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"Archero" Altar & Prayer Guide

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Altar in Archero

Added in early 2022, the Altar is a means of progression living in the "Talent" section as a tab next to Runes. The Altar grants bonus stats as well as the ability to trigger a random time limited buff by using the "Pray" button. This can be done once per day for free, or more times with gems. Overall the system is fairly simple, but it is something new to pay attention to in order to maximize your stat growth and overall effectiveness. It also features some fairly meaningful stats as progression moves further along, specifically at the first point you "Ascend" the Altar. However, progressing in the Altar will require the use of a new currency, scrolls, and even excess gear pieces.

The Altar can be accessed in the Talents section via the Altar tab.

The Altar can be accessed in the Talents section via the Altar tab.

Sacrificing at the Altar

In order to level up the Altar to unlock better Prayer buffs and stats, you must sacrifice resources to it. The resources are:

  • Bloodthirst Stones
  • A random scroll, changing each upgrade

While scrolls drop nearly everywhere, bloodthirst stones are a bit less common. Bloodthirst stones are currently confirmed to be dropping in the following locations:

  • Hero mode chapters (though not in the first few)
  • Some battle pass chests
  • Cargo ship

This makes Hero mode a lot more compelling and certainly worth grinding on as the equivalent normal stages do not grant the stones. I personally found I'm now using my quick raids on Hero mode stages to push my Altar level.

Bloodthirst stones can be found most notably in Hero mode chapters, with the amount slowly increasing by chapter.

Bloodthirst stones can be found most notably in Hero mode chapters, with the amount slowly increasing by chapter.

Ascending the Altar

After leveling up the Altar a bit, you'll need to ascend it. This is a major upgrade point that unlocks significant perks. The first ascension occurring at level 10 unlocks:

  • Max HP +5%
  • Enhance equipment +2%
  • Equipment drop rate +3%
  • Prayer level 2

However, it comes with a heavy price. You must now sacrifice Bloodthirst Stones and gear of sufficient value to ascend! There is an ascension progress bar that requires 200 points in the first level. A given piece of gear will grant a number of points depending on its rarity and gear type. Then you must also sacrifice an additional Bloodthirst Stone for every 2 points your gear is worth. Refer to the table below for more details.

Ascension Points per Item

You'll also need to supply 1 Bloodthirst Stone per 2 ascension points






























The first ascension brings some meaningful percentage based buffs!

The first ascension brings some meaningful percentage based buffs!


Prayers are time limited buffs that can be claimed free once per day. You can also spend gems to claim more prayers per day starting at 50 and increasing from there. You simply need to go to the altar and select the Pray button to claim your time limited buff. Duration can vary depending on the buff, but it won't last all day so be mindful of when you trigger it to maximize its value. It seems most Prayers are 3 to 8 hours long. You may also get random rewards along with the Prayer.

Prayers include:

  • XP from Hero Mode +5%
  • Ring drop rate +7%
  • Equipment drop rate +6%
  • Monster Egg Auto Hatching Speed +16%
  • Golden chest spirit drop rate +7%

Random rewards include:

  • Coins
  • Scrolls

It's important to note that only one Prayer can be active at a time, they do not stack! Praying again will replace the current Prayer if one is active. Additionally, the exact impact of leveling up your Prayer level is somewhat unclear as to whether it impacts types of prayers, duration, or impact. There is also no explicit list of possible Prayers in the game.

Final Thoughts

This feature isn't excessively compelling nor is it particularly frustrating or demanding. Overall, it seems to be a small amount of power creep in the game. To this end it seems acceptable. The temporary buffs part of it can be quite neat but it doesn't seem like many of the buffs are really strong enough to significantly alter your behavior. Overall I'm slightly positive on it. I am glad they are adding additional power into the game without trying to force a new task within the gameplay loop and thus extending the total daily playtime. Simply hitting the pray button and occasionally upgrading isn't a nuisance, it's just some minor extra stats.

I do also appreciate that excess gear and scrolls are consumed via this feature, as it slightly reduces the frustration of accumulating a bunch of loot that provides no purpose.