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A Look Inside a Match-3 Game: "Fancy Tale"

Alexandria has been playing video games since the days of the Sega Genesis. She's been writing about video games going on four years.

Cute animals, fabulous fashions and tile matching fun come together in match-3 mobile game Fancy Tale from French developer Sublinet. Sublinet is no stranger to the match-3 genre having made popular cooking themed game Tasty Tale previously. I had the opportunity to ask Sublinet’s co-founder Cameron van den Bergh some questions about their game Fancy Tale. Enjoy the interview!

Alexandria: There are a lot of match-3 games on the mobile market. What sets Fancy Tale apart?

Cameron van den Bergh: Fancy Tale has its own unique setting with lovely boutiques inspired by different cultures and times. Players enjoy discovering each new boutique and its garments. Who wouldn’t like sewing bell-bottom jeans in an 80’s disco shop?

Furthermore, we put special effort in crafting levels and make sure that each of them is unique, fun and challenging which sets us apart from most of the very generic match-3 games around.

Alexandria: How is Fancy Tale different from your other match-3 game, Tasty Tale?

Cameron van den Bergh: Tasty Tale is a cooking-themed game, where each level is a recipe. Fancy Tale is all about fashion and also has a slightly faster paced gameplay, new game mechanics and adorable animated characters!

Alexandria: How is the fashion theme implemented into the game?

Cameron van den Bergh: Each level is about crafting a garment by matching sewing-related items: buttons, thread, finger guards, pieces of fabric etc. You can also use fashion-themed boosters to get past hard levels: the sewing pin, the wool ball etc.

Every so many garments—or levels—you change boutique. Each boutique has its own fashion-related theme: fancy hats, cowboy clothes, toddler fashion wear etc.


Alexandria: Fancy Tale is also available on Facebook is there any difference between the Facebook and mobile versions of the game?

Cameron van den Bergh: Fancy Tale is a true cross-platform game, so both versions are exactly the same, you can even switch between the Facebook version and the mobile version if you wish.

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Alexandria: What is different about developing a game for mobile compared to Facebook?

Cameron van den Bergh: Behind the scenes, there are some technical differences between the mobile and Facebook versions. Each platform (Facebook, iOS, Android and soon Amazon) has its own set of tools and we have to implement them separately.

We also have to take certain aspects of mobility into account when developing the game, for example, a mobile phone can lose its internet connection during a play session, so we need to handle such a scenario properly. All of these constraints make mobile development a bit longer.

Alexandria: What role do in-app-purchases play in Fancy Tale?

Cameron van den Bergh: In-app purchases can unlock nifty boosters to help you get past hard levels quicker as well as extra lives to play longer sessions.


Alexandria: What would you say makes Fancy Tale easy to learn and hard to master?

Cameron van den Bergh: Early levels have a relatively simple layout and focuses on helping the user learn the basic game mechanics. A bit further on, we then have levels that aim at demonstrating smart and special moves. This way, by the time you have completed a couple of boutiques, you have a lot of tricks up your sleeve. The hard part is knowing when to use these skills in higher levels!

Alexandria: Fancy Tale seems like a game that’s good for all ages and skill levels, what type of player do you think will enjoy this game?

Cameron van den Bergh: If you like match-3 games, you’ll love Fancy Tale. And if you also like the idea of dressing cute characters in beautiful garments, you definitely need to play Fancy Tale now!

Alexandria: Anything else you would like readers to know about Fancy Tale?

Cameron van den Bergh: Fancy Tale is made with love in Bordeaux, France. And just like Tasty Tale, our first testers were our mums and girlfriends!

Thank you Cameron van den Bergh for your time. Fancy Tale is available now to download for free with in-app purchases for iOS and Android. It’s also available to play on Facebook.

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Alexandria Taberski on January 24, 2020:

Sorry, I haven't played it that far.

Karen McElravy on January 22, 2020:

Does anyone know how to move the socks out of the puzzle pn level 722 ?

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