"Archero" Hero Mode Guide

Updated on July 22, 2019
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"Archero" Hero Mode Guide

This guide includes everything you need to know about Hero Mode in "Archero."
This guide includes everything you need to know about Hero Mode in "Archero."

What Is Hero Mode?

Hero Mode is a harder version of standard Archero that can be toggled on and off on the main screen of the game. In Hero Mode, you re-start the climb, playing through Chapters a second time, except this time around the Chapters are more difficult.

It is not available immediately and must be unlocked in order to play through it. To unlock Hero Mode, you have to reach at least Chapter 4 Stage 25. It's worth noting that as of July 20th, 2019, Android has released Hero Mode but it is not yet currently available on iOS and expected to come sometime before the end of the month.

As of July 2019, only the first three Chapters are re-playable in Hero Mode difficulty.

After unlocking, Hero Mode can be toggled on via a button on the main screen, swapping your Chapter selection to Hero version.
After unlocking, Hero Mode can be toggled on via a button on the main screen, swapping your Chapter selection to Hero version.

How Different Is This Mode?

Hero Mode is notably more challenging than the normal Chapter play and does have a few meaningful difference besides just stats. Thus far I would put Hero Mode Chapter roughly about the difficulty of 2 to 4 Chapters higher in the normal mode. For example, if you're playing Hero Mode Chapter 1, it will feel about as difficult as Normal Mode Chapter 4.

There are 3 primary ways that Archero makes this mode more challenging:

  1. The health and attack of monsters in Hero Mode are higher.
  2. Randomly selected monsters on each Stage will become 'Heroes', gaining increased health and attack, and also gaining special abilities or moves they otherwise wouldn't have
  3. Bosses may have different or modified abilities such as the plant boss in Chapter three that will fire a forked laser blast or the Chapter three bat which will charge in several short bursts instead of 1 large one.

Often times, Hero enemies gain moves the same or similar to the boss version of those enemies or at least some enhanced or unique ability. For example:

  • A Hero bat will charge at you and fire projectiles in a circle around it similar to the boss, but just fewer of them.
  • A Hero cactus may charge at you in addition to just firing projectiles.
  • A Hero plant enemy will fire waves of projectiles instead of three subsequent ones.
  • A Hero golem will do a spinning charge at you in addition to firing projectiles.
  • A hero Ghost can teleport around the stage.
  • A Hero version of the tornado monster will fire three tornadoes instead of one.

You'll know which enemies are Hero as they'll have a purple health bar, a boss-like icon above the bar, and increase in size in addition to gaining the additional stats and abilities. Refer to the image below for an example.

Hero Monsters

Notice the purple health bar and boss icon on the Hero monsters in this stage.
Notice the purple health bar and boss icon on the Hero monsters in this stage.

Why Should I Play This Mode?

For the rewards! Hero Mode is accompanied by a new track of stage rewards just as the Normal Mode does.

In the first three Chapters of Hero Mode difficulty you can scoop out a handful of gems, several Golden Chest keys, and an Obsidian Chest key, so it's well worth the effort. It's a great way to get some upgraded or new gear if you get stuck on Stage 5 or 7, as you'll get a lot of resources.

Furthermore, level drops are also increased in comparison to the Normal Mode chapters, including:

  • The loot wheel in the starting stage offers higher credit rewards
  • Credit drops throughout the level are also increased
  • Scroll/gear drops are also higher

It's currently unclear if there is a good farming strategy with these levels based on your progress. However, I would say that Chapter six still has better drops than Chapters one through three in Hero Mode so if you have access to that you should continue grinding on that Chapter instead.

Final Thoughts

Given the difficulty of Chapter five and the incredible pinch of Chapter seven, this new Hero Mode offers a great way to try something new and power up some gear while working on completing those Chapters. Generally, you can beat Chapter seven with high-level Epic gear and with the number of rewards you get out of these three Hero Mode Chapters, it can dramatically help that track. You can lock down easily as much value as one to two weeks worth of grind.

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