"Archero" Gem Spending Guide

Updated on September 15, 2019
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Gem Spending Guide

Gem Spending in "Archero"

While Archero is free to play, there are microtransactions in the game that allow you to purchase upgrades for your character. These purchases grant you stuff that you can otherwise earn in the game, but it can take a very long time to do so. These purchases are made via the game's premium currency, Gems. Gems can be earned or purchased, though your earn rate is fairly slow.

Gem Purchasing

Should you decide to purchase Gems, you need to decide how much you want to spend. Like many free to play games, the more you spend, the better the rate you will get. For example, if you spend $1 USD in Archero you will get 80 gems for that single dollar. If you spend $100, you will get 14,000 gems, or 140 gems per dollar spent. This is 73% more per dollar than buying at $1.

If you're price sensitive or want to manage your spending on games, a good sweet spot for you would be $10. You will get 1,200 gems, or 120 gems per dollar spent. Making it not quite as good as $100, but significantly better than the rate you get at $1.

It's important to note that some users, potentially as part of an A-B test, have slightly different price points. For example, instead of $19.99 for 2500 gems, they have $20.99 for 2500 gems. This affects a few of the price points as well as the Chapter offers.

Gem Purchases in "Archero"

Note: There are a group of people with slightly different pricing including a $20.99 price point for 2500 gems, and $104.99 price point for 14000 gems.

Farming for Gems

There isn't much of a great way to farm for gems, but there are 3 gems sources you should be aware of:

  • Daily ad rewards wheel
    5 times per day, you can watch an ad after spinning the boss wheel to spin a second wheel that will grant you coins or gems. The gem rewards are 10 or 20 gems in total, amounting to roughly 10 or 20 cents USD.
  • Level up gems
    Every time you level up you will earn 20 gems.
  • Chapter rewards
    A decent source of gems (and chests as well) as you complete Chapters and various Stages of Chapters, you will earn a one-time only Chapter reward. These rewards almost always grant gems, and often grant energy or chest keys as well.

Spending Gems

TLDR: Unless you're using more than 7 different types of gear of the available 16 pieces (weapons + armor + rings + spirits) you should spend your gems purchasing specific gear pieces from the mysterious vendor, prioritizing weapons and armor of Epic rarity.

Whether you're a free player farming gems, or spending lots of money, you likely want to make smart purchasing decisions with your gems. There are a handful of ways to spend your gems:

  • Purchasing Coins or Chests from the store
  • Purchasing scrolls or specific gear pieces from the Mysterious Vendor
  • Purchasing energy when you run out of energy

Generally I will only discuss purchases oriented around gear as the primary cost of the game is in gear. This means that if you were not to spend, you would have enough coins and scrolls to max out your gear long before you have enough gear to get legendaries. While spending gems on coins or scrolls can move you forward in the short term, it is not ultimately the best use of your money.

Epic Death Scythe in the Mysterious Vendor

This is the single best purchasing decision you can make in "Archero"
This is the single best purchasing decision you can make in "Archero"

Value Gained by Spending Method

To determine which methods are best for spending your gems, I'm going to break down each method according to the value they offer by anchoring to the gem pricing established by the mysterious vendor. This gem pricing is as follows:

  • Common Weapon: 120 gems
  • Common Armor: 80 gems
  • Common Ring: 48 gems
  • Common Spirit: 80 gems

I will also reference the desire to use 6 total items as "1-1-2-2" which is 1 weapon, 1 armor, 2 rings, 2 spirits. Generally you only use a subset of the total items available and getting gear pieces for items you do not use is considered waste. For example, I only use a Death Scythe so buying a Brave Bow is completely useless. Using these as anchors, you get the following values from each spending option:

  • Buying gear from the Mysterious Vendor: 100% of value spent
  • Buying Obsidian Chests 10x at a time for 2600 gems, but using ALL items: ~230% of value spent
  • Buying Obsidian Chests 10x at a time for 2600 gems, but using 1-1-2-2: ~80% of value spent
  • Buying Golden Chests, but using ALL items: ~230% of value spent
  • Buying Golden Chests, but using 1-1-2-2: ~80% of value spent

Reading into this, purchasing chests at their maximum discount gives you a lot of total value, but if you consider that most of what you purchase will be wasted, the Mysterious Vendor ends up being better.

Furthermore, this costing is done based on the pricing offered by the game. However, I would argue that while the game has weapons at 120 gems per common and spirits at 80 gems per common, you get way more impact on your game with a weapon when compared to a spirit. Again, while chests get you a lot of total value, the majority of your performance relies on your weapon, suggesting that buying weapons from the Mysterious Vendor is even more favorable than the pure numbers suggest.

And lastly, Epic items are discounted by 8% from the Mysterious Vendor, making those purchases even more efficient.

Overall, purchasing Epic weapons, or any weapons, from the Mysterious Vendor is the best use of your gem spend.


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