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"Archero" Expedition Guide

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Expedition Guide

Everything you need to know about the mode in the 2.0 update for the 1-year anniversary.

Everything you need to know about the mode in the 2.0 update for the 1-year anniversary.

Expedition Mode

The expedition mode has been added to Archero in the 2.0 update. It's one of the marquee features for the massive Archero 1-year anniversary release and brings a lot to the game, offering a new way to play and a significant as well as new structure of rewards.

You can find the expedition mode near the bottom right portion of the screen, just to the right of the normal play button.

Expedition mode

The button is on the main screen next to the standard play button

The button is on the main screen next to the standard play button

How it Works

The expedition mode is a tower of single Archero rooms featuring a new energy system that looks like a green flask and is separate from normal energy. Beating a room grants you rewards and moves you another room upwards. It differs from a chapter in the normal mode because each room is stand-alone. Your progress is permanent, losing in a room does not reset you to the beginning, instead you have to try defeating that room again and cannot play previous rooms. You also do not have a normal character level in expedition, instead you get 1 random skill selection as normal, but then an additional skill selection of 4 or 5 skills from a list of 6. These skills only last for the single room, and you get new skills when you go to the next room. Furthermore, each room has some random positive or negative modifiers attached, slightly adjusting the optimal strategies and challenges you may face. To summarize, expedition mode:

  • Is a tower of stand-alone Archero rooms
  • Is forward-progress only, you cannot replay rooms you've already beaten
  • Features a new and separate energy system from normal
  • Grants 5-6 skills to use in a room, resetting at the end of each room
  • Features positive or negative modifiers in each room, you can see them by clicking the "i" button to view the stage report.

As a side note, the maximum room count as of July 2020 appears to be 300 according to Reddit user Jmas044.

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Green Flasks in Expedition Mode

The new energy system that is used in expedition mode is slightly different and thus deserves a bit of its own attention.

  • The new energy looks like a round-bottom flask filled with green liquid and plugged with a cork. It's reminiscent of a potion bottle.
  • It does not function as normal energy, your balance is only reduced by a loss. In this respect, it's more like a 'lives' mechanic than an 'energy' mechanic.
  • You can hold 10 of them at once, failing consumes 1 flask.
  • Flasks regenerate each day based on the server time similar to other daily resets.
  • Flasks, like energy, can be granted as rewards in other systems.

Rewards in Expedition Mode

Expedition mode features a new reward structure with some existing rewards being granted in new ways and a brand new reward as well.

  • Each defeated room grants a small amount of rewards such as experience, gold, and scrolls.
  • Every 5th room is enhanced, granting gems and an all new buff to the time reward system. Every 5th room defeated grants an additional 2% runes from time reward!
  • Roughly every 15th room is a boss room, granting even better rewards, including gear drops of higher rarity! You can even get epic items from these levels!

Overall, the rewards are quite significant and I highly recommend you to push as much as you can as quickly as you can. In particular, an enhancement to your rune drop rate in the time reward is better the quicker you get it!

Stage 60 Rewards

Such great rewards!

Such great rewards!


Expedition mode is great! The rewards are wonderful, and the mode itself is fun. It allows the player to enjoy a meaningful Archero experience in incredibly short sessions and for that I really appreciate it. An unfortunately build doesn't last for more than a few minutes and moving upwards grants higher rarity gear and permanent time reward upgrades, what more can I ask for?

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