"Archero" Daily Challenge Guide

Updated on March 26, 2020
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Daily Challenges Guide

Everything you need to know about the Daily Challenges feature in "Archero"
Everything you need to know about the Daily Challenges feature in "Archero"

Daily Challenges in "Archero"

As of late October 2019, Archero has added Daily Challenges in the form of limited levels with fewer floors than a Standard chapter. They have a limited number of play-throughs available to the player per day but also have incredibly high drop rates for valuable loot. They are effectively the best thing to do on any given day should you not plan on playing a lot. To unlock them, you have to have beaten Chapter 3.

Furthermore, these Daily Challenges often have a unique twist such as featuring only enemies that fire projectiles and offer some new and interesting ways to play the game besides the normal set of Chapters. It's also the location of the Co-Op mode introduced in March 2020.

How They Work

Currently, there are 3 Daily Challenges available in the game. These are:

  • A limited Christmas Challenge, "Xmas Carnival," available once per day costing 10 energy. It has 20 floors, 3 bosses, and each regular floor features special Christmas enemies in funky designed levels that are more maze-like than others.
  • The "Flying Bullets" Challenge, available every other day, costing 5 energy, and can be played twice per day it is available. It has 20 floors, 2 bosses, and each room is filled with ranged enemies.
  • The "Up-close Dangers" Challenge, available every other day alternating with "Flying Bullets," costing 5 energy, and can be played twice per day it is available. It has 20 floors, 2 bosses, and each room is filled with melee enemies.
  • [REMOVED] A limited Halloween Challenge, "Hallow's Eve," available once per day costing 10 energy. It has 14 floors, 2 bosses, and each regular floor features 10 waves of enemy spawns.

After exhausting your play limits, you can spend gems to play them again. However, you can only do this a limited number of times. For example, you can spend 100 gems a single time per day to be able to spend another 10 energy to play the "Hallow's Eve" challenge a second time. After this you will be unable to purchase again and have to wait until the following day. For the regular Daily Challenges, "Flying Bullets" and "Up-close Dangers," this can be done twice, once for 50 gems, and a second time for 100 gems.

The day seems to be based on the developer's server time, which is 9am PDT or midnight Singaporean time. Both rotating challenges appear to be available at the same time once per weekend on Sunday Singaporean time.

Their Difficulty Level

It is unclear exactly where Daily Challenges are in terms of difficulty, but it seems do-able for most people and well worth it even if you cannot complete it. However, a few noteworthy things have stood about these Daily Challenges that help clarify about how challenging they really are.

  • Daily Challenge ad wheels have rewards roughly in line with Chapter 8
  • Enemy health seems comparatively easy
  • Enemy damage seems to be dynamic, scaling to your health, making it similarly difficult for players of all strengths

I believe this was their way of making the Daily Challenges approachable for everyone. Low health make them fairly achievable for most players, and scaling damage ensures this even more. Furthermore, because they are so valuable, it's likely worth it even if you cannot complete it all and can only make it half way or 75% through.

"Hallow's Eve" Chapter Loot

A single play-through of the Daily Challenge yielded 65 sapphires!
A single play-through of the Daily Challenge yielded 65 sapphires!

Why You Should Play Daily Challenges

As alluded to before, these Daily Challenges feature incredibly good loot, often as high as 3 or 4 times more than a regular Chapter. They really should be the thing you play daily if nothing else. To elaborate more on the loot, here is what each features:

  • The "Xmas Carnival" Challenge drops a medium-high amount of coins, a ton of Sapphires, and grants a very high amount of experience. This makes it significantly better than the previous "Hallow's Eve" Challenge and well worth the 10 energy.
  • The "Flying Bullets" Challenge drops a normal level of coins, zero sapphires, but a very high number of scrolls and a high rate of gear often dropping 3 or even 4 pieces in a run. It can even drop more than 80 scrolls in a single run!
  • The "Up-close Dangers" Challenge drops a ton of coins, often above 25,000, and a very high amount of experience. However, it does not drop scrolls, gear, or sapphires.
  • [REMOVED] The "Hallow's Eve" Challenge drops a fairly normal amount of coins and a noteworthy high amount of sapphires, often above 50. However, it will not drop scrolls or gear.

It's certainly not a coincidence that a full clear of your available Daily Challenges will take your entire bar of 20 energy. If you only play once in a day, you should spend that energy on these challenges. We all get too busy sometimes to be able to spend much time playing games, and this is a great way to make meaningful progress in a short amount of time.

Questions & Answers

  • When playing Archero, why are flying bullets and up-close dangers always locked for me? I'm at chapter 10.

    If both are locked at the same time I suspect you might be experiencing a pretty nasty bug and might need to reach out to Habby. They should be alternating and both available on Sundays.

  • Why I can't play the Flying Bullets daily challenge in Archero?

    Flying Bullets and Up-Close Dangers alternate daily, with (I believe) Sunday [Singaporean time] being the one day they are both available


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