"Archero" Chest Drop Rates Guide

Updated on December 30, 2019
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"Archero" Drop Rates Guide

Everything you need to know about chests, their value, and their drop rates.
Everything you need to know about chests, their value, and their drop rates.

Chests in "Archero"

Chests are critical in Archero as a major source of gear. Gear is by far the most important way to power up your strength and it only comes from Chests and common only drops in stages. Other than gear, you only have Talents or Hero levels to power up your character and while important, they aren't as potent as gear.

Maximizing earning chests and the value you get from them is critical to your progression and there are a few things you need to know about them.

Different Types of Chests

There are 2 Chests in Archero, the "Golden Chest" and the "Obsidian Chest"

  • Golden Chest
    Costs 60 gems, drops Common or Great gear
    Prices drops from 60 down to 50 on consecutive purchase
    Available 1 free pull from an ad view every 24 hours
  • Obsidian Chest
    Costs 300 gems, drops Great, Rare, or Epic gear.
    Guaranteed to drop Epic after 10 opens that do not contain an Epic
    Price drops 20 gems on each consecutive purchase, down to a minimum of 260.
    Also available in a bulk purchase of 10 for 2600 gems.
    Available 1 free pull from an ad view every 7 days

It's important to note that the timer to the free ad view chests is precisely 24 and 168 hours later rather than once per day / 7 days. These chests are only claimable after those complete timers have elapsed (EX: 24 hours and 1 second) which unfortunately is tough to manage. You can expect your collection time to continuously push later and later in the day until you end up missing it for a day. It's wisest to always claim at the same time and try to time it as closely to 24/168 hours as you can. Try not to put it off until later in the day, as the more frequently you have the timer roll over an additional night due to you going to sleep before the timer is up, the less efficient you will be.

Chest Costs & Drop Rates

Golden Chest
Obsidian Chest including Guaranteed Epic (Estimated)
Obsidian Chest (Game code)
Obsidian Chest (435 recorded opens)
* - Credit to Reddit user Trendinghobbit https://www.reddit.com/user/Trendinghobbit for scraping Obsidian drop rates from the game code. Recording chest openings from 435 Obsidian Chests generally supports these numbers as well.

Chest Opening Strategy

Previously, Golden Chests were slightly more valuable than Obsidian Chests due to a slightly higher discount rate at maximum discount but otherwise balanced drop rates. The discount rate is still true in that Golden Chests get discounted by up to 16.6% whereas Obsidians only get 13.3%. However, the guaranteed Epic added in December 2019 changes everything!

Now, if you go 9 Obsidian Chests without getting an Epic, your 10th will be an Epic guaranteed. All Obsidian Chests count towards this counter, including ones you get for free once a week. If you get an Epic earlier than your 10th chest, it will reset your counter back to 0. This effectively changes the drop rates of Obsidian Chests from 6% chance at Epic to an estimated 13%! This is a massive increase in value to the Obsidian Chest, however it came in the December 2019 update which introduced 2 new weapons, 4 lockets, and 4 bracelets. While value from Obsidian Chests skyrocketed, your odds of pulling desirable content dropped significantly. Previously, if you were aiming for 6 pieces of gear (1 weapon, 1 armor, 2 rings, 2 spirits) roughly 38% of your pulls would give you something you desired. Now, if you are aiming for 8 pieces of gear (1 weapon, 1 armor, 2 rings, 2 spirits, 1 bracelet, 1 locket) roughly 31% of your drops are desirable. Overall, this a small nerf to total effective progress granted by Obsidian Chests unless it is your goal to level up multiple pieces of gear.

Chest Values in Common

Minimum Price
Expected Value in Common Gear
Effective Gem Price per Common
Golden Chest
Obsidian Chest
Boiling the value down to expected commons is an easy way to compare the two chests. Previously the Golden Chest had a 3% lead on the Obsidian Chest, but as of December 2019 this is no longer the case.

Purchasing Chests

I generally do not recommend purchasing chests with your precious gems. I cover how you should spend your gems in another article here. The short version is that the mysterious vendor is likely to have a better impact on your progression in the game despite the total value from the Obsidian Chests being higher. However, in some cases you may prefer to spend your gems on chests such as not wanting to wait for vendors or aiming to collect all of the various gear pieces available. In that scenario, it is wisest to buy Obsidian Chests at the bulk rate of 10 at a time to earn the highest discount and capitalize on the guaranteed Epic.


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