An Intermediate Noob's Guide to "Game of Thrones: Conquest"

Updated on June 7, 2019
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Holley Hyler is an IT consultant and published freelance writer living in New York.

This game can be tricky (and frustrating) at times, but a little patience can go a long way. In my last article, I covered the very beginner basics of the screen layout and controls, resource counts, allegiances, and in-game purchases. The topics covered here will be similar but a little more in-depth. Keep in mind that I'm still a noob who discovered things mostly by Hodor-ing around, so I don't know everything about this game. But, like Jon Snow, I do know some things.

Upgrading and Feeding Your Dragon

This is probably the area where people experience the most trouble as a new player. If you've been feeding wood to your dragon egg and all of a sudden found that you couldn't feed it anymore without spending gold, the game is probably prompting you for dragon lore in order to upgrade your dragon. Every time you feed your dragon, you're earning points toward its next level. When you reach the capacity required to upgrade to level two, for example, the points bar gets full and then you have an option to upgrade if you have enough dragon lore. If you don't, you'll be prompted to spend your gold to upgrade.

Dragon Lore

Unless you're so low on dragon lore that your dragon may starve before you get the required amount, I would recommend not using your gold on this. Gold costs money—if you've looked at any of the packs available for purchase, you'll see that certain deals or dollar amounts will get you higher amounts of gold, and WB distributes free gold sparingly. Hang on to it, and use it for things like peace shields or teleports. Those things are much more difficult to come by for free and are worth the gold.

To get dragon lore, you'll want to complete the daily quests. You can view these by clicking on the pen and paper icon at the bottom of the screen. Each time you complete a goal, you earn points toward your next reward—which always includes dragon lore. You can also use lore when your maesters research topics related to your dragon. Be sure to save some up over time, because as your dragon grows, it costs more lore to upgrade.


Now, you might be wondering about feeds. If you've attacked a few creatures and won these battles, you might see as a reward "Livestock (Poor Quality)." Once your dragon hatches, you'll feed it the livestock. To get better-quality livestock (blue and purple feeds), participate in the events and try to score high. Higher-quality livestock is often given as a reward.

Feeding your dragon, especially with good-quality meat, means you'll get talent points every so often. These can be used to train your dragon on certain types of attacks, defending your keep, or helping your troops gather resources. When you earn a talent point, you'll see it accumulate at the icon of your dragon around where it shows how many feeds you have left in a day. Click on that, and it will take you to a screen where you can select abilities according to which phase of growth your dragon is in. You may want to pick and choose your dragon's skills, because talent points get harder to come by as you level up.

You'll be limited to a certain number of feeds per day, so make sure you space them out and use them wisely.

This is what you'll see when you click a player's banner. Gear they've crafted surrounds the avatar. The raven button to send them a direct message is at the bottom-middle of the screen.
This is what you'll see when you click a player's banner. Gear they've crafted surrounds the avatar. The raven button to send them a direct message is at the bottom-middle of the screen.

Allegiance Tiers and Responsibilities

When you join an allegiance, you pledge your service to another player. Chances are, your liege has a liege, and their liege may have a liege. This would mean you're a T4 in that allegiance. (Tip: You can see which level you are by going to your profile and looking at the Roman numeral around where your power count is. It can be I - IV.)

Climbing to the Top

T4 is the lowest level in an allegiance, but this isn't necessarily a bad thing. A T1 would be the creator of the banner which you all fall under, and a T2 serves directly under the T1. All levels except 4 can have bannermen. As you prove your loyalty to your allegiance, you may be moved up to a T3 or T2 position, but I wouldn't expect this right away, especially if you're brand new to the kingdom.

T2 and T3

If you are given a T2 or T3 position, expect it to come with some responsibilities, especially if your allegiance is a strong one and holds any seats of power. Some things you may be tasked with include passing on any kingdom or allegiance rules to your bannermen, doing activity checks, and making sure you have people reinforcing seats of power regularly (if applicable). If you dislike checking up on group chats or reaching out to other people in the game, a position of T2 or T3 may not be for you. However, if you want to be of value in a strong allegiance, it will do you some good to get used to the more social aspects of the game.

Reaching Out

I have generally found players very willing to help and pass knowledge to those within their allegiance, so don't be too shy to reach out to them if you need help. If you want to message someone, all you have to do is click on their banner, which opens up their profile, and then click on the raven icon (shown in the above screenshot) toward the bottom of the screen. Type your message and hit "send."

Goldmines are rare on the map, but you'll typically find them near large clusters of other resources or around seats of power.
Goldmines are rare on the map, but you'll typically find them near large clusters of other resources or around seats of power.

Getting More Gold

As mentioned above, free gold does seem to come sparingly (unless WB is giving it out to assuage players' frustrations when the game is undergoing technical changes or glitches). However, there are some ways to get gold without spending money on packs.

  • Log in every day. You'll get a daily login reward. On every seventh day, this reward is gold.
  • Look for gold mines on the map. See above screenshot for what these look like. They come in levels 1-6. You can speed up your gold gathering by having your maester research "Gold Prospecting" in the Economy tree. You can usually find gold mines near clusters of other resources or seats of power. (Be warned: moving your keep closer to a seat of power may make you more likely to be attacked.)
  • Participate in events. If your allegiance does well in the event, or you score highly as an individual, you may be rewarded with gold.

This is what you'll see when you open the "Materials" screen from your Smithy.  Quality levels are as follows: gray (poor), green (common), blue (fine), purple (exquisite), orange (epic), yellow (legendary).
This is what you'll see when you open the "Materials" screen from your Smithy. Quality levels are as follows: gray (poor), green (common), blue (fine), purple (exquisite), orange (epic), yellow (legendary).


In your city, you'll have a Smithy where you can craft armor and weapons. When you click on someone's profile, you see which gear they have chosen to equip and will be able to tell by color what quality it is. Higher-quality gear tends to give you more power points, but as you go above level ten, it can get harder to craft above blue level because of the number of materials required. The highest level I have seen someone craft is orange (epic), but the highest possible is yellow (legendary).


Whenever you win battles or score in events, you can be rewarded with crafting material. More common materials like black iron or lace will be given to you when you defeat ordinary creatures like mercenary camps or pirates, while rare materials come from creatures placed on the map during events (for instance, warlocks and wights). As you go up the tiers in the events, you might notice you're rewarded with chests full of crafting material. You'll also need steel in order to craft, which you can get from praying at your shrine and port rewards, mainly.

High-Quality Crafting

In order to craft materials of a certain quality, you'll need a piece of equipment of that same quality that you're willing to sacrifice. If you don't have anything already crafted that you can use, you do have the option to purchase a gear template with gold. Again, I would recommend not using your gold, but in cases where you want to craft something high in quality and level to equip for more power points, you may not have enough materials to create the lower-level equipment for the sacrifice.


A lot of the game events are centered upon crafting specific gear. When these are going on, you'll be able to see the points you'll be rewarded for making certain gear while you look through the "Recipes" in the Smithy. I used to only want to craft items if I was going to equip them or place them in the armory, but sometimes it's worth it to craft just for the sake of it for the events. The rewards can be nice. Your allegiance will also thank you for helping boost them on the scoreboards.


When you're rewarded with a chest of materials, make sure you go to your inventory to open it by clicking on the chest icon at the bottom of the screen, going down to "Crafting Material," and selecting the chest(s) to open. You can see the number and types of materials you now have by going to your Smithy, selecting "Crafting," and clicking "Materials." There, you'll be brought to a screen where you can upgrade materials from poor to common, from common to fine, fine to exquisite, and so on.

Opening up the "Marches" sidebar shows you how much time is left on your peace shield. During this time, your city cannot be attacked. Share your peace shield with others by having them reinforce you as your city is shielded.
Opening up the "Marches" sidebar shows you how much time is left on your peace shield. During this time, your city cannot be attacked. Share your peace shield with others by having them reinforce you as your city is shielded.

Defending Your City

This is a war game, so try not to get too upset if your city has been attacked. It's happened to me a lot, especially when I was newer. Peace shields are the best defense against attackers, but these cost gold, and it can be frustrating if you cannot log in immediately upon their expiration. It may be worth it to spend your gold on shields and set a reminder on your phone when your shield is due to expire if your resource count is very high or there is a war going on in your kingdom. If you've joined an allegiance, they will be able to advise you on kingdom wars and help you defend your troops.


When your city is attacked, not only do your resources get plundered, but your troop count can be wiped out in a matter of moments. It takes a lot of resources to heal them, and depending on how hard you're hit, this can take days. If you don't have the gold for a shield, you can ask around in your allegiance or with friends you've made in the kingdom chat to see who has a shield and for how long. Then you have the option to click on their city on the map (you may need to ask them for their coordinates) and select "Reinforce." Reinforcements are effective for 24 hours, so if your comrade has a shield up for at least that long, your troops will be protected there.

Dragon and City Defense

Make sure to train your dragon in defense, and you can have your maesters research topics in the "City Defense" tree for added protection. However, if an attacker is of a much higher level than you, they can still wipe out your troops if you leave them vulnerable in your city. This not only affects you at an individual level, but also takes your power away from your allegiance, so it's important to take any measures available to defend yourself from attackers.

Don't Give Up!

I think that about does it for my intermediate noob knowledge that can help you build your strength. Try not to get discouraged if advancing is taking a long time. After nearly six months, I only got to a level 17 keep (and proud of it, because it means I haven't spent much money).

I hope you found this article helpful! Thanks for checking it out.

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