"Archero" Equipment Types, Perks, and Upgrades Guide

Updated on November 13, 2019
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Equipment Guide

Equipment in Archero

Equipment is the primary way to make your character stronger in Archero and the main thing you'll be focusing on after unlocking the system. It is not unlocked by default, but does unlock pretty quickly. The perk system is the only other way to power up outside of a run and is generally minor in comparison to the stats and perks earned from powering up equipment.

Equipment Types and Perks

Your Archero character can hold 6 pieces of equipment. The following is a complete list of the types and what they do.

Weapons (Find the tier list here)

  • Tornado: Often considered the best weapon, this weapon pierces enemies and bounces back to you. Has fast attack speed and a 20% damage penalty.
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Does bonus damage while returning to you.
  • Saw Blade: Very fast attack speed weapon but also has a 20% damage penalty.
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Attack speed boost for 3 seconds upon entering a room
  • Brave Bow: All-around decent weapon.
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Critical damage +50%
  • Death Scythe: Low attack speed, knocks back enemies but has a 45% damage buff.
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Can execute enemies with less than 30% hp.

All weapons gain +5% attack at Blue/Rare tier.


  • Vest of Dexterity: +7% Dodge
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Deals lightning damage to nearby enemies. (Note: This is the only perk and effect that scales with attack-up perks earned while in-game)
  • Void Robe: 10% Collision Damage Resistance
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Poisons all enemies in the room
  • Golden Chestplate: 5% Damage Resistance
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Deals fire damage to nearby enemies
  • Phantom Cloak: 10% Projectile Resistance
  • Purple/Epic Perk: Freezes and deals damage to enemies that hit you.
    Note: As of October 2019, the thorns damage perk does not work. However, the freeze triggering on-hit does and lasts for quite a bit of time.

Armor gains 20% increased healing from Red Heart at Blue/Rare tier. (Sidenote: This increased healing actually only impacts the Talent "Recover". For more information on Healing, check out my full guide.


  • Bear Ring: Damage to ground units
    • Blue/Rare Perk: Max HP +5%
  • Serpent Ring: Damage to ranged units
    • Blue/Rare Perk: Dodge +7%
  • Wolf Ring: Damage to melee units.
    • Blue/Rare Perk: Crit chance +5%
  • Falcon Ring: Damage to airborne units
    • Blue/Rare Perk: Attack speed +5%

Rings gain 10% bonus coins from battle at Purple/Epic tier.


  • Laser Bat: Pierces obstacles, after a brief delay fires an instant traveling beam.
  • Scythe Mage: Pierces enemies,
  • Elf: Fires projectiles, high attack speed
  • Living Bomb: Deals splash damage, low attack speed

All Spirits gain +20% Spirit crit chance at Blue/Rare tier and +10% Spirit damage at Purple/Epic tier.

Upgrading Equipment Levels

You can power up equipment by increasing it's level. To do so, you pay in both coins and scrolls. Coins and scrolls are earned by playing dungeons. Coins can also be purchased in the store but scrolls can only be purchased by running into the Mysterious Vendor during a run.

Leveling up equipment will strictly increase it's stats, unlock fusing equipment to create a higher tier which will unlock perks as well. However, it's important to note that higher rarity equipment will gain more stats per level.

The coins cost for upgrading equipment is:

  • Gear level * 200 from levels 1-25
  • 500 more coins per level from levels 26-35, up to a maximum of 9,500 coins to go from 54 to 55.
  • 1000 more coins per level from levels 36-45, up to a maximum of 19,000 coins to go from 54 to 55.
  • 2000 more coins per level from levels 46-55, up to a maximum of 38,000 coins to go from 54 to 55.
  • 5000 more coins per level from levels 56-60, up to a maximum of 60,000 coins to go from 59 to 60.

Note: To fully upgrade a piece of gear from level 1 to level 60, it costs 817,500 coins and 3561 scrolls.

Refer to the table below for scroll costs:

Scroll Costing for Upgrades


Equipment Fusing and Perks

Another major way to upgrade your equipment is to fuse it into higher rarities. By fusing your equipment, you can increase its rarity which is denoted by different colors. Equipment unlocks special perks (found above) at Green, Blue, or Purple rarities. The rarities are:

  • Grey/Common
  • Green/Great
  • Blue/Rare
  • Purple/Epic
  • Purple with Gold Accents/Perfect Epic
  • Gold/Legendary

In order to fuse equipment, you need to fuse 2 pieces of the same equipment type and rarity into a 3rd piece. The level of the fused or fusing equipment does not impact fusing. So you can fuse 2 greys into another grey to create a green, then 2 greens into another green to create a blue, etc. Note, increasing the rarity tier also increases the maximum level to which you can upgrade gear.

Besides unlocking perks, fusing equipment also increases that equipment's stats in two different ways:

  • Stat growth per level (usually) increases with rarity
  • A flat bonus is granted per rarity increase

Between upgrading and fusing, these are the primary ways to progress your strength. For more information on farming to maximize how quickly you can do this, check out my other guide.

Refer to the below chart for details on the stat changes.

Stat Bonuses by Rarity by Equipment Type

+20 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+80 HP flat / +5 more HP per level
+5 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+20 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+20 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+80 HP flat / +5 more HP per level
+5 attack flat
+20 attack flat
+30 attack flat / +2 more attack per level
+120 HP flat / +5 more HP per level
+10 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+30 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
Purple w/ Yellow / Perfect Epic
+30 attack flat / +2 more attack per level
+120 HP flat / +10 more HP per level
+10 attack flat
+30 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+50 attack flat / +2 more attack per level
+200 HP flat / +10 more HP per level
+10 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
+50 attack flat / +1 more attack per level
It's important to note that level growth can vary, they appear to round fractional values. For example, an upgrade to a Blue ring may sometimes grant 4 stats, but also sometimes grant 5. This is usually driven by the Enhance Equipment perk that modif

Equipment Fusion

Unlocking an Epic perk on a Void Robe.
Unlocking an Epic perk on a Void Robe.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you've found this guide useful in helping you optimize your gear progress. Managing your gear properly is one of the most important things to do in order to progress the quickest. If you've found this guide useful, I recommend checking out my Hero Guide to pick the right Heroes or my Hero Growth Guide to figure out how to invest Sapphires in them as efficiently as possible.

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