"Archero" Dismantle Guide

Updated on November 25, 2019
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Dismantle Guide

Exchange unwanted gear for coins and scrolls!
Exchange unwanted gear for coins and scrolls!

Dismantling Gear in "Archero"

As of late November, 2019, Archero now allows players to dismantle, and thus destroy, gear they own in exchange for resources. Dismantling a piece of gear will grant the following:

  • A refund of invested coins/scrolls
  • A base coin value determined by the rarity of the dismantled gear piece
  • A base scroll value determined by the rarity of the dismantled gear piece

A highly requested feature, this allows players to get rid of unwanted gear for a refund of resources and then use those resources to make further more targeted investments in their gear.

To dismantle an item, simply click an item in your inventory and find the "Dismantle" button in the top left corner of the gear dialogue. There is a confirmation step after selecting it that will tell you how many coins and scrolls you will receive.

"Archero" Gear Dismantle Confirmation

The Economics of Dismantle

The formula for the amount of resources you get for dismantling a piece of gear is fairly simple. You will receive:

  • 100% refund of all invested coins and scrolls.
  • 500 coins per common value of the gear piece. This means a common will grant 500 coins, a great will grant 1500, rare will grant 4500, etc.
  • 2 scrolls per common value of the gear piece, scaling the same as coins with higher rarities.

The value is overall quite low with the coins being only worth 2-4 gems and the scrolls worth 15-30 gems. Though you should remember that scrolls are not very restrictive and you'll end up with far more scrolls than you need relatively quickly.

Refer below for a table clarifying how much you will receive.

Dismantle Table

Perfect Epic
Cannot Dismantle
Cannot Dismantle
Cannot Dismantle
Cannot Dismantle
Plus 100% of all resources invested into the gear by leveling.

Archero Dismantle Chart


Overall the base values of gear are fairly low. If you consider all of the loot you earn by farming a given chapter and add in dismantling unwanted commons to that loot pile, you ultimately end up barely impacting your earn rates. It's clearly not intended to impact the economy much.

Consider a simple example farming chapter 6 for 10 total runs. Your expected loot from 10 Chapter 6 runs would be roughly:

  • 60,000 Coins
  • 235 Scrolls
  • 112 Sapphires
  • 7 Pieces of Gear

Assuming you only want 3 piece of those gear drops and the other 4 are dismantled you end up pulling in an extra 2,000 Coins and 8 Scrolls. This is a comparatively tiny increase in your grind rate and overall will not have a large impact on your economy. As such I recommend the following for dismantling gear:

  • Do not dismantle everything you don't use. You never know what features or changes will be made to the game and you may need to switch gear. Dismantling anything you're not currently using will make switching impossible in the future. However, a few things stick out as reasonable options such as Spirits you don't plan on using or Rings you never use as they don't have a huge impact on your gameplay anyway and have the same dismantle coin value.
  • Dismantling gear types when you reach Legendary of that type is likely fine. It's possible the developers will add a rarity above Legendary at some point so if you're cautious about this perhaps it's wise to keep extra gear around or maybe just weapons.
  • Dismantling to refund invested coins/scrolls you placed in an item you never use is probably fairly wise. The dismantle value is low but earning that plus all the resources you invested can help you make meaningful progress elsewhere. It is a shame you lose the gear but it's more worth the risk of regretting it later given you will access more resources than just dismantling a level 1 gear piece. Another alternative here is fusing that gear piece up another rarity but doing so INTO a level 1 piece of gear rather than fusing the level 1 gear pieces into the higher piece. This is a preferred solution but isn't always available.

Overall this features adds some fluidity to the game economy that can be quite useful. However, remember that it is a negative exchange, the gear piece you're dismantling is worth more than the resources you get from it. Just be aware you're risking the option to switch gear in exchange for the resources so generally I personally plan to only use dismantling a little bit and keep my options open for the future.

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