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"Archero" Daily Quests Guide

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Daily Quest Guide


Daily Quests in "Archero"

Daily Quests not only offer meaningful bonus rewards for completing otherwise normal tasks, they now push forward the Battle Pass and even influence the July 2020 1st Anniversary event. This makes completing them crucial for maximizing progress. As such, completing the rewards track for the day is a goal any dedicated archer should have. This guide will cover the best ways to go about doing that. The basic structure is to complete quests and earn XP. This XP fills a bar and for each 20 XP you earn, you will unlock 1 reward up to 100 total XP. Quests grant 10 to 20 XP each.

Additionally, you need to know that the quests operate on the game's server time, which is 9 a.m. PDT or midnight Singaporean time. After this point, your Daily Quests are reset and you must begin completing tasks again.

Completing Tasks

All the tasks are very normal activities in the game, you'll like completely half the list without even thinking about it. However, you have to go to the Daily Quests page by hitting the icon that looks like a scroll on the main screen. It will have a red exclamation point icon on it if you have an unclaimed quest. Claim the XP, and your progress will move forward. If you unlock a reward, tap the chest on the screen to claim it.

For a rundown of all available quests, check out the table below.

Daily Quest List


Login to the game


Claim or Purchase Daily Pack 1 time


Open a Gold Chest 1 time


Play 2 Normal Stages


Play 2 Event Mode stages


Upgrade equipment 1 time


Upgrade Hero 1 time


Purchase 1 time


Buy or Watch Video 1 time for Energy


Play 2 Stage in Expedition


Forge Runes 1 time


Play 1 Hero Stage


Claim Offline Rewards 1 time


Open an Obsidian Chest 1 time


Fuse 1 Equipment


Daily Quests Screenshot

A screenshot of a normal day's list of activities.

A screenshot of a normal day's list of activities.


The rewards for completing Daily Quests don't feature anything overly rare or valuable, but they are a nice addition to what you're otherwise already receiving for playing the game.

Rewards include things such as:

Also, different points in the track will have different rewards, currently, the rewards are:

  • 20 XP: 25,000 normal experience
  • 40 XP: 10 gems
  • 60 XP: 1 green flask, 50,000 normal experience
  • 80 XP: 10 gems, 2 green flasks
  • 100 XP: 20 gems, 1 golden key

These rewards have changed before and will likely change again so keep an eye on what you're getting.

Efficient Ways to Complete your Dailies

Given you can earn a total XP of 190, but only get rewards for the first 100, you may want to look at the best ways of completing that track to make sure you maximize your rewards per day even if you don't plan on playing a lot.

To complete your Daily Quests as quickly as possible without spending any gems, but with watching ads, complete the following:

  • Log in to the game
  • View an ad to receive your Daily Pack
  • Open a Gold Chest via an ad
  • Upgrade 1 piece of equipment
  • Upgrade a Hero once
  • Watch an ad for 5 extra energy (by hitting the plus icon on your energy bar)
  • Forge runes a single time
  • Claim your offline rewards
  • Fuse 1 piece of equipment
  • Play 2 expedition stages or 1 Hero stage

You can replace playing the game with opening an Obsidian Chest or making a purchase if you wish to be as fast as possible.

If you wish to minimize spending currencies, and avoid viewing any ads, do the following:

  • Log in to the game
  • Play 2 Normal stages
  • Play 2 Event Mode stages
  • Play 1 Hero stage
  • Play 2 Expedition stages
  • Claim Offline Rewards
  • Forge 1 Runes or Upgrade 1 piece of Equipment
  • Fuse 1 Equipment

Overall it's quite easy to complete your dailies based on whatever preference you have. As long as you have some time to play and some currencies for some upgrades, you'll easily get all 100 XP necessary to claim all the rewards.

Final Thoughts

You certainly won't get rich off doing Daily Quests. However, it's a nice bonus on top of the rewards for doing activities you're likely already doing. Plus, given you have many options and ways of achieving all the rewards, this really doesn't leave much of a burden on you. It's pretty much free extra rewards as long as you remember to go to your Daily Quests screen and claim them.