"Archero" Endless Mode Hero Adventure Guide

Updated on March 19, 2020
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Endless Mode Guide

The Endless Mode "Hero Adventure" Guide
The Endless Mode "Hero Adventure" Guide

Endless Mode in 'Archero'

In March 2020 as a part of update 1.4, Archero has added and Endless Mode labeled as Hero Adventure. This mode can be found in the Events tab of Archero similar to the Daily Challenges like Up-Close Dangers or Flying Bullets.

Endless Mode is generally exactly as it sounds in that it allows a player to play an infinite number of rooms. The mode starts off incredibly easily, and escalates in difficulty over time. The beginning is similar to Act 1 in difficulty and features similar rooms and enemies. As the player progresses, rooms and enemies shift throughout the acts as the difficulty climbs. A player can work through hundreds of rooms in this way!

You can play this mode once per day it is available for 15 energy, and it costs 100 gems to refresh it for a second play-through. It rotates every other day similar to the other events. If you're patient and strong, I would generally say that refresh cost is worth it because this mode is pretty good!

Endless Mode Screenshots

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Endless "Hero Adventure" mode available in the Events tab.It will show your record!
Endless "Hero Adventure" mode available in the Events tab.
Endless "Hero Adventure" mode available in the Events tab.
It will show your record!
It will show your record!


The rewards in Endless Mode vary a bit from standard play. You can earn the following drops:

  • Coins
  • Sapphires
  • Experience (Seemingly pretty good)
  • Scrolls (Locket or Bracelet Scrolls)
  • Items (Common Locket or Bracelet drops)
    These items drop from bosses.

The primary thing that makes this mode valuable for your character progression is the Locket and Bracelet drops. These items have reduced drop rates in chests and are thus more difficult to accumulate and upgrade. Playing Endless Mode can generate quite a few drops of these items and can help even out your collection which is most certainly going to be more geared towards other equipment types.

Scrolls and Sapphires generally become not-restrictive pretty quickly and aren't an important thing to farm in the end game. The Coins are very valuable, and it's a bit below what you would otherwise get for 15 energy, but the amount isn't terrible either.

Overall I would categorize this mode as highly rewarding and very valuable, especially if you're an end-game user with Ancient Legendary gear but still sitting on lower rarity Lockets and Bracelets.

Endless Mode Rewards

Rewards can be pretty good in this mode, but given it's 15 energy they should be. The biggest value is the exclusive Locket and Bracelet drops.
Rewards can be pretty good in this mode, but given it's 15 energy they should be. The biggest value is the exclusive Locket and Bracelet drops.

Endless Mechanics

There are a few unique things you need to know about the mechanics of Endless Mode.

  1. You can use 3 heroes. You enter with your normal selected hero, and upon dying you can choose another hero from your list to use. Upon dying again, you can choose and play a 3rd final hero.
  2. You will encounter a "Mysterious Magician" at the beginning of the run which will enable a modifier to your run. These modifiers could be various buffs or debuffs. You can re-roll the modifier a limited number of times before you accept them though later re-rolls may require ads. You cannot go back to a previous modifier after a re-roll.
  3. You will encounter the "Mysterious Magician" more times through-out the run where he will grant you offensive or defensive buffs lasting a limited number of rooms and occasionally actual skills.

That's the majority of the new stuff that is happening in Endless Mode. But there are a few things to take note. You still get to a maximum of level 11, having earned 10 total skills. However, Angels will continue to appear throughout the run offering healing or stat buffs, so you will continue to power up over time even after you max out. Furthermore, due to the nature of the mode, buffs that trigger on clearing a room without taking damage and immensely powerful.

Mysterious Magician

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This is the modifier for the run.This is a temporary buff received mid-run.You can even get free skills!
This is the modifier for the run.
This is the modifier for the run.
This is a temporary buff received mid-run.
This is a temporary buff received mid-run.
You can even get free skills!
You can even get free skills!

Final Thoughts

Overall Endless Mode feels like a positive introduction to the game. While it does take a long time to work through and much of that time is on excessively easy content, it does consume 15 energy and grant you very high value rewards in exchange for that time. More skilled and more powerful players will get more bang for their buck out of this system so it is likely most effective for players able to get above 100 floors. Regardless, it's certainly fun to have a new challenge and the exclusive drops are an unexpected benefit.


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