glimpse of some of most adorable fire-breathing creatures on earth. Simple finger gestures will also let you rotate the screen to get the best view of your island.

Dragons World has a familiar setting. Each elemental creature can be combined with another to create a powerful dragon. New in this game is the “perk” feature that lets you select special boosters for cute monsters. These perks can help you to grow or breed creatures faster. Battle involves tapping on special skills to attack enemy dragons. Importance is given to a creature’s elemental affinity, so you will need to be careful while choosing dragons for your team. Visually, Dragons World is the best in this genre and already it has millions of players hooked into its magical world.

7. Tiny Monsters

Tiny Monsters is an isometric zoo simulation game that allows players to create the largest and the most profitable monster park. Gamers will be collecting, feeding and raising monsters to discover some of the rarest breeds of critters around. A large part of gameplay involves constructing various types of buildings, farms and hatcheries and breeding monsters.

Tiny Monsters offers a vibrant mix of creatures and these aren’t anywhere closer to the fire-breathers of Dragon City of any other breeding game. Each monster has a unique artwork and animation. The game has a user-friendly interface with icons neatly placed for easy access. If you love games like Dragonvale, then you will surely find Tiny Monsters equally immersive.

8. Dino Island

Dino Island’s visuals are very comic book-like. The artwork resembles that of Smurfs’ Village. It’s one of those games that will make you fall in love with adorable creatures. You will be tasked to raise baby dinosaurs and cross-breed to create rare prehistoric animals. There are hundreds of dinosaurs with different elemental affinities. To raise them, you will have access to plenty of habitats and farms.

However, the game does not have a battle mode. It’s a plain pet simulation game with social features, such as visiting friend’s island to earn rewards and trade gifts. However, it will appeal to kids who will just love the cartoonish visuals and endearing baby dinosaurs.

9. Monsterama Park

Monsterama Park’s level design is slightly similar to Tiny Tower. In this game, you will be building a park that looks like a multi-storey building. Your goal is to raise baby monsters and then breed to uncover the rarest mythical critters from fairy tales.

To raise monsters, you will need to build shelters for them. Each shelter looks like a room. Building plenty of rooms (read: habitats) with monsters in them will attract eyeballs, which translates to more revenue. More profits will help you expand your park.

The game has a vertically oriented playing area, one of the firsts in this genre. Breeding involves sliding and tapping on monster cards and pressing the breed button. Rooms can be decorated to make them look more attractive, which also means more revenue. Monsterama Park is yet another zoo sim game with no battle mode, but the raising and breeding part makes gameplay extremely addictive.

10. Dragon Skies

With so many dragon-breeding games like Dragon City, it’s become pretty clear that this genre is here to stay. Another in this list is Dragon Skies. Gameplay-wise, what sets Dragon Skies apart from other games is the training mini-game and the quick breeding time.

All other basic gameplay elements are very similar to the original title, but the cartoony visuals are too endearing. Baby fire-breathing creatures in diapers – now that’s too “awww” in my opinion. And this is the reason why you would play this game despite being similar to the original dragon breeder.


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    Anurag Ghosh 

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    You're welcome @ravenrage

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    John Fox 

    6 years ago from Richmond, VA

    Never really played dragon city but you have given me plenty of new games to try out! Thanks!


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