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"Archero" Blacksmith Guide

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Blacksmith Guide


The Updated Blacksmith Tab

Update 2.5 from the end of November 2020 brought a much needed update to Archero gear management. It replaced the fusion tab in the inventory screen with an all new blacksmith tab with a new feature and 2 updates to existing features. While comparatively minor compared to other updates or changes to the game that have happened in the past, this one will still certainly be a welcomed addition!

Fusing Equipment

Gear fusion is a staple in everyday Archero, but as the game as gotten older and features many more ways to grab yourself some gear parts, the fusion system has been stale and somewhat annoying. Accumulating common gear parts at a rate much higher than when this feature was designed, it can take painful amounts of time just to process your gear into higher rarities. With update 2.5, the first tab of the Blacksmith section is the classical fusion screen, but now you can skip the animation! This saves the bulk of the time it takes to fuse gear pieces and ends up offering an incredible improvement to your quality of life when managing gear.

Exchanging Equipment

The exchange tab is an all new addition to Archero and one that is surely interesting. Available on Mondays (game time, which is based in Singapore) only, this feature allows users to swap gear pieces for a new random pieces of gear, thus allowing you to dump the things you definitely don't want for a chance at getting something you do. Of course odds are you'll get something else you don't want but it can be worth engaging in rather than dismantling or letting that gear pieces sit there unused. The catch is that there is a gem price in doing so, and it takes 2 pieces to swap with. This ultimately makes it a pretty negative exchange in terms of total value for another chance at getting what you want. The rates are as follows:

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  • 2 commons + 10 gems for a common of the same type (EX: weapon)
  • 2 uncommons + 40 gems for an uncommon of the same type
  • 2 rares + 160 gems for a rare of the same type
  • epic and higher are unavailable

Unlike other systems, prices do not vary by gear type, it costs the same amount of gems to exchange a common weapon as it does a common spirit. However you will notice the premium on exchanging higher rarities, it's cheaper to exchange 9 commons than 1 rare. You can use the exchange up to 5 times every Monday.

Exchange Screen

Swapping 2 uncommons plus gems for a random common. While the picture doesn't display it, the items to swap don't need to be the same item, just the same type. Example, exchanging with an uncommon bear ring and an uncommon serpent ring.

Swapping 2 uncommons plus gems for a random common. While the picture doesn't display it, the items to swap don't need to be the same item, just the same type. Example, exchanging with an uncommon bear ring and an uncommon serpent ring.

Bulk Dismantling Equipment

The dismantling feature has been in the game for quite a while, and suffered a lot of the same things as fusion. Over time it got more and more time consuming to dismantle unwanted gear. Now the blacksmith section features a bulk dismantling tab where you can select all gear pieces available to dismantle and do them all at once. This is a massive time saver for those utilizing this feature. However, I still recommend to avoid using the dismantle feature, especially given that extra Legendaries can be used to craft Ancient Legendaries. The payoff of a dismantle is simply very low. Check out my original dismantle guide if you want more specific reasons.

Final Thoughts

Overall this is a nice quality of live improvement to the game! In particular being able to skip the fusion animation is a huge time saver when it comes to gear management. However, dismantling continues to have a payoff that isn't really worth it in the age of Ancient Legendaries. Furthermore, the exchange system is a very heavy price to pay for another random item. You may only have a 16% to 25% chance to exchange for an item you want anyway, and you have to pay 2 items plus gems to do so! This may only be worth it on the extreme high end where someone already has the means to make all the Ancient Legendaries they want but hasn't gotten the specific item to Legendary. In this respect, it may be most useful for rings or spirits where you may use multiple types. However, given it's limited to 5 times per week and rares or lower, even then it does not provide a ton of value for a high end player and would probably benefit from enabling epics.

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