"Archero" Healing Guide

Updated on August 22, 2019
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Sigbog is an avid gamer who's addiction spans PC and mobile titles. They love to break games down and pick them apart.

Healing in Archero

As you play through dungeons in Archero, you'll inevitably take damage and need to heal it off. The game offers a handful of mechanics to do so but often leaves information or guidance a bit lacking to allow the player to make effective decisions. Healing spans many skills and talents and has many unique formulas or calculations associated with it. Knowing them will help you make informed decisions about how to play.

All Healing Mechanics

Archero has a handful of various healing mechanics that let you survive through any given run. These mechanics include:

  • Heal "skill" from Angels or Boss Wheels healing 40% of total health calculating from your base maximum health.
  • Red Heart dropping from random monsters and 2 from most bosses. Heal a formula based amount to be covered later in the article but it's influenced by your maximum health, the "Recover" talent, and Gear perks.
  • Bloodthirst skill heals 1.5% of maximum health on monster kill. This calculates from your base maximum health and does not increase with HP boosts.
  • Strong Heart "skill" from level up skills or Angels increasing Red Heart healing by 20%. There is also a variant that increases the healing by a scale based on your missing health.
  • Leveling up also grants healing if you have at least 1 point in the Talent "Inspire"
  • HP Boost increases your maximum health by 20% but technically heals that amount as well. Again, this calculates from your base maximum health.

Red Heart Healing Formula

Red Hearts have a very unique formula that places a special role in Archero. Healing will scale as you get stronger as a player, but will comparatively do less and less for you. This becomes incredibly noticeable in Chapter 7 where your healing is outpaced by boss damage. The red heart heal formula is:

  • Heals for: 170 health + 5% of maximum health + (Recover Talent healing * Rare Gear Perk [120%])

Breaking this down a bit:

  • 170 Base heal
    This lets the game designers make healing a significant portion of your health in the early game when you still have 1000-2000 health, making taking damage less punitive.
  • 5% maximum health
    The flip side of the base heal, this helps your heal scale over time to some degree, but at a rate much slower than the difficulty scales. This makes taking damage more and more punitive over time as healing will erase much less of that damage taken.
  • Recover Talent healing * Rare Gear Perk [120%]
    This is just annoying, the Recover talent helps you scale your healing even further in a more reliable way and becomes a sizeable chunk of your healing as you level up. However, the Rare Gear Perk implies it increases the total healing of a Red Heart by 20% but instead if ONLY affects the Recover Talent.

The Talent "Inspire"

Healing Talents

"Inspire" is a Rare Talent that causes the player to heal when they level up. Given each point is 100 healing on level up, this is actually a pretty significant amount of healing and a very important Talent to get. If you end up getting many points randomly into Inspire or Iron Bulwark (other Rare Talents) you may find the game more difficult, particularly starting in Chapter 7 where healing becomes noticeably punitive.

Consider an example, Inspire is often fairly close to about 10% of your maximum health (and easily more early on) which will give you 100% total healing over the course of a run. This will easily negate getting hit 3 times even in harder dungeons, and maybe even 6 times depending on where you are. If you compare that to other healing options or even other Talents, this one is incredibly powerful.

There is also Recover, mentioned before, this increases the amount of healing a Red Heart grants by 50 per level. I would argue this one is slightly less valuable given you would have to pick up 20 Red Hearts in a run to break even with Inspire, but nonetheless, it still stacks up very well compared to other Talents. It gets a bit closer if you're using Rare Gear and thus have the perk that increases this healing by 20% from 50 to 70. Then you need roughly 14 Red Hearts to break even with Inspire, which is not unlikely.

At times, Recover is even more valuable than Inspire though, consider Chapter 7 where naturally players will only reach level 6 or 7, but ever room will drop at least 2 Red Hearts! Chapter 7 is a monster, but if you've lucked out and gotten extra points in Recover or Inspire, it will be much easier for you to survive.


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