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"Archero" Hero Guide

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"Archero" Hero Guide

Everything you need to know about Heroes in "Archero"

Everything you need to know about Heroes in "Archero"

Heroes in "Archero"

As of August 2019, Archero has given players the ability to switch their Hero away from the default and to something new. This can be done by going into your character screen where your gear is and selecting the "Switch Hero" button. Different heroes have slightly different base stats, but more importantly have different abilities that they start each run with. This is very valuable in that it effectively gives you an extra ability slot. These additional heroes also look different and will overwrite the visual look of your selected armor. One is free, but others need to be purchased for coins, gems, or via micro-transactions.

This guide covers all the details about various heroes and how they work. For a tier list about which are best and which are worst, visit my other page. For more details about their leveling system, check our my growth guide.

"Archero" Hero Chart

A quick summary of everything you need to know about "Archero" heroes. For more details read below.

A quick summary of everything you need to know about "Archero" heroes. For more details read below.

Heroes and Abilities

Archero currently has 11 different heroes. In total this would be your default hero plus 9 additional heroes. These heroes are:

Atreus: Default Hero

Base Health: 600
Base Attack: 150
Ability: None

Urasil: Free after Chapter 1

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 120
Ability: Venom - Hitting enemies causes them to become permanently poisoned, dealing 40% of your attack per second. The same as poison except poison only deals 30% of your attack per second.

Phoren: Claim for 50,000 Coins

Base Health: 500
Base Attack: 130
Ability: Inferno - Hitting enemies causes them to take fire damage 5 times a second for 2 seconds. Each tick deals 15% of your attack. The same as Blaze but unlike Venom, Inferno does the same damage as Blaze with 15% each tick. However, Blaze only lasts for 7 ticks in about a second and a half. Realistically, this leaves it not much better than standard Blaze though as you will easily and constantly apply the burn.

Taranis: Claim for 1000 Gems

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 130
Ability: Thunderstorm - Hitting enemies causes an arc of red lightning to shoot to all nearby enemies dealing 30% of your CURRENT attack on striking. The same as Bolt with 3 differences. Bolt does 25%, deals damage from base attack, and more notably Bolt has a small jump radius whereas Thunderstorm reaches quite far. It's worth noting that unlike Inferno and Venom, attack adjusting abilities do change Thunderstorm's damage. For example an Attack Up will increase Thunderstorm damage, and a double front arrow will decrease it whereas neither will affect Inferno or Venom.

Helix: Claim for 1500 Gems

Base Health: 620
Base Attack: 125
Ability: Fury - Increases your damage by 1.2% for every 1% missing health. This is an enhanced version of Rage. It also scales with your hit damage as opposed to your base attack. Overall it is very powerful and potentially the best or at least one of the best Heroes.

Onir: Claim for $9.99 USD

Base Health: 650
Base Attack: 140
Ability: Aurora - Hitting enemies causes a beam of light to shoot out of either side of the opponent, perpendicular to the direction they were hit. Unlike Holy, these beams are medium length instead of flying off to the side. It deals 100% of your current attack on hit. It scales similar to Thunderstorm in that attack altering abilities change its damage.

Rolla: Claim for $16.99 USD

Base Health: 500
Base Attack: 170
Ability: Frost - The same as freeze but with a higher percentage rate of triggering a freeze. The rate is not explicitly known.

Bonnie: Claim for $9.99 USD

Base Health: 600
Base Attack: 150
Ability: Dark Shadow - The same as Shadow Clone but clones deal 150% damage instead of 100%, last 10 seconds instead of 8 seconds, and I believe also have a higher spawn rate though this is not certain.

Meowgik: Claim for 1800 Gems

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 135
Ability: Meowspirit - Normal attacks have a fairly high chance to spawn a cat that will chase down the enemy you attacked and deal 295% hit damage to them. They spawn on a slight delay and are somewhat slow, but are very powerful. They can run through walls, but do not appear to chase down the enemy unless your projectile hits the target and will instead move directly straight along your projectile path.

Sylvan: Claim for $18.99 USD

Base Health: 600
Base Attack: 160
Ability: Each attack has a chance to proc 1 of 4 enhanced elemental abilities. The chance is not 100%, but it is fairly high. The enhanced abilities feature the following:

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  • Lightning: Unlike bolt, and similar to the Vest of Dexterity, lightning strikes the initial target for 68% hit damage, and nearby targets for 25% hit damage. Lightning is the only element that scales.
  • Fire: Each tick of fire deals 35% attack instead of the standard 15%.
  • Poison: Each tick of poison deals 80% attack instead of 30%.
  • Freeze: Unclear how it varies from standard freeze

Shari: Claim via Archero Event

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 130
Ability: Each attack has a chance to spawn a vine that attacks nearby enemies for 168% attack. The vines last for about 4 seconds. While the melee range is quite short and so is the duration, the spawn rate of these vines is quite high.

Ayana: Claim for 2500 gems

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 160
Ability: Can occasionally charm an enemy, causing them to stop attacking and move slowly for a brief period of time. Will also occasionally spawn portals for you to teleport through should you run into them.

Shade: Claim for $18.99 USD

Base Health: 550
Base Attack: 170
Ability: Frequently switches between 2 versions of herself with various stat buffs affecting each version.

Ophelia: Claim for $9.99 USD

Base Health: 600
Base Attack: 160
Ability: Occasionally spawns the souls of your enemy. Walk over them to claim them and grant yourself a boost.

As a sidenote, using a hero with an ability removes the base ability from the ability drop pool that you randomly get during play. In other words, if you use Phoren and have Inferno, you will not have the ability to get Blaze during your run. Although minor, there is an additional advantage in that not being in your drop pool as the elemental abilities tend to be undesirable and I'd prefer a slightly higher chance to get multi-shot. Furthermore, these abilities do stack with other abilities of the same type. For example using Fire Swords with Inferno will cause 2 stacks of fire damage to tick on your enemy.

Scaling in Abilities

Archero tends to have many minor inconsistencies in their game design, among them are what abilities scale with your attack.

As mentioned above, some abilities scale with your base attack, some scale with your current attack. Current attack is your base attack plus or minus multipliers granted by other abilities. For example, an "Attack Up" boost with 2 arrows increases your attack by 30%, and Multi-Shot decreases your attack by 10%. Some abilities will scale around these multipliers. As for hero abilities:

  • Atreus: N/a
  • Urasil: Does not scale
  • Phoren: Does not scale
  • Taranis: Does scale
  • Helix: Does scale
  • Onir: Does scale
  • Rolla: N/a
  • Bonnie: Does not scale
  • Meowgik: Does scale
  • Sylvan: Both(Lightning scales, other elements do not)
  • Shari: Does not scale

This doesn't dramatically change the effectiveness of the heroes when you consider your damage output near the end of a run stacking up with multi-shot, double front arrow, etc. but it is worth considering.

Questions & Answers

Question: In your opinion, what would you say is the best hero and gear set up, if everything was maxed and available?

Answer: Depends quite a bit, but I personally will use: Helix, Death Scythe, Phantom Cloak, Wolf Ring, Falcon Ring, Elf, Laser Bat. But dodge items are a reasonable sub, and I would use 2x Laser Bats if I had 2 of equal rarity.

Question: Is Phoren worth buying in Archero?

Answer: Yes! Phoren's ability is strong, and while he's not as good as other premium or gem Heroes, he's a great option for f2p players that don't have enough gems for Helix. Plus, you'll eventually want those ALL perks.

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SewoRecens on November 27, 2019:

@Fred - it's always percentage, so it's doesn't matter how many hp you have. For example if you have lost half of your hp, your attack dmg is higher by ~62%

Fred on November 26, 2019:

Does Helix’s ability scale with his current health? Or just the base health before in-game hp boosts

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