"Archero" Co-Op Mode Hero Duo Guide

Updated on March 28, 2020
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Co-Op Mode Guide

2-Player Co-Op is now available in the events section
2-Player Co-Op is now available in the events section

Co-Op Mode

As of March 2020 as part of Update 1.4, Archero has a Co-Op mode labeled "Hero Duo." This is the first time you can play Archero with a friend and is a massive update and a heavily requested change to the game.

Co-Op Mode is available in the Events tab of the game but outside that it varies significantly from other modes. It does not cost any energy, but can only be played 10 times in a day. Unlike some event modes, it seems to be available every day and does not rotate every other day.

How Co-Op Works

To play Co-Op mode you'll have to take a few additional steps than simply pressing play.

  1. Either host a room, or choose to join someone else's room.
  2. If hosting, take your room key and give it to the friend waiting to play with you. If joining, get the room key from your friend and enter it. There is no way to play public rooms, so if you don't have a friend nearby to play you'll have to find an Archero community such as a discord server.
  3. Host can then begin the run and you'll play together in an environment much like Chapter 1.

The rules are fairly straightforward for co-op, but are a bit different than standard gameplay and it's helpful to understand them in advance:

  • Hero, hero ability, and weapon selection are applied, but nothing else. No other gear, no levels, no gear perks, no pets, no talents, just play old vanilla Archero.
  • Tapping to cancel animations and increase attack speed does not work, but briefly moving, called stutter-stepping, does work.
  • To move to the next room, both players must be at the door.
  • Healing is separate, for example when destroying a healing chest, both players will get healed by it.
  • Skill selection is also separate so you will get different skill selections as you move through the run.
  • Time will not freeze when selecting skills so be careful for rogue projectiles after clearing a room!
  • When dying, you can revive two total times, once for 20 gems, and once again for 30. You cannot use ad revives.
  • After one player dies, the other can continue playing.
  • There are no wheels or devils.
  • Kills will not count towards your battle pass.
  • The pause button is replaced by a settings button where you can view your acquired skills.
  • If the host dies, they can continue to spectate. If the joining player dies, they get pushed out and cannot spectate.

Lobby Screenshot

This is what the lobby looks like when you're waiting for someone to join.
This is what the lobby looks like when you're waiting for someone to join.


Rewards feature a very unique mechanic in this mode and it's somewhat unclear.

Instead of rewards dropping in the mode, you secretly accrue rewards from a pool. Your pool of rewards is limited per day and your co-op runs draw from that pool until you've claimed them all. Thus far the pool includes:

  • Experience
  • Coins
  • 1 Golden Key
  • Gems

The further you get in the run, the more you'll earn from that pool. It seems you earn max rewards from completing 100 floors. Again, you don't have to do this in a single run, just 100 total floors even over multiple runs. What those maximum rewards are is also somewhat unclear, for reference from maxing out my rewards for a day I earned:

  • 1 Golden Key
  • 28 Gems
  • ~13,000 Coins

It's currently unclear if this maximum pool is influenced by anything or changes over time. However it does seem very easy to earn the maximum within your 10 tries, but it will take some time.

Rewards earned for reaching the 60th floor.
Rewards earned for reaching the 60th floor.

Final Thoughts

The Hero Duo Mode is incredibly limited in its implementation, but given the game wasn't built to be social, it's hard to hold this against the developers. Things like friends lists, leaderboards, public/private matches, and other adjustments or features certainly would make co-op more fun, but that's honestly an unreasonable expectation.

The mode overall lands in a place that is just somewhat fun, but not all that compelling. While the mode takes no energy and does give you gems, the rewards are overall pretty minor given the time and effort. Playing with server lag is tough, and it feels worse when your character is vanilla. Playing with a duo is certainly enjoyable, but with no larger social system attached to the game it's somewhat fleeting. Still I'm happy it's available and I'm very curious to see where they go with it next.

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        14 hours ago

        Yeah what level do you have to be to play?

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        39 hours ago

        What level do you have to be to get this?

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        44 hours ago


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        2 days ago


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        5 days ago


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        6 days ago


        Open from 6PM - 7PM

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        6 days ago

        Someone send me a code im trying to play


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