"Archero" Daily Login Gift Guide

Updated on March 19, 2020
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Daily Login Gift Guide

Earning daily rewards is simple, but there's a few things you should know.
Earning daily rewards is simple, but there's a few things you should know.

Daily Login Gifts in 'Archero'

As of March 2020, Archero now features a Daily Login Gifts feature! It is accessible from the main chapter selection screen. All you have to do is tap the icon below the Daily Pack icon in the top left portion of the screen in order to access your Daily Login Gifts.

How it Works

If you have a Daily Login Gift available the main menu icon will have a red exclamation point on it. If so, simply tap the icon to go to the gift list and claim your reward! Unlike other features, there are no advertisement integrations or gem spend opportunities to claim or enhance rewards. However, it's not unlikely this would be built in the future so I would expect changes at some point.

There is some nuance to specifically how the calendar increments. Different games have different mechanics in this respect, and Archero has decided on their own spin.

  • Rewards aren't strictly daily, but rather you can claim a new reward every 24 hours.
  • Claiming a reward starts a 24 hour timer until the next reward is claimable. Unfortunately this means it'll eventually get difficult to claim a reward every day as your claim time slowly gets later and later only to have to reset in the following morning. It's best to try and be as habitual as possible with this.
  • Each claimed reward, upon claiming, will grant you that day and move you to the next. For example, if you claim your day 3 gift, then don't play for 4 days, and claim a new reward, you will claim your day 4 gift.
  • Leaving a reward unclaimed will not reset your progress or penalize you in any way.
  • It is not currently known what happens at the end of the reward list. Either a new list will automatically begin, or Archero developers have to push out a new updated list similar to how seasons work.

There are certainly a few questions to sort out with this feature in the coming weeks.

Available Rewards

Currently there are 15 days worth of rewards and they are quite good! In fact, they total in value to be over 3000 gems worth! They vary by day, but generally span a wide variety of reward types. Not all days are created equally and several of them are noticeable larger than others. In particular day 7 and day 15 have very valuable rewards. Days 4 and 11 are pretty good as well. If you claim every day, in total you'll earn:

  • 700 total Gems
  • 2 Obsidian Keys
  • 4 Golden Keys
  • 70 Sapphires
  • 15 Energy
  • 1 Random Common Spirit
  • 100 Total Scrolls

Of course, the gems and chests keys are the most useful of that value. The sapphires and scrolls aren't all that useful given they aren't restrictive in the endgame and you'll likely just have a huge stockpile.

For a total list of the rewards by day, refer to the table below.

Daily Login Gifts

20 Gems, 10 Energy
100 Gems, 1 Golden Key, 5 Energy
20 Gems, 10 Weapon Scrolls
50 Gems, 1 Random Common Spirit, 10 Spirit Scrolls
20 Gems, 10 Armor Scrolls
20 Gems, 10 Ring Scrolls
100 Gems, 1 Obsidian Key, 20 Sapphires
30 Gems, 15 Weapon Scrolls
1 Golden Key, 10 Sapphires
30 Gems, 15 Armor Scrolls
50 Gems, 1 Golden Key, 10 Sapphires
30 Gems, 15 Ring Scrolls
1 Golden Key, 10 Sapphires
30 Gems, 15 Spirit Scrolls
1 Obsidian Key, 200 Gems, 20 Sapphires

Claiming Rewards on the Login Gifts Screen

Notice the 24 hour cooldown
Notice the 24 hour cooldown

Final Thoughts

This is a wonderful addition to Archero and the developers were certainly not shy with the rewards. For no effort at all, not even watching an ad, they've injected more value than many other systems in the game. Thinking about other features such as the daily pack for watching an ad, the value for beating new chapters, or even the value of doing daily challenges or clearing a mission, the value from this system is great given how easy it is. I'm not a fan of the 24 hour timer, and would rather it simply be a once a day check-in, but I'm also glad you don't have to worry about missing a day.

It will be very important to see how they handle the timing of this. Will day 16 reset the calendar? Will a new one automatically start? Will the calendar end and we'll need to wait for a new one from the developers? This will have more consequences to ultimately how valuable this feature is, but thus far there is nothing to complain about.


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