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"Archero" Hero Evolution Guide

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Hero Evolution Guide

Tons of stats and new perks are now available in the new evolution system.

Tons of stats and new perks are now available in the new evolution system.

Hero Evolution in Archero

If you thought leveling your hero wasn't enough, Habby has something for you. As of update 2.3, Archero heroes can now be evolved, granting additional stats and perks. This new evolution system is similar to leveling heroes, but acts as a separate system that works alongside leveling. It becomes available upon reaching level 30 with each individual hero. It features a few new currencies and overall offers a significant improvement in power so you'll need to pay attention to it.

How It Works

The system is somewhat dense, but to summarize briefly how it works:

  • Heroes can evolve from 0 stars up to 7 stars
  • Additional stars grant stats and perks
  • Star evolutions cost Hero Shards and Coins
  • Before evolving to a new star level, you first must fill a hero's evolution bar
  • Filling their evolution bar requires Evolution Chips and Coins
  • Filling their evolution bar also grants stats, though less than a star level

Overall it's a fairly deep system offering a bunch of new things to work towards. It features a ton of total stats, unique hero perks, perks that affect how much you earn from Hero Patrol, and even ALL hero perks! Gathering Hero Shards and increasing your hero stars will now be an important thing to chase after.

Stat Gains From Evolution

There are 3 categories of stat upgrade associated with the hero evolution system, they are:

  • Perks gained from star levels
  • Stats gained from star levels
  • Stats gained from filling an evolution bar

The perks are unique and offer upgrades unavailable anywhere else in the game. The trend is that star levels can grant:

  • Additional rewards from Hero Patrols
  • Upgrades to that hero's special ability
  • Traits that impact your gameplay
  • Upgrades that enhance your spirits
  • Perks that benefit ALL heroes. These are mostly normal stat upgrades similar to hero leveling perks.

Stats gained from star levels are also pretty good, roughly equivalent to 2 hero levels but with a little extra attack.

Stats gained from filling an evolution bar end up being more total stats than gained by a star upgrade, though each individual step is smaller. The pattern is that each hero will gain as much health as a normal hero level from an evolution step, but will gain a little less attack than a hero level. It's somewhat odd that it varies from hero levels in this way, especially given the stat bonuses from star upgrades.

All together you're looking to gain roughly 50 levels of stats per hero, an overall better set of ALL perks than standard hero leveling, and extra traits/upgrades! Plus, as a cherry on top, you'll also receive higher rates from your Hero Patrol!

Meowgik's First 3 Evolution Perks


Earning Shards and Chips

In order to evolve your heroes, you'll need both Hero Shards for a specific hero, as well as evolution chips which are used on any hero. Currently, it can be difficult to earn a lot of shards, so evolving your heroes will take a long time even if you spend a lot of direct effort against it.

Evolution Chips can be earned via:

  • Drops in normal mode
  • Drops in hero mode
  • Drops in the "Desert Ghost" event

Hero Shards aren't quite as easy to come by. They do not drop in regular game modes, and appear only in:

  • "Desert Ghost" event store in the rewards section, purchasable via soulstones
  • A rotating daily offer for gems

The Desert Ghost is a daily event added in update 2.3. It appears to refresh daily and not alternate like other events. It drops Evolution Chips and Soulstones. You can click the Rewards button to view the event shop to spend the Soulstones on buying Hero Shards. The shop will only sell Hero Shards for a handful of heroes, but will rotate regularly.

Desert Ghost Event Shop

Click the rewards button to view the current shop

Click the rewards button to view the current shop


The magnitude of this feature is significant in terms of potential impact on your power as well as additional things to be working towards. This is definitely one of the largest and most impactful features to be added to Archero. Keep an eye on that Desert Ghost event because currently, that is the only way to make meaningful progress on evolutions. If ever there was an event you can't skip, it's this one!

Bonus Details - Upgrade Costs

Star LevelEvolution Chip CostShard CostTotal Coin Cost

0 to 1