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"Archero" Egg Hatchery and Farm Guide

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Everything you need to know about these curious little eggs now dropping in "Archero."

Everything you need to know about these curious little eggs now dropping in "Archero."

Monster Farming Has Arrived?

Archero update 2.6 for the holiday season brings a curious new addition to the game in the form of hatching monster eggs to build a monster farm. It's certainly a deviation from the types of content we've received before, but it's also sure to add a new twist to the game as well as some additional ways to improve your character's power.

How It Works – Hatching Eggs

In order to build your own monster farm, first you need to find an egg. Eggs don't have a very high drop rate, but do drop in any normal or hero mode game. Eggs can drop in special events, though it's not clear if any event is capable of dropping them.

You'll see the egg pop out like normal loot and collect it just as you would a piece of gear. However, if it's your first egg, upon completing the run you'll be taken into the hatchery where you'll see your new baby and be able to begin hatching and confirm hatching requirements. Hatching requires killing a set number of that specific type of monster. However, as of update 2.9, eggs now also increment with time. If you don't wish to chase down killing a lot of a specific monster you can just wait! If you're unsure where to find them, tap the egg and you'll find a dialogue where you can see what chapters you'll find the monster in as well as recommended chapters that have a higher appearance rate. It's worth noting that some places may have that monster, but it won't be listed because kills in that mode aren't tracked. For example, Hero Duo and Infinite Adventure do not appear to contribute to kill counts.

Until you've gotten your first egg drop, the system won't be unlocked or be visible to you. After receiving your first drop, you will have an Egg icon on the lower half left side of your screen while on the main page (above the Hero Mode button.)

Currently, you can hatch 4 eggs at the same time (but 2 require gem purchases) which is useful because they do take a while to hatch due to their fairly high hatch requirements. You can still collect and hold more eggs even if you're already hatching the maximum, you'll just have to wait until you have an open spot to start it.

How It Works – Farm

After hatching your monster, you can view it roaming around your farm. There are separate farms for regular monsters and bosses.

Unfortunately, you can't interact with your monsters—just watch them move around. Instead, the farm seems to have a 2 purposes. You can complete quests for monsters you have in your farm to unlock perks or claim daily drops of random rewards.

Farm Daily Drops

After its initial release, a new type of mechanic was added to the farm to make it a bit more useful every single day.

Each day, for each monster you have in your farm, there is a chance to spawn a special bonus. These bonus could be:

  • Monster Poop
  • Symbol (Looks like a hole in the ground)
  • Stones
  • Lucky Machine
  • Exchange

Monster Poop, Symbols, and Stones will give you coins or gems. What's particularly great about it is that the coins are based on your Hero Patrol rate and can grant 2, 3, or even 12 hours of coin rewards. This helps solve a particularly awkward problem in that upgrading your Hero Patrol can take weeks and even months to pay back the coins spent in upgrading. With this added bonus, those time periods cut back significantly!

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Lucky Machines are effectively a slot machine allowing you to pay gems to earn random rewards. They most often feature a single type of hero shard so it's worth keeping an eye out for the ones you want.

The exchange allows you to pay 1 currency plus gems for another currency. Sometimes it's lame like trading scrolls for other scrolls, but can be valuable like trading scrolls for hero shards at a comparatively discounted rate!

Monster Quests

You can view the quests and your progress against them while on the farm screen by clicking the monster icon on the bottom. It will bring up a dialogue that tells you what stats you've unlocked, your progress versus the monster quests, and again where to find and defeat that specific monster type.

You unlock monster specific perks such as being able to reduce damage taken from and increase damage dealt to monsters you have in your farm. This is done by completing their quests.

  1. After hatching a monster, you can view it in your farm
  2. From your farm, you can view and complete quests for your monsters
  3. Quests involve killing more of that monster type
  4. Quests unlock damage reduction versus that monster type and/or increase damage dealt to that monster type

Example: Wasp

  • Quest 1: Damage received from Wasps reduced by 5%, requires 1200 Wasp kills
  • Quest 2: Damage dealt to Wasps increased by 5%, requires 2800 Wasp kills.

Quest progress occurs simultaneously, meaning for the Wasp example that you only need a total of 2800 Wasp kills to complete both quests. You can also progress quests of multiple monsters at the same time.

Wasp Quest Progress in the Farm

Wasp Quest Progress in the Farm

Daily Visits

Added in August 2021, players can visit other player's hatcheries and speed up their hatching process. Doing so grants the player 1 energy per monster sped up allowing the player to earn up to 4 energy per visit. Each player has 5 visits per day but can earn more by watching ads. Additionally, players can clear drops from the other players farm seemingly at no actual cost to the other player. Interestingly, there are even some unique drops that can only be seen by other players including a golden egg that may grant you a new egg of your own.

Visiting Another Player's Hatchery and Finding a Golden Egg


How It Works - Monster Book

Added in update 2.9, the Monster Book is a completely new system attached to finding and hatching eggs.

The shortest explanation is that up to 4 (2 unlocked with gems) hatched monsters can be assigned to player slots, granting them bonus stats. Monsters can also be trained to higher star levels to increase those stats. Training requires coins but also duplicates of that monster. That means as of update 2.9 you can now earn duplicate egg drops, and that is essential to training your monsters.

Final Thoughts

While it's a strange addition to the game, overall I'm slightly positive about it. I appreciate that it's a new twist and it's a little more than another stat sheet with a currency. It's mildly nice to see my monsters and the idea of hatching more of them is also mildly amusing. That being said, the system is fairly light in terms of what it could be and there are a few oddities in it. Regardless, a mechanic to slightly buff yourself versus a specific enemy type is something interesting and this may make farming levels you repeat a lot a bit easier to do with enough time and effort.

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