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"Archero" Farming Guide

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"Archero" Farming Guide

Everything you need to know about farming items.

Everything you need to know about farming items.

Farming in "Archero"

Archero can be a very grindy game. Later chapters, particularly chapter 7, can be so difficult you'll need to power up your equipment significantly. It's generally said that chapter 7 becomes fairly achievable at the point of having all epic gear or rare gear with a lot of luck and skill. A single piece of epic gear requires 27 commons plus of course all the coins and scrolls required to max it out. When you only get gear at random, this can take a long time. Now considering that a perfect epic is 81 commons and a legendary is 243 commons, knowing how to best farm for gear and other resources can significantly reduce the time required to hit these benchmarks. Furthermore, with gear requirements as heavy as this, easy and quick options for farming can make this process much easier.

How You Should Farm

How you should be farming items in Archero depends heavily on your preferences. Many people aim to farm something simple, easy, and short that doesn't require a lot of mental overheard to complete. In this case, players are optimizing for time and ease of completion. Others want to make the most out of their energy, earning every item they possibly can, even if it makes farming more challenging. Some just want to go "afk" in the middle of a room and call it a day.

I refer to these different farming strategies as:

  • Lazy: Able to complete with minimal effort, and when strong enough do-able with only checking back on the screen to move from room to room. Preferably the fastest to complete chapters. May sacrifice total item count in exchange for the speed and ease of competition.
  • Normal: The happy medium, will optimize for the best drop rates without facing something that is too challenging or runs the risk of failure that could ultimately lower grind rates.
  • Patient: Trying to make the most out of every run, optimizing for the highest item counts even if it means it takes the most time and is the most challenging. Will risk failing a run and ending up with a lower grind rate to pursue the best drops possible.

How you farm is generally up to how much time you have, how much energy you have, and to what degree you want to pay attention to the game.

What You Should Farm

There are 5 things you could farm to increase your character's strength:

  • Gear
  • Scrolls
  • Coins
  • Experience
  • Sapphires

Every chapter after 3 grants all 5 of these, but not all chapters are made equal nor are all 5 of these things! It's important to note that gear is the most important thing to get! Unless you're spending hundreds of dollars on microtransactions, you will end getting all the coins and scrolls you need to upgrade gear long before you reach the max gear levels, particularly with the Time Reward feature. This means that farming for coins and scrolls is a short-term strategy. For example, you hit a lucky epic weapon from an Obsidian Chest but you need to level it up and are short coins and scrolls. You're best off focusing on gear to move towards perfect epic as quickly as possible, but in the short-term focusing on coins and scrolls lets you max that weapon out so you can hopefully push through the next chapter with it.

"Archero" Farming Chart

These may vary a bit by your preferences, hero level, equipment, and skills but it is a good rule of thumb to follow.

These may vary a bit by your preferences, hero level, equipment, and skills but it is a good rule of thumb to follow.

Farming Locations by Your Strength

The favored farming locations are:

  • Chapter 3 for lower level or lazy users due to it's quick and easy nature.
  • Chapter 6 due to the similarities to Chapter 3 but higher drop rates and still easily beatable for people with Great or Rare gear.
  • Hero 3 which is also a wave chapter. It is a bit more challenging than Chapter 6 though and seems to have no major advantages.
  • Chapter 7 is often cited as being very quick to beat for those looking to use up their daily ad spins or grab Sapphires, however the drop rate for gear is so abysmally low I recommend avoiding it. Though, if you have Legendary gear already, it can be a great way to burn down energy quickly as it is considerably faster than Chapter 6.
  • Hero Mode Chapter 6 and 7 and simply upgraded versions of their normal counterparts. They appear to drop the same amount of gear, but roughly 50% additional coins, scrolls, and sapphires. Hero Chapter 6 is slightly easier than Chapter 10, and is AFK farmable with Bonnie at about 5,000 attack and 18,000 health. Hero Chapter 7 is very easy to farm at this point, but is likely not AFK farmable until closer to 6,000 attack and 20,000 health due to a few difficult bosses in the mix.

Generally, all the wave chapters are the best to farm because they take way less time despite other chapters sometimes having more loot. Farming any of the 3 chapters mentioned above has its own advantages.

For very high users who are sitting on Perfect Epic gear or high-level Heroes, options start to open up. Chapters 8+ have incredibly high drop rates for scrolls and coins but don't seem to have dramatically increased gear drop rates. Plus they are much more difficult to consistently beat, so be careful if you wish to farm in those locations.

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Chapter Drop Rates

It can take a lot of data to get a good sense of drop rates in chapters, but in the table below I will provide my data thus far. The general takeaway is that as of update 1.2.3 in September 2019, Chapter 6 is a great chapter for farming but Chapter 3 remains a good option. Early data indicates that while previously Hero 3 had significantly higher gear drop rates than Chapter 6 and 3, now they are all roughly the same at nearly 60% chance of gear dropped per run.

This means that Chapter 3 might be the ideal place to farm due to it being incredibly easy, though you'll get many more scrolls in Chapter 6.

Farming Data - Update 1.2.7+

Habby has adjusted the drop rates several times, but seem to have kept it stable after update 1.2.7.

* - This variance may due to a limited number of runs I have on Chapter 10 so I'm uncertain if Chapter 10 actually drops more gear of if all the wav






















Hero 6





Farming Sapphires

In late October 2019, a Hero Growth system was added to Archero along with a new currency called Sapphires. These Sapphires could be used in combination with Coins to level up a hero, granting them stats and perks. Check out my full guide here.

When it comes to farming Sapphires, there are a few things you should know:

  • Sapphire drop rates steadily increase every Chapter, so do get the most Sapphires per energy, do the highest Chapter you can beat. This is, of course, if you have already done the Daily Challenge.
  • Many people recommend farming Chapter 7. While it is a fast way to get Sapphires because it is short to complete the Chapter if you're strong enough, it is not a great way to farm. You get roughly as many Sapphires as you would for completing Chapter 6, but a significantly lower chance to get gear. Plus, no Mysterious Vendors, including ones that sell Sapphires for coins. I only recommend farming Chapter 7 if you're really pinched on time or already have Legendary gear. Don't sacrifice your gear earn rates to save an extra minute or 2 on a Sapphire grind.
  • General farming strategies remain fairly stable. Chapter 3 if you're lazy, 6 if you want to pay a bit of attention, and 8 if you're patient. These may change as players get stronger from the Hero Growth system and start being able to consistently beat Chapter 10 through 12, but this is yet to be determined.

As for some early drop rate numbers, this is what I have so far:

  • Chapter 3: ~8 Sapphires per run
  • Chapter 6: ~11 Sapphires per run
  • Chapter 7: ~12 Sapphires per run
  • Chapter 8: ~15 Sapphires per run
  • Chapter 10: ~17 Sapphires per run
  • Chapter 12: ~23 Sapphires per run

Old Farming Data

This is from before update 1.2.3 so you can see just how much drop rates have changed.



























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Mexos on August 29, 2020:

You didn't talk about the epic bear ring, doesn't it give 10% item droprate bonus ? Can we have two of them equipped ?

Anon on February 16, 2020:

Have you also looked dat how long it takes you. I can easily do chapter 6 and it takes me on average 7 minutes. Chapter 7 takes me 4 minutes. Based on 20 runs I find that drops a minute both on gold and scrolls are much better on chapter 7 while gear drops is only slightly lower 0,12 drops a minute vs 0.105 a minute.

Bekz on November 05, 2019:

I think your level and reached chapter matters too because i cant relate at all to your drop rates

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