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"Archero" Chapter 7 Guide

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Sigbog is an avid gamer whose addiction spans PC and mobile titles. They love to break games down and pick them apart.

Learn how to complete the challenging Chapter 7 in "Archero" with this guide.

Learn how to complete the challenging Chapter 7 in "Archero" with this guide.

Chapter 7 in Archero

Chapter 7 is a slog in Archero. It's arguably the most (or one of the most) difficult chapters to pass. It's 10 stages of bosses only, no angels, and it's the first major point in the game where you have to grind for weeks or even months just to get past it.

Optimal Gear

Your goal should be reaching ~1000 attack and 3601 health. It is possible to beat the Chapter with ~800 attack and 3181 health, though it's very difficult. Having 2701 health is doable, but it's probably better to focus on upgrading at that point. Unfortunately, Chapter 7 is a poor Chapter to farm, so until you're in range of these numbers, you should stick to Chapter 6 to farm coins, scrolls, and gear.

Because of the incredible difficulty of Chapter 7 and because you may be stuck on it for a while, it's worth building a set of gear specifically to tackle this beast. There are a few things unique to Chapter 7 that require you to use specific gear pieces.

  • Weapon: Death Scythe
    Due to its high damage (it receives a +45% damage buff in exchange for its slower attack speed), the Death Scythe deals a lot of damage. Also, its powerful knockback is particularly useful for fighting bosses.
  • Armor: Vest of Dexterity
    This should generally always be your armor. The dodge perk is the most useful, and the abilities of all armors are generally not that impactful. Phantom Cloak can also be good as the 10% projectile resistance can be the point of surviving an extra hit. If you're in a pinch and have a Phantom Cloak, reaching 2900 health or 3250 health with it puts you in a good spot.
  • Rings: Anything but Wolf. (Dual Serpent, or Serpent + Bear/Falcon)
    Serpent (dodge) rings are awesome, but the Serpent rings don't increase your damage against bosses. Oddly enough, Bosses are not considered ranged or melee and instead only calculated as Airborne or Ground. The 5% health bonus on Bear rings is not likely to do anything for you, but the final boss is a Ground boss so you may benefit from the extra damage.
  • Spirits: These don't matter that much; they barely contribute. If you must choose, go with the Elf or the Scythe Mage.
  • Hero: Phoren—the fire damage impact isn't huge, but it's better than poison. The other heroes don't impact bosses, or in the case of Rolla can be a mixed bag. At times, cancelling Boss abilities with Freeze can be helpful, other times hurtful.

Ideal Talents

While you can't control what Talents you get, you can at least know if you're at an advantage or disadvantage based on the result of your luck.

Most Helpful

The Talents that will help you the most are:

  • Recover
  • Inspire
  • Enhance Equipment

You'll have a much easier time tackling Chapter 7 if you've gotten Recover/Inspire to level 5 or above. Enhance Equipment is just a great drop of stats. However, the other Talents fill a more unique role. Healing Talents are incredibly useful on Chapter 7 because this is the first Chapter where damage taken really starts to be punitive.

Second-Most Helpful

To a secondary degree, you'll definitely benefit from:

  • Strength
  • Power
  • Time Reward

I mention Time Reward mostly in that many people reach Chapter 7 without their gear maxed out and have to farm for a while in order to do so. The Time Reward will significantly speed up your ability to earn scrolls and coins.

Wheels vs. Devils

This is tricky, and you'll hear varying opinions. I generally believe either strategy can work out, but that intentionally avoiding Devils and instead claiming Wheels is a better strategy. A few of the early bosses in Chapter 7 are fairly easy to beat without taking any damage, there are 2 general strategies:

  1. Avoid damage, get a Devil, hope for Multishot or an Extra Life
  2. Intentionally take 1 hit, get a Wheel, hope for a good skill.

Why I Recommend Wheels

I would recommend option #2, taking damage intentionally and hoping for a good skill. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The Wheel can contain several of the best defensive skills for Chapter 7, including the Invincibility Shield, Slow Projectile, . Landing some extra attack stats is also very helpful. It could also grant Smart, which will get you an extra level ability, maybe 2, on this Chapter.
  • You could also get healed, and a shortage of healing compared to damage taken is a big problem in Chapter 7.
  • Coin rewards grant experience (and quite a bit for the 3-icon drop) and in Chapter 7 you don't come even close to reaching max level. Even on Stage 10 you'll likely only be level 5-7, so extra experience granting an extra skill can have a large impact.
  • The devil will most often just be a waste, or cause a significant sacrifice of your precious health. Even the Extra Life, while incredible and very useful on Chapter 7, only really takes you from being able to tank 4-5 hits to being able to tank 6-8 hits.

If you feel like gambling, you could always try 1 roll on the Devil and hope for an Extra Life, but multiple is likely to end up leaving you short of other skills and experience. Ultimately, even after reaching the strength required to defeat Chapter 7, you still need to roll just the perfect build, and it will take a long time to do that.

Build Strategy

Generally, this shouldn't be surprising, if you've played any amount of time on Chapter 7 you'll quickly realize what works well and what doesn't. You're simply waiting for the right random set of skills.

Top Offensive Picks

  • Multishot
  • Double Front Arrow
  • Rage

You can go with Ricochet to help clear monsters around the boss and it will help with the double Snakes on 10 as well as the Golem you can face after 5.

Top Defensive Picks

  • Invincibility Shield
  • Slow Projectile
  • Wingman

Shields can be acceptable as well, but not nearly as useful as these two.


  • 2x Multishot
  • 2x Double Front Arrow
  • Diagonal or Side Arrows
  • Any elemental (though Blaze can be acceptable)

Basically avoid the standard bad stuff, plus anything focused around clearing rooms full of enemies.

Quick Boss Tips

Stages 1–5

  • Spider Boss: Keep your distance, this one is easy.
  • Snake v1 Boss: Clear the monsters, then stand right inside of the Snake. It won't hit you and you can deal damage to it.
  • Walking Skull Boss: Again, this is easy, just try to path in front or behind it so you can land shots.
  • Plant Boss: Easy again, just stay near the walls and don't over-dodge. The room with the plants behind the walls is extra annoying, you may just have to run up and clear one of them in-between volleys from the boss.
  • Bat Boss: Only tough in the room with a lot of walls, just generally run corner to corner away and dodge on the side that unfurls last.
  • Scarecrow: There is no secret trick here, it simply requires practice. Try standing a little off the wall so you can dodge in any direction.
  • Fireball Dragon: Fairly easy, try to get the fireballs aimed directly into a wall rather than diagonally as it's easier to track.

Stages 6–10

  • Lightning Ball Dragon: Same advice as the Fireball Dragon.
  • Golem Boss: This guy is tough, you need a high damage build to clear the golems he spawns. Try to keep your distance and sidestep his charges like you would the Wolf Boss.
  • Wolf Boss: He charges 3 times in a row before pausing to determine whether he charges again or jumps. If you sidestep the charge you can get 1-2 attacks in. When he jumps if he lands near you but not directly on you he will deal 1 damage to you. If you need to take a hit to get a wheel this is the way to do it.
  • Cactus Boss: Another tough one, try running corner to corner. When he dashes he will dash twice in a row and whirlwind projectiles will fire out diagonally from his body.
  • Final boss: Double Snakes v2: Requires a bit of luck but ideally both Snakes will be close to each other and you can run to the opposite end of the room. In a perfect world, you can focus one of them but realistically you'll be focusing on dodging. You can stand inside of them like the earlier Snake, but you'll get hit by their burrowing and un-burrowing shots.

How the Damage Escalates

As a final note, damage escalates over the course of the Chapter, so keep an eye on your healing and total health to see if your stats are getting outpaced by the damage:

  • Stage 1–3: 760 damage
  • Stage 4–6: 900 damage
  • Stage 6–8: 1060 damage
  • Stage 9: 1200 damage
  • Stage 10: 1000 damage


ArcheroFanaticX on September 07, 2020:

Heya, thanks. Your guide helped me to conquer the Chapter!