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"Archero" Ancient Maze Guide

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Ancient Maze Guide

Pick your path in a much more rogue-like experience with the new event

Pick your path in a much more rogue-like experience with the new event

The Ancient Maze Event

The Ancient Maze is an event added to Archero with the 2.5 update in late November 2020. The event brings quite a few new features to the game including room portals, a new currency, and even a difficulty selector. The primary reason to play it is to get Soul stones to use in purchasing Hero Shards. For the basic structure of the event:

  • It's available every other day in the events tab
  • It requires 10 energy, and can only be played once. That limit can be refreshed once for 100 gems
  • It has 100 rooms, with a boss every 10 rooms like normal chapters
  • It features an event shop where you can buy hero shards for soul stones

However, there are many details to the event where it varies pretty meaningfully from existing gameplay.

How it Works

Given it's unique nature in comparison to other Archero events, it can be difficult to fully understand what's going on. Here is the basic rundown:

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  1. Upon entering the event, you'll notice your stats are massively reduced. Your gear does not take effect in this mode, but your weapon time will remain as selected as will your hero. It's not entirely clear what upgrades take effect but current theory suggests your hero stats plus some other upgrades like talents and all perks.
  2. Upon clearing each room, you'll choose one of 2 or 3 portals to take to your next room. These portals can be:
    Green: Features often simpler rooms and enemies from the biomes in the first chapters
    Blue: Features rooms and enemies from the biomes in the early to mid-game chapters
    Purple: Features often more complicated rooms and enemies from the biomes in the later chapters
    Orange with fire: Features a positive room, often a room of loot chests or free upgrades -- always take this one if you can!
    Current theory is that the portal color represents easier or more difficult options for more or less loot as indicated by the biomes and the rarity color to the portal. This isn't proven yet.
  3. You'll accrue a new currency called ancient silver. Randomly throughout the run you'll be made offers to purchase in-run upgrades for ancient silver. These upgrades could be pieces of gear you'll wear for the duration of the run or food items that grant buffs for the fun such as:
    Spaghetti: Crit Rate +7%
    Burger: Max HP +15%
    Kimchi: Attack Speed +15%
    You'll only be able to purchase 1 item when presented with a choice. Furthermore, any ancient silver not spent by the end of a run will be collected as a reward for future runs.
  4. After beating the run, the difficulty selector will be enabled, allowing you to pick a harder difficulty for higher rewards. For example, the 2nd difficulty introduces boss monsters like hero mode. Take note though, as of the release of 2.5, this feature seems to be bugged. The higher difficulties are selectable, but they still have the lock icon appear on them as if they weren't.

Portal Selection

Orange portals have goodies in them! They often replace the angel rooms that occur on room 5, 15, etc. in normal chapters, but not exclusively!

Orange portals have goodies in them! They often replace the angel rooms that occur on room 5, 15, etc. in normal chapters, but not exclusively!

Reward Structures

Rewards for this mode include:

  • Soul stones
  • Ancient Silver
  • Evolution Chips
  • Sapphires

Ultimately this makes it the place to go to level up your heroes, and the primary source of soul stones to be used to purchase hero shards. While ancient silver can be used mid-run, it is possible to take ancient silver out and keep it, and it's worth noting that it may be useful in the future for other things. Lastly, it drops more soul stones per energy than its predecessor so if you're looking to evolve heroes be sure to play this event.

Spending Ancient Silver at the Chef


Final Thoughts

With a unique pick-your-own-difficulty style with some added randomness added in, this event mode pushes Archero closer to it's roguelike roots. However, it doesn't do anything too wild or crazy and it's still just playing the game at the end of the day. Furthermore, at 100 rooms it can take a long time to clear. Ancient silver adds a fun new dynamic to the run that I appreciate, but only time will tell if a strong risk-reward emerges in the idea of investing ancient silver into runs to help push them further for more rewards.

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