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9 Simple Tips and Tricks for "Hay Day"

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Sigbog is an avid gamer whose addiction spans PC and mobile titles. They love to break games down and pick them apart.


1. "Wheating"

Possibly the most important to know!

Wheating is the process of mass creating wheat, harvesting it, selling it, and repeating. The goal is to:

  • Find as many rare drops as possible
  • Maximize exp gained per time spent
  • Maximize gold gained per time spent

Wheat is the best ratio of progressing for the time it takes. You get the most item drops (building materials, expansion materials, shovels, etc.) and also generate a low but very quick amount of exp/gold.

Sell your wheat at the Roadside Shop to open up space, and repeat! (I recommend selling between 10-15 for 10 wheat; high prices will tend to take a long time to sell)

If you need to dump the wheat faster you can consider continuously rejecting visitors or dumping truck orders until you get one for wheat. It shouldn't take long.

The most important goal is to get items which can be used to enhance your own farm or sold for the maximum price to generate gold. Most building/expansion materials can easily be sold for the maximum price that can be listed in the roadside shop!

"Wheating" in Hay Day

"Wheating" in Hay Day

2. Alternate "Wheating"

Planting wheat and corn can give you a more sustainable option for item farming.

Sometimes it can be tough to sell wheat fast enough to keep item farming, a slightly slower but more sustainable method can be planting both corn and wheat.

Both have low growth times and if you fill up your roadside shop the two can be used to produce:

  • Chicken Feed:
    Eggs can be used to produce cornbread for 2 eggs + 2 corn
  • Bread (3 wheat)
  • Popcorn (2 corn)

A little bit slower, but also requires a little less attention and you should be less likely to hit a wall. (You can also toss some carrots in there to turn into carrot juice).

3. Use Your Gold Wisely!

Choose wisely! You will not likely have enough gold to get everything.

Two very high impact buildings are the Fishing Boat and the Mine/Smelter.

  • The fishing boat (Lv.27) costs 35,000 gold and takes 3 days
  • The mine (Lv.24) costs 21,000 gold and takes 1 day and 11 hours
  • The smelter (Lv.24) costs 12,500 gold and takes 18 hours
  • Note: Additional smelters cost more.

You may want to carefully consider buying any additional pens for farm animals until after these buildings are finished.

4. Buy and Re-Sell

Items in the roadside shop can often easily be sold for max or near max prices, particularly finished goods that are used in boat orders.

Look for items listed at the default price and you can easily snag them and re-list at a higher price.

Orders in Hay Day

Orders in Hay Day

5. Roadside Shop vs. Truck Orders vs. Visitors

Be careful how much you use truck orders and visitors! You can often get more money from the roadside shop. However, you do get good experience from truck orders and visitors so truck orders during events can be very bountiful. Balance carefully.

Truck orders and visitors tend to request items you have a lot of, so they're a good way to dump some items when you're mass-producing. If you've already accumulated a lot of gold, they can also help you level faster. But if you're broke, there's no point in leveling up because you won't be able to capitalize on the new stuff!

You can sell items on the roadside shop for max or near max price if they take a bit of time to produce. Anything 30 minutes and higher should be able to sell fairly quickly for max price or near max price (around 10% under). The longer the duration, the easier it tends to be to sell. Lower quantities also help as people are trying to fill in boat orders and may not need 10 but just 2 to 4. A large stack of an expensive item may not sell for a while longer, but don't forget eventually the items will be bought by one of the NPCs.

Balance usage careful to maximize gold and also level at an appropriate pace. Dump orders or visitors you can't or won't bother filling. Always be sure to keep churning out orders for smelter items as quickly as possible as this is one of the few ways to get tickets. If you don't need tickets they will sell well but animals are a great addition to your farm and do seem to produce quite a lot of items.

You could also use Tom

6. Pets

Cute, adorable, and apparently full of items!

Pets don't offer the greatest experience boost, and their cooldown is a bit long, but the drop rate of items from pets is very high. Try to get as many of them as possible; you can get tickets through boat orders and truck orders for smelter items. By "wheating" you can try to get fodder for the smelter.

7. Neighbor's Toolbox

You can find toolboxes when browsing other people's farms! Be sure to take a look and you could find some useful stuff. Browsing farms is a great way to get a step ahead when waiting for things to finish.

8. Item Balance

This is unconfirmed, but a popular theory for auto-balancing and pushing players to engage in selling and trading is that HayDay tends to shift drops to items you have more of.

This means when you see 1 type of item (mostly building/expansion materials) start to climb above the others, you should sell them to even your items out. If the theory is correct, your drop rates will spread out and you should be able to progress faster given that you'll have fewer wasteful drops. The gold is great, and even if this theory isn't true, at some point you'll still end up with way too much of some material taking up space.

9. AppNana

AppNana (available for iOS and Android) is an app where you can complete various objectives to review "Nanas" which can be used to redeem value on various sites (Google Play Store, Amazon, iTunes, PayPal, etc)

It's not a scam or spyware, but it's not easy to get a lot, nonetheless, you can earn enough to redeem cards to use on HayDay and move your farm along nicely.

The objectives you need to complete include:

  • Watch videos
  • Try out new apps
  • Daily logins
  • Refer users
    Both you and your referral get Nanas for this, try mine! d7362709

If you don't have the option to spend or simply don't want to, this can be an easy, albeit slow, means of spending.

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