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"Archero" Clan Guide

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Clans in Archero

Clans were added to Archero in October 2021, enabling a type of social play previously not possible. Along with the addition comes new quests, chat, rewards, and even a clan shop featuring a new hero. It's certainly a significant update to the game.

How It Works

You can create or join a clan by clicking on the clan icon in the top right of your main screen. From there you can filter clans you wish to join and view their basic info, or even create your own for 200 gems.

After joining a clan, you'll instead land on your basic clan screen when accessing this part of the game. There you'll be able to edit your clan details, requirements, and sigil. You'll also be able to do your clan dailies, earning clan experience to level up your clan and points to use in the shop. Activities include:

  • Daily login bonus for just checking in.
  • Daily quests, which can be re-rolled a limited number of times if you dislike the objective.
  • Gifts, which are effectively just exchanging your resources for clan experience and points. This includes trading in gems, coins, scrolls, sapphires, runes, or magnifying glasses. You can do these a limited number of times per day.

You'll also be able to chat, use emoticons, open chests shared by clan member purchases, and provide each other aid in the chat section. Aid comes in the form of helping others hatch eggs and donating requested items. This unlocks at clan level 3. Clan chests can be purchased in various places around the game, most notably in chapter packs or the daily super pack in the store.

Finally, you can use the clan shop, exchanging a new currency in the shape of a star for a handful of different rewards. These rewards include gear, gems, tickets, shards for the hero Gugu, and a handful of other things.

The overall goal is to earn points to buy items in the clan shop and experience points to level up your clan to access more perks and quests.

Clan Lobby

Feel free to join me in the "sig" clan!

Feel free to join me in the "sig" clan!

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Clan Chests

A very compelling part of the new clan system, clan chests are chests that can be provided to the clan by 1 member but opened by all members. They offer some pretty valuable rewards including:

  • Gugu shards
  • Coupons
  • Items
  • Coins
  • Gems

There are multiple levels of clan chests. Higher level chests typically come from more expensive packs in the store. The rates for the most desirable items do appear to be pretty low however, so don't be surprised if you are disappointed by the outcome. This is not unexpected as 30 clan members each claiming a chest is likely to make the developers want to keep the value of that chest quite low.

Activity Points

In the process of doing clan quests and various activities, you'll generate activity points for your clan, which will allow people to see how active you and your clan are prior to joining. This is useful to find active clans or find and get rid of inactive members of a clan. The game does not explicitly identify how much activity is granted for what action. However, it matches the amount of the clan points you earn for an activity. For example, gifting coins via the coin donation feature will grant 10 clan points and 40 clan experience, but it will also give you 10 activity points.

Activity points reset every week.

Clan Shop

One of the most key features of the clan system, the shop is where you can exchange your clan points for rewards. Most notably this will include shards for Gugu, the hero introduced along with the clan system. The clan shop is expected to be the primary way to earn shards for that hero.

Items in the clan shop have limits, with one section refreshing weekly and one section refreshing monthly. Refer to the screenshot below for an example.

Clan Shop Screenshot


Final Thoughts

The clan system seems fairly standard without any really unique or new things from what you might expect to see. That being said, it doesn't disappoint either as it checks a lot of the boxes you would hope to be checked by a clan system. You can interact with teammates, give each other gifts or aid, and generally work to a common goal of earning more stuff. I do hope that in the future there will be cooperative ways to play with clan mates but we'll have to wait and see.

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