10 Peggle Blast Tips and Tricks

Updated on March 14, 2016
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Peggle fans rejoice! Everyone’s favorite casual puzzle game is back, but this time it’s much more enjoyable than the previous versions. Bjorn and his gang will keep you entertained with a variety of power-ups and several new challenging levels.

Peggle Blast is extremely addicting, but there are some tips and tricks you must know before you begin clearing those orange pegs. Here are some pointers that will help you complete levels easily:

1. The Super Slide Trick

Hitting super slides can remove multiple bricks. Most super slides have a green peg, a purple peg and even orange pegs. A successful super slide feat will let you remove multiple bricks in one go. Hit the inside brick to let the ball slide. Take advantage of the magnifier or the super guide power-up before hitting the slides. The screenshot below shows the correct way to get a successful super slide:

Here's How to Hit a Super Slide in Peggle Blast
Here's How to Hit a Super Slide in Peggle Blast

2. Aim At Multiple Pegs or Bricks

Instead of going for isolated orange pegs, try aiming at a cluster of orange pegs first. It’s okay if you can’t find a group of pegs, just aim at a single peg. Hitting at a group of orange pegs with a single shot can save you a few shots, which can then be used to target single pegs.

3. Make The Most of Pearl’s Shooters

In Pearl the Octopus levels, hitting the green peg brings up two additional shooters at the left and right side of the screen. They can be used to hit pegs in unreachable areas. Aim and shoot at the extra shooter to your left or right hand side if you can’t find an accurate aim with your main ball shooter. The extra shooter will catch the ball. Then swipe to move it and tap to hit pegs.

These extra tentacle-wrapped shooters can save shots. They will catch the incoming ball that bounces off a peg, brick or wall. Shoot the middle of a brick or a peg to let it bounce back to the shooter. You can also use them to aim at super slides close to them.

The Tentacle-Wrapped Shooters hit Unreachable Areas
The Tentacle-Wrapped Shooters hit Unreachable Areas

4. How to Earn 25000 Points to Get a Free Ball

Make sure you hit the purple pegs for a point boost and as many pegs and bricks as possible to reach the 25000 points goal. This will earn you an extra ball. But the catch is that the bar (located just below the moving bucket) should fill up before the ball hits the bucket. You can get more points by dropping Piñata balls and jewels into the bucket.

In levels where the point goal is too high and there are few balls left, target purple pegs and bricks. But those pegs shuffle with every turn. Try to aim and shoot in that area which has the purple peg or brick. In some levels, a purple peg appears and shuffles with every turn even after hitting one.

5. The Magnifier Can Help You Get an Accurate Aim

When you are aiming at an orange peg or a power-up brick/peg, hold the ball shooter for a few seconds to bring up a magnifier on the game board.

The magnifier can be of immense use when you are aiming at super slides. Swipe and hold while aiming at the inside of a super slide brick and a magnifier will show exactly where the ball will hit. A magnifier can also help players get an accurate shot for bank shots off the wall or pegs and bumpers.

Magnifier Helps You to Get an Accurate Shot
Magnifier Helps You to Get an Accurate Shot

6. Keep an Eye on the Number of Power-Ups Left Before Using Them

There are a limited number of special balls or power-ups you can use. You get these special power-ups after hitting green pegs or green bricks. The number of power-ups can be seen just above the ball shooter.

7. Break an Egg or Drop it in the Bucket

Those delicate phoenix eggs need to be dropped in the free ball bucket if you want to hatch them quickly. If an egg misses it, then you may have to play that level again. Better hit an egg to crack it in case you have plenty of balls left. It takes more than two hits to break an egg. If you want to save your shots or have very few balls left, just wait for the right moment and hit the pegs below an egg to make it fall into the bucket.

8. Beware of the Evil Unicorn

Most Fnord levels are not easy to beat. Some may not include the free ball bucket. Fnord is so evil that he can even reshuffle the game board. Focus on the orange pegs and bricks after every reshuffle and hit them. You will easily complete that level.

In the final level of a stage, you will be pitted against Fnord. The goal is to earn more points than your opponent, so don’t worry about the number of pegs left in such levels. Hit the orange pegs, purple pegs and try to earn more points.

9. Green Pegs Have Special Powers

In Peggle Blast, those green pegs are actually special power-ups. Every stage has a unique power-up. Example: In Bjorn’s stage, hitting a green peg or brick will trigger a super guide that will show the trajectory of your ball whereas in Jimmy Lightning’s stage, hitting the same will create multiple balls.

10. Here’s How to Get a Free Booster of Power-up

Want a free booster or power-up? Just tap on a level icon in your map. No don’t hit the Play button yet. There’s a “watch ad” button below the play button. Tap on it, watch a 15 second video and get a free gift. It can be anything, a free super guide, a rainbow ball, ring of fire ball, but it can be of immense use for finishing a level.

Watch Ads to Get a Free Booster
Watch Ads to Get a Free Booster

Additional Tips

  • You get long-shot bonuses when a ball hits one orange peg and then hits another, but the catch is that the space between two orange pegs should be further apart to trigger the long-shot bonus.
  • In some levels, you will need to unlock locked pegs by hitting keys. Hit the golden key to remove golden barriers and silver key to remove the silver barriers.
  • Beware of big fire balls that can easily gobble up your shot if it hits them. They can be removed if a piñata ball bounces off them. Another way to remove them is to hit the fireball more than two times.
  • Don’t want to spam Facebook friends with level requests? Just wait for 5 hours to get Bjorn unlock a new stage for you.
  • If you miss a peg, brick or the bucket, you will get to toss a Bank of Pegopolis. Angel: You get a free ball. Devil: Your shot gets wasted.


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