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14 "Angry Birds Epic" Tips and Tricks

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Angry Birds Epic is Rovio’s fun-filled role-playing game featuring your favorite chirpy characters. All characters from the Angry Birds franchise are in a totally new avatar. The hapless birds that could only be launched using a catapult can now wield a sword, cast magic spells, heal fellow birds just to teach those green oinks a lesson.

You can level them up, change their headgear to enhance their abilities, and use their secondary abilities on other birds to achieve delightful bird combos. If you are new to Angry Birds Epic and are finding it harder to defeat enemies or craft items, follow these basic tips and tricks to complete levels.

Tips and Tricks

1. Use a bird’s ability on another bird. Tap on a bird and drag your finger to another to “lend” him/her special powers. For example, Matilda’s secondary powers can be used to heal other birds. Red bird lends a protective shield to all birds.

Those three blue birds remove enemy attack that inflicts extra damage for three turns. The yellow (wizard) bird lets the adjacent bird attack enemies. The Black Bird boosts the attack power of all birds by 25 percent. The attack boost lasts for three turns.


2. Get more powerful headgear (hats/helmets) from trainers to improve your bird’s abilities. For example, the Red Bird’s Samurai helmet deals massive damage to enemies, and its Defensive Formation ability ensures 50 percent less damage to the target bird and 40 percent less damage to others. (Tap on the red Bird to get the Defensive Formation ability on all birds in your team). Each helmet or “class” has its own unique abilities, so begin experimenting with them while fighting enemies.

Additional Tip: Of all helmets/hats, I found Matilda’s Druid wig quite interesting. With her wig on, she can heal the target birds, deal max damage and extra damage to enemies for the next three turns. Of course, there may be more powerful ones, but this one heals fellow birds as well as deals extra damages for three turns unless the enemy is immune to them.


3. Certain basic Ingredients like water, shiny sand, etc. can be obtained from levels around land areas, seas, beaches, desert, etc. Shiny Sand can be found nearly everywhere, but are usually found around beaches and desert.

Water can be obtained from levels around seas. Seeds can be found in land areas, forests and golden fields. So the next time you are looking for water, replay sea levels and you will have a higher chance of getting water when you spin the wheel for resource loot.


4. You will need resources to craft weapons and armor. Many such resources can be obtained in rocky areas, water areas, etc. Flotsam can be found on coastline and water areas. Seashell can be found on beaches and water areas. Stone can be found on Cliffs and in Rocky areas. Wood can be obtained from coastline and forests. Replay levels around these areas if you are in need of any of these resources for crafting purposes.

5. You can get resources and ingredients by completing a level and spinning the wheel. You can also get them by tapping on “Harvesting spots” which lie scattered around the vast island. Harvesting spots are in the form of giant tree stumps, giant seashells and big rocks. You will stumble on plenty more once you start exploring the island.


6. Defeating mini-bosses can be quite tough. The best way to deal with them is to visit “Class Trainers” and workshops scattered all around the island. Tapping on a trainer will give you access to new headgear and other equipment.

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Workshops give access to blueprints of new snazzy weapons and armor. You will need to spend Snoutlings (Angry Birds-speak for silver coins) to purchase those blueprints. Next, head straight to Magic Anvil, tap on the blueprint acquired from the workshop. You will get a list of items required to make that weapon. If you have all items, then tap on the anvil icon to make it.

Make sure you complete more levels or replay levels to earn enough snoutlings so that you can spend them for powerful items at Trainers. (You will need to equip your birds with those newly-bought items.)


7. Battle the “Daily Golden Pig” to get free lucky coins. You can use them to the Golden Pig Machine to get special equipment and legendary items. Each roll costs around three lucky coins. You already have 50 free lucky coins plus you get extra coins from the Daily Golden Pig and occasional level-up rewards. Use them wisely.


8. One of the key potions is the Banana Juice, a healing potion.

To make one, you will need Vial, Water, and Banana. Vial can be created with five Shiny Sand (a basic ingredient). Water is a basic ingredient and hence cannot be crafted.

To make bananas, you will need 1 water and 3 seeds (Rank 1 Banana Juice). If you have run out of basic ingredients, then replay previous levels to get them. Read the above tips to know more about getting ingredients and resources for free.

9. Using the magic anvil, you can craft powerful weapons and equipment. Tap on it to get a list of available weapons and armor. Each weapon or armor requires resources. A list of resources is displayed below each weapon.

To craft one, tap on a weapon (notice the pic of a bird at the top of it—goes to show that the weapon belongs to it). A die will roll, and the stars on it will determine how powerful it will be. You can roll again to make it more powerful, but make sure you have the required resources with you. Once the weapon or armor is crafted, exit the magic anvil and tap on the bird to equip it.


10. Using the magic cauldron, you can make potions and food. This is where you make the banana juice, a healing potion, and other delicious concoctions, but make sure you have enough ingredients to make them.

Like the Magic Anvil, the procedure to make a potion or food in the Magic Cauldron depends on a dice system. Once you have all the ingredients to make a potion, hit the yellow button; if you are lucky and the die has three stars in it, you will get around four potions. You will still get one potion if there are no stars on a die.

Additional Tip: You can buy potions, resources, and ingredients with Snoutlings. Tap on "Shop" and then tap on the Potions or Forge icon to get a list of ingredients, potions, and resources that can be bought with in-game currency, i.e., Snoutlings.


11. The best way to level-up birds is to play more levels and replay previously played levels. Leveling up birds improves their health and boosts their attack rate.

12. Visit Prof Pig’s lab, Class Trainer and all workshops regularly to get new weapons, potions, headgear and armor. Tap on these buildings immediately when you see the “new” sign on them.


13. How to Beat Stinky Stanley in Slingshot Woods 1—Stinky Stanley is one of the toughest enemies to beat. A single blow of his huge bone can deal 300 damage, killing a bird immediately. To make things worse, he heals every time he attacks, making him almost invincible. Here’s a trick to beat Stinky Stanley:

1. Red Bird with Guardian Helmet: the helmet has a special Aura of Fortitude that lends a protective shield to all birds for 3 turns. All birds take 25 percent less damage for 3 turns.

2. Matilda (White Bird) with Druid Helmet: The Druid helmet’s thorny vine deals 22 damage plus 63 damage per turn for 3 turns. So every time the thorny vine is around our Stinky Stanley it takes 63 damage per turn. Another key benefit is that it heals the target bird by 56 health, the rest are healed by 25 health.

3. Pirate Bird (Black Bird) with Red Fist: Heals by 10 % of the dealt damage. Deals 100 damage.

4. 5-6 Banana Juice (healing potion): You will need to ensure Stinky Stanley’s target bird has 100 percent health. The Druid helmet heals by 56 health for the target bird, but with 50-60 percent health, a single blow will end a bird’s life, so it would be wise to have around 5-6 banana juice.

  • Make sure all birds hit Stanley in the first round. Matilda’s hit will ensure damage for 3 turns. When his turn comes, Stanley won’t attack in the first turn, so you have another turn to attack but in the next turn use Pirate Bird and Matilda to hit him and tap on the Red Bird to get the Aura of Fortitude ability for the next 3 turns.
  • With the aura of fortitude protective shield you can again hit him for at least 3 turns. Use the Rage Chili on the Black Bird and the Red Bird to deal massive damage to Stinking Stanley. In between, tap Matilda to heal fellow birds and use the healing Banana juice on the bird targeted by the enemy in case his health is too low.
  • The trick is to attack as much as possible and get all or at least the target bird healed by 100 percent with banana juice/Matilda’s healing touch. Here the Black Bird can deal massive damage with or without Rage Chili, so protect him and make sure to heal him. The Red Bird’s Aura of Fortitude can be crucial in this level, so make sure his health is 100 percent.

Hat tip: “DaMENACElo37” (Reddit) for his Red Bird Guardian Helmet tip.

14. When completely filled, drag and drop the Rage Chili on the yellow bird (Chuck) to unleash his “Speed of Light” special power. It can immediately launch 5 attacks from random birds, including Chuck himself. Can be extremely useful against mini-bosses and its minions.

Rage Chilli on Black Bird (Pirate) can also deal massive damage to all enemies as the black bird drops on them and self-destructs to inflict huge damage to enemies.



Samuel Franklin on August 22, 2014:

Great overview with some great tips, I don't know anyone that didn't struggle with Stinkey Stanley, I used a similar strategy to you to finally take him down (after at least a dozen attempts!)

Janus Joshua Angeles from Philippines on July 11, 2014:

Great review! Some of it were hard to execute but still, it's awesome :)

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