6 Best Sea Battle Games for Android

Updated on March 23, 2014
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There are a few games that focus only on sea battles. In some games, naval combat is just a small part of gameplay. One such game is Assassin’s Creed 3. Besides stealth assassinations, AC III’s naval combat gameplay feature allows players to battle enemy ships and upgrade their own naval warship with hull reinforcements and ammo types to improve defenses and cannon fire.

Naval warfare fans shouldn’t be disappointed with such a small number of games available for PC. There are some excellent sea battle games for Android. Here’s a rundown of the best free and paid naval combat games available at the Google Play Store:

1. Assassin’s Creed Pirates

Assassin’s Creed Pirates allows players to sail around the Caribbean, battle enemy ships, recruit new members to their crew and expand/upgrade their armada. While exploring, a player has two choices – fight enemy ships or chart the unexplored corners of the Caribbean through a fascinating map straight from a medieval cartographer’s collection.

The heart of the game lies in sea skirmishes, which to me is a plain rock-paper-scissors fest and involves no strategy at all. While battling enemy ships, a player needs to fire cannons at them and dodge their attack. This dodging, attacking, dodging attacking continues until one of the ships falls prey to the barrage of cannon fire. The game’s simple naval combat system is aimed at casual mobile players. The casual nature of sea battles will draw players looking for an action-packed, fast-paced naval battle game for their mobile phone.

2. BattleFriends at Sea

BattleFriends at Sea throws a social spin on Hasbro’s most popular board game. The brilliant reimagining of a beloved classic lets you battle Facebook buddies or send email or Twitter invites to friends. The game’s excellent 3D graphics and animated sea battles breathe new life into Hasbro’s plastic board game.

In BattleFriends at Sea, each player has the freedom to place all six ships manually on a grid or let the game decide which is the best anchoring position. The opponent’s grid is hidden over the horizon. All the player has to do is tap on his opponent’s grid, sit back and enjoy watching his ships destroy opponent’s fleet.

There are special power-ups to take advantage of, including the most useful “Sonar”; but the real fun lies in bombarding enemy ships without using any power-ups. If you are a diehard Battleship fan, then you will definitely love this new social avatar.

3. Pirate Dawn

Pirate Dawn is a 3D sea exploration game that allows players to explore the seas and fight enemy ships in a tactical real-time combat mode. The game is in its alpha stage and has 9 missions. Three more missions will be added in the near future.

In Pirate Dawn, you will not only be engaging in naval warfare with pirate ships, but also battling sea monsters like the Kraken and sea serpents. The secondary missions do add a nice little twist to combat. When you are not battling ships or monsters, you will be busy exploring the vast seas and may stumble upon hidden treasures. There aren’t many secrets to find except for a few treasure chests. I request the game developer to make things a bit more interesting by adding a variety of exploration-based missions. The game may not be at par with other sea battle games, but is definitely worth a gander.

4. Battle Group

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Battle Group is a modern naval warfare game that lets you battle waves of enemy units on air, land and sea. The game’s action-packed missions range from attacking enemy ships to defending your battleship from enemy artillery. The game’s simple controls will surely make it easier for you to explore and fight off waves of enemy units.

As a captain, your goal is to destroy pirates as well as fend off air and land units. There’s no strategy in this game. It’s a pure on-rails shooter that lets you fight enemy units while your battleship moves along a predetermined path. As you progress, players will get a chance to unlock special abilities that can deal massive damage to enemy ships.

Battle Group’s simple controls, beautiful top-down visuals and mission variety will keep players at the edge of their seats.

5. Fleet Combat

Fleet Combat has gameplay elements similar to any tower defense game, but instead of turrets, you will be building ships to defend your base against waves of enemy units. The game revolves around the battle between two naval factions. You will be in control of one faction and make the best efforts to stop the enemy units from infiltrating your base.

The top-down visuals are gorgeous and the ship artwork is excellent. The game’s simple “tap to deploy” system makes it easier for players to attack enemies. However, things get difficult once a player reaches the games advanced stages, where managing units become quite difficult. Thankfully, there are special attacks that can deal massive damage to a group of enemy units. Your ships are also equipped with special abilities, which can easily destroy large numbers of incoming ships.

Fleet Command is free and an excellent RTS sea battle game for your Android device. I would recommend this game to real-time strategy fans.

6. Pirate Frontier: Epic Sea Wars

Pirate Frontier combines naval battle with city-building elements. Fans of naval combat won’t like the city-building aspect of this game. However, it’s the real-time naval battles that might interest them. Another impressive feature is the large number of ships to choose from. There are over fifty war ships and more than 40 weapons. Despite ships and weapon availability, sea battles in Epic Sea Wars won’t be easy to win. The game’s weather system impacts the gameplay, forcing you to make a different move while battling rival ships.

Pirate Frontier: Epic Sea Wars also has a trade system that lets you buy items at a discount and sell them at a much higher price. A player can trade goods with online players for virtual cash, which can be used to buy upgrades, weapons and ships. The game also has plenty of side-missions. Most of them are treasure-hunts that let you explore the sea in search for jewels, treasure chests and lost parchments. Pirate Frontiers: Epic Sea Wars is a nice stripped-down version of Sid Meier’s Pirates aimed at the casual gaming crowd.

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