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An Interview With "Earthcore: Shattered Elements" Producer Radek Smektala

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Earthcore: Shattered Elements is an epic mobile CCG from Polish developers Tequila Games. The game is available to download for iOS and Android with the latest updates. You can read a review of the game here.

Complete with epic music, beautiful artwork and layers of strategy Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a game CCG fans will definitely want to try. There is a lot of depth in the game from the storyline, to card crafting and battle tactics. Luckily, there are also some very in-depth tutorials to help new players learn how to play.

I had the opportunity to ask Earthcore producer Radek Smektala some questions about the game’s launch on Android. Here’s what he had to say:

Alexandria: What sets Earthcore apart from other mobile CCGs?

RS: The entire game is built around the concept of elemental battles and a risk mechanic in which players risk their own health points when playing a stronger card with better skills. We made sure that every skill in Earthcore is unique just like chess pieces. Players can further combine those skills on Hero cards to craft their own unique cards. With hundreds of thousands possible skill combinations our game offers almost infinite tactical opportunities in battle.

Alexandria: What were some of the balance issues in the game and how were they improved?

RS: Card games like Earthcore require balancing on an almost daily basis, especially just after the launch. We have a team of designers who are constantly playing and sending their points to the rest of the team. We also use in-game analytics to track all the players and their actions as well as we’re doing our best to keep a close contact with our community, talk to people and listen to their feedback.

Since we released the game on iOS we managed to greatly improve many aspects of the game, including card skills (Trap and Virus skills proved to be too overpowered, so we had to fix them), rarity of certain cards in booster packs (for example, players were getting too many Vampire Kiss cards) or difficulty level of single-player missions (some became easier, other more difficult).


Alexandria: What were the challenges of bringing the game to launch initially on iOS and then to Android afterwards?

RS: After the game was released on iOS we received hundreds of messages asking about the Android version. This pressure gave us a lot of motivation to follow and fulfill player’s expectations as soon as possible.

The biggest challenge with Android was optimizing the game on so many devices. So far we managed to cover over 80% of the market, including all the most popular smartphones and tablets. To achieve that we had to prepare three various game builds tailored for different types of devices with different power.

We improved the UI and adjusted them to the habits and expectations of Android users. We also added all the Android exclusive features like Play Game Services and achievements while making the game cross-platform, so players can compete in multiplayer with their iOS friends.


Earthcore: Shattered Elements is a well executed and strategic mobile card game. Check out the game on Google Play or the App store.

Thanks so much to Radek Smektala and the team from Tequila Games for taking the time to answer my questions and providing me with images from the game.

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