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"Archero" Chapter 5 Guide

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"Archero" Chapter 5 Guide


Chapter 5: General Strategy

The thing about Chapter 5 in Archero that is most valuable to be aware of is that it is the first Chapter where you really need to start grinding and strategizing with intent. The earlier Chapters you can mostly make it through with minimal grinding using more or less any equipment available to you. Chapter 5 is where that changes and you need to start building optimal gear and playing in an effective way or you will struggle with it a bit. You should be aiming to get Great quality gear, at least level 10 if not closer to 15 or 20. Rares would certainly be nice, but in all honesty, you could still pass with Commons as long as you had some levels under the belt.

If you're unfamiliar with the best way to grind in Archero feel free to check out my full guide.

Optimal Gear

At this point, you don't need to perfectly optimize your gear, but you absolutely need to start investing in a better weapon! If you're still using the Brave Bow from earlier on in the game, it's time to stop. The Brave Bow is the lowest damage-per-second weapon and doesn't have a very useful Epic perk, making it the lowest tier weapon. Generally, the best weapon long-term is the Death Scythe, but many consider the Tornado better in the mid-game. Lastly, while I consider the Saw Blade worse than both the Tornado and the Death Scythe, it does have it's own niche and is certainly better than the Brave Bow. For a full guide on weapons, check out my tier list.

As for other pieces of equipment:

  • Armor: Vest of Dexterity is generally the overall best armor and specifically good for Chapter 5, though there are certainly situations where you would use others. Investing in a Vest of Dexterity is something you certainly won't regret.
  • Rings: Serpent Rings are the way to go. Not only is the dodge wonderful, but the extra damage to ranged minions is critical for Chapter 5. I generally do not recommend using 2 rings of any type as it limits your upgrade-ability. For your second ring I recommend Wolf or Falcon, but avoid Bear as the bonus health won't be as valuable.
  • Spirits: It somewhat doesn't matter as Spirits don't contribute a lot. I'm personally a big fan of Laser Bat as it pierces obstacles, but this isn't a major decision point.

Build Strategy

There is nothing unique about how you should aim to build in Chapter 5.

Offensively you should follow the same general rule of thumb for the best build:

  • Multishot
  • Double Front Arrow
  • Ricochet (If using something other than the Tornado)
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There are a lot of obstacles on Chapter 5 so full clear builds like diagonal arrows and bouncy wall won't be quite as great. Though I would say they are definitely still viable.

You may find yourself in need of some defensive skills given the challenge of the level. I generally recommend:

  • Invincibility Shield
  • Slow Projectile

The shields and blood-thirst aren't the most valuable on this Chapter.

Boss Tips

The bosses aren't generally too challenging. I consider the rooms to be the more challenging element to this Chapter. However, some of the bosses aren't exactly easy. For some tips, read below:

  • Charging Wolf: This is the easiest boss, it has 2 very easy patterns. It will charge directly at you 3 times in a row as well as jumping towards you 2 times in a row. The jump will do full damage if it directly hits you, but 1 single point of damage if you're a little too close. This is annoying or useful depending on whether or not you want to get a Devil as it will prevent one from spawning.
  • Lightning Dragon: Mildly challenging, it fills the room with projectiles. It fires 2 larger lightning balls that break into 4 smaller balls each firing in their own direction but always straight up/down/left/right. Given the nature of these projectiles it is easy to find a safe spot to stand, you don't have to move all that much.
  • Multishot Archer: A bit more challenging to deal with depending. The Multishot Archer boss acts just as a normal archer mob but can fire a spread shot as well as 3 rapid succession shots. You simply need to pause and dodge just like you would an archer mob but be mindful of where the arrow bounces. The more challenging part comes into play if your weapon has a knockback such as the death scythe. This will move the archer's shot and make it more challenging to see or remember where the arrow will fire.
  • Plant Spawner: This boss is easy if you have ricochet, and a bit challenging without. The boss will spawn smaller plant mobs as well as fire larger red projectiles that break into a circle of smaller red projectiles. The larger projectiles must be dodged by a wide margin as there are quite a few smaller projectiles and it leaves little room to work with. The plant mobs that spawn must be wiped out as quickly as possible or you will get overrun. Again, this is easy with ricochet but without it, you have to re-position a lot to ensure this gets done.
  • Lava Golem: The final boss, again at a medium level of challenge. If you stay moving you will likely be fine. The boss has 3 attacks. A burst of 3 short range melee dashes, a wave of wiggling fire projectiles, and a long range directed explosion. If you get too close, it is easy to get hit by any of these attacks. But keeping any sort of distance makes them fairly easy to dodge. Move regularly and keep your distance and this boss is fairly easy.

Room Tips

There are many challenging rooms in Chapter 5 and it boils down to just a few reasons.

  • Starting at floor 10, you will have crossbows that line up and fire 3 arrows, 1 straight, 2 diagonal. The indicator will follow you if you move early on and make it more difficult to identify a safe spot and lower the time you can be dealing damage. The correct way to play these is to pause and let the crossbows line up a shot, identify a safe spot to move to, then move when they are about to fire.
  • Starting at floor 20, there are scythe mages that fire red piercing scythes towards you that bounce and return to them. These things are evil, their dark red color and spinning animation make it difficult to track properly. It simply takes practice to get used to. These scythes DO NOT curve despite appearing so, however if the scythe mage moves while the project is out, it will return to the scythe mage so it may not necessarily take the same path back. Furthermore, they can actually have 2 in the air at once, so it's critical to be careful. You have to keep moving generally to avoid it but these are the worst part about Chapter 5.

Chapter 5 rooms can be fairly challenging, with a lot of obstacles and mobs that choke out the space in which you can play. But after some experience with the scythe mages and various bosses, you should be able to make it through. If you are struggling for a bit, I suggest you evaluate your gear and consider grinding for a short while as you could slow down your progress if you keep wasting energy on bad Chapter 5 runs.

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