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"Angry Birds" Golden Eggs Locations: How to Find 18 Golden Eggs


The Angry Birds golden eggs are sometimes very tricky to find. Here we will look at how to find all the golden eggs in angry birds. These simple walkthroughs should help you find every one of the prized golden eggs on this superb little iPhone and iPad game. By following the simple instruction on this page you will find 18 of the golden eggs currently available on Angry Birds.

When you play the app on the iPhone, one of the keys to get really high scores is finding the golden eggs. For each egg you find, you are taken to a hidden level and often these are opportunities to score big points. However, the locations of the golden eggs are sometimes very tricky so to find them you may need some help.

Golden Eggs Walkthroughs

We will now have a walkthrough of where all the golden eggs can be found on Angry Birds. There are currently 18 in total to be found although with new updates there are expected to be new eggs. For now, though here is how to find the first 18.

  1. First up a nice easy one, pause the game at any point and press the "?" button. The instruction page with the white bird on it, you will find your first egg here.
  2. On the Mighty Hoax Level 5–19, the egg is located on the right of the screen. To get this you need to fire a yellow bird right up there and then the screen should zoom out and you will see the egg in question.
  3. Level 2–2, quite simple really, just destroy the beach ball and the egg will appear.
  4. Get yourself 3 stars on all poached eggs levels.
  5. When on the main menu press the "i" button to bring the credits up. Go right to the bottom of the screen and there is your fifth golden egg.
  6. On Poached Eggs level 1–8, simply tap on the treasure chest. This should open it up and reveal another egg, sometimes you have to tap it more than once for this to work.
  7. Get 3 stars on all the mighty hoax levels.
  8. When you are on the episode selection screen, tap twice on the sun at the bottom of the screen, this will reveal yet another golden egg.
  9. Level 4-7 on the mighty hoax, you need to zoom out and the egg is located on top of the cliff. To get this one you need to shoot a yellow bird up there, pretty easy when you know how.
  10. Level 6–14 on danger above, simply pop the yellow balloon below the treehouse. To do this you need to use the boomerang bird and bend it round to come back and pop the balloon, this gives you your tenth golden egg.
  11. On the danger above level selection screen, you need to pull the screen to right, this will reveal another golden egg.
  12. . Simply get 3 stars on all the danger above levels.
  13. Level 8–15 of danger above, the egg is hidden under the slingshot platform. To get this you need to bounce a yellow bird of the trampoline and you should get another egg.
  14. 9–14 of the big setup, you need to zoom out and the egg is at the bottom right, you need to use your boomerang bird to hit this one.
  15. Level 10–3 of the big setup, you need to destroy the duck which is located under the bridge.
  16. Level 11–15 of the big setup, yet again the egg is hiding below the slingshot. You can zoom out and then use the boomerang bird to get this one.
  17. Get three stars on all levels of the big setup.
  18. Finally for the last golden egg available you need to go to level 12–12 and destroy the trophy in the middle of the screen. This is quite a tricky one to get but if you use your little blue birds to smash away the glass you should be able to use your final shot with your yellow bird to come down and smash the trophy.

So there you have it, all 18 golden eggs in Angry Birds. I hope this guide has helped you out and you soon find yourself locating all of the eggs.


on March 30, 2020:

Angry bird is goldon eggs

Aliyah on September 07, 2011:

NOW ive got to 15-5

Aliyah on September 07, 2011:

I have atualy got to mine and dine!! 1-3