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5 Idle RPG Mobile Games You Don’t Wanna Miss (Android/IOS)

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Unlike other RPGs where you interact with your character, idle RPGs are a new breed of roleplaying in itself. Upon registering, the goal of the game is to sit and idle. The longer you idle, the more experience points you gain and levels you increase. Quitting, talking, or any action is forbidden and induces penalties.

Your character can wander aimlessly around a map with other players in the game, pick up items, pray to their mystical gods, go on quests for sacred items and experience, and even battle other players. But all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show. Despite it seeming like this type of game would be boring because of its lack of interactivity, it is quite possibly the most entertaining RPG to ever be created. Gamers get to go through epic stories, battles, or more with just a few taps during their spare time.

If you are intrigued by this genre, here are our recommendations for the top five idle RPGs on Android/IOS!


1. Mobile Legends: Adventure

Mobile Legends Adventure is an idle RPG sequel to the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends: Bang Bang made by Moonton. Mobile Legends is probably the most popular MOBA on mobile devices at the moment, so these characters are already iconic in the community. Moonton is not the first company that came upon an idea to use legendary characters in another game, but it is the first company that actually made a great game using those characters in a different genre.

ML Adventure is an amazing game in almost every aspect — the gameplay is interesting and demanding, the graphics and art reach the high standards currently set on mobile game market, the quality of the sound is high, and the game is updated almost on a daily basis in order to provide the player the best possible gaming experience. All of those aspects help ML Adventure to grow its player base every day.


2. Familiar Warfare

Tens of millennia ago, an unknown courier arrived in the Land of Gardel. By the instructions of Gods from superior planets, he made serious changes to this mysterious world with Crysium Energy. Evolution was facilitated among all creatures. Gardel had entered a golden era of rapid development. However, a Berserker Plague broke out, turning uncontrolled Familiars into merciless killing machines. After years of resistance, the Covenant Alliance was defeated due to betrayal. And you were sealed in slumber. The Gardel Civilization, once prosperous, was now on the verge of extinction. Survivors had to wait for their rescue day and night in the corner of the world.

Tens of millennia later, the seal was somehow broken. You finally woke up as the last savior. You will liberate the Land of Gardel and discover the hidden secrets about the truth. Let’s assemble an awesome team of powerful Familiars and fight hard in epic battles for the future of the world!


3. AFK Arena

This one’s got a focus on fantasy scrapping. In AFK Arena, you’ll assemble a team of heroes and put them on the battlefield to fight against a group of opponents. For every level you complete, you’ll earn more loot to improve your fighters, as well as earn new ones.

Since AFK Arena is an idle game, the characters fight for you. The main factors you control are the placement of the heroes, as well as their equipment and level upgrades. Each character has different abilities, a unique story, and beautiful artwork, which makes AFK Arena stand out from other mobile games.


4. Another Eden

In a mobile world filled to the brim with gacha games galore, Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Time and Space stands out from the crowd like a shining beacon of how games nowadays should be made. Mobile RPGs in recent times are all about pay-to-win systems and summoning the best pulls with real-life money. Another Eden is a wonderful change of pace as it focuses on revamping the traditional JRPG for modern times while still keeping the genre’s charm intact.

Another Eden is everything I love in a classic old-school JRPG packed nicely in a mobile form. It focuses on story and character development rather than on tiring gachas and repetitive dailies, but it’s actually not a casual game. You really have to invest a lot of time and focus on each gaming session.


5. Idle Heroes

Idle Heroes has over 200 heroes in its library, each belonging to a specific faction. Like AFK Arena, you’ll get more heroes by “summoning” them. You can get summons over time or redeem them using the scrolls you earn or buy.

Idle Heroes lets you train a team of fighters without actually playing the game. Put your characters in training mode, go about your day, and they’ll level up by the time you open the app again. Luckily, Idle Heroes has enough content to prevent you from getting bored. Not only can you advance through the campaign mode, but you can also partake in guild wars, complete quests, climb a dangerous tower, as well as battle other players.

So, which is your favorite idle RPG on Android/IOS? Please feel free to leave your comments!