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"Archero" Hero Tier List

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Which Hero is the best?

Which Hero is the best?

Heroes in Archero

As of December 2019, there are 9 Heroes in Archero. They vary in cost from free to microtransactions, and upgrading them can take weeks and months of resources. As such, you should be prepared and not waste time investing in a Hero you won't use!

This guide covers each Hero and overall how effective they are, but for more specific details on how they all work, I recommend checking out my Hero Growth Guide, which covers, in detail, stats, stat growth, and upgrade paths. You may also want to check out my Hero Guide, which covers abilities, costs, and basic information.

"Archero" Hero Tier List

"Archero" Hero Tier List

S Tier: Meowgik and Sylvan

These are two unique and powerful Heroes.


Added in the December 2019 update, Meowgik takes a spot in the S tier despite its weird nature. Meowgik features good, but not great, base stats and stat growth. Its perks are good as well, though not as good as Rolla below. However, Meowgik's ability, "Meowspirit" really takes the cake.

Meowspirit causes your attacks to frequently spawn an attack kitten that will chase down enemies and hit them for 295% hit damage. The damage output is amazing. The cats are also homing (though, oddly, not 100% of the time) and can run through walls so they will likely connect. There is a delay on spawn and the cats move somewhat slowly, so this ability is ideal against enemies that take a while to take down. This includes clearing new Chapters (rather than farming old ones) and bosses, which are the most important to solve for.

Overall Meowspirit's damage output is at least comparable, if not better, than Helix (the 2nd best damage output Hero), just without needing to miss a ton of health to reach it.


Sylvan, added in January 2020, has also proven itself to be quite powerful. Sylvan features the best stat growth in the game and is the 2nd Hero to gain 12 attack per level and the only one to gain both 12 attack and 45 health. His ability at first seems underwhelming as it randomly procs 1 of 4 elemental effects. However, the effects are dramatically enhanced compared to their base versions:

  • Blaze damage up to 35% attack per tick from 15% with standard Blaze.
  • Poison damage up to 80% attack per second from 30% with standard Poison.
  • Bolt hits target for 68% attack and jumps to nearby enemies for 25% attack. Improved from only jumping to nearby enemies like standard Bolt. (Actually, this is the Vest of Dexterity version of Bolt and scales with attack as well.)
  • Freeze changes unknown.

His perks are also great, featuring a +20% increase in damage to ranged enemies, which is quite useful in clearing (albeit not useful for bosses). And lastly, a funky side bonus is that using Sylvan removes those 4 base elementals from the drop pool of abilities, slightly improving your odds of getting stronger abilities like Multishot.

A Tier: Rolla and Helix

Both of these are powerful options.


Rolla is the most expensive Hero. She can be incredibly powerful. Not only does she have strong base stats plus growth and good perks, but she also has the single highest attack potential of any Hero. She is the only Hero that gains 12 attack per level! However, her Freeze ability is highly situational. Sometimes it is incredibly powerful against certain rooms and even certain bosses. It also has good synergy with the Death Scythe. However, it does not increase damage output, and Freeze alone isn't always that helpful.


Helix can be purchased with gems and is likely more powerful than Rolla, making him the better of the two, in my opinion. His base stats and growth are good, but not as good as Rolla. His perks are good, but also not as a good as Rolla. However, his enhanced Rage causes him to deal 1.2% more damage per 1% missing health, which is incredibly powerful and overall better than Freeze. The extra damage output is hard to ignore and much easier to notice in combat.

B Tier: Onir and Bonnie

Both of these Heroes are great in their own way, but they're overly situational to really be high on the list.


Onir features strong base stats and stat growth, good perks (Healing perk hidden OP), and his ability can be powerful. His enhanced Holy effect fires a short-range burst perpendicular to how your projectile hits the enemy that deals 100% hit damage to enemies it hits. It does not hit the enemy you fire at, only nearby enemies. This is why Onir is only a B tier; everything else is pretty good, but his Holy effect very rarely connects with enemies as it requires them to be standing next to each other.


Bonnie features strong base stats and stat growth, along with good perks, but she lacks in the ability department. Her ability spawns Shadow Clones, and while it does fairly well in wave chapters, it's useless against bosses and weak in standard rooms.

C Tier: Taranis, Phoren, and Shari

Both of these Heroes are good in some ways and I would say there is a large gap between these 2 and the remaining lower tiers.


Taranis features fairly weak base stats, but decent stat growth. His perks are decent and his ability is useful but not amazing. His lightning arcs a pretty large distance, plus it looks awesome. However, the damage output and the fact it doesn't hit bosses dampens it a bit.


Phoren is the best Hero that does not require a microtransaction or gems. Although he has weak base stats and weak stat growth, his ability is strong. A version of fire that lasts a bit longer increases damage output meaningfully and is useful in all situations. His perks are decent as well.


Shari is somewhat underwhelming across the board and is more like a C-. Slightly better stats than Phoren, but otherwise doesn't stack up against him very well. Her ability is pretty good, but not in all situations. Her perks are pretty good, but only her lv40 and lv80 perks apply to all heroes instead of lv20 and lv60.

D Tier: Urasil

Urasil features bad base stats and fairly poor stat growth. His ability is a slightly stronger version of the already very weak poison ability. All of his perks are average. Generally speaking, his best quality is that is free and simply can be redeemed in chapter 2 without paying anything.

F Tier: Atreus

The default hero, Atreus technically features good base stats but also has poor stat growth, poor perks, and no special ability. He exists purely to make others look good and is to be replaced as soon as possible. Nothing against him personally! That's just his role.