"Archero" Leveling Guide

Updated on August 22, 2019
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"Archero" Leveling Guide

What you need to know about how leveling works in Archero plus some farming tips.
What you need to know about how leveling works in Archero plus some farming tips.

Leveling Up in Archero

As with many games, your player can level up in Archero. However, unlike other games, it doesn't immediately change the strength your character has. Currently, leveling up in Archero:

  • Gives you 20 gems every level-up
  • Increases the maximum talents you can purchase by 1
    However, it costs coins to purchase a talent, and each consecutive upgrade purchase takes more

As expected, leveling in Archero is not linear. Each consecutive level is a bit more challenging than the previous one. There is a very noticeable spike in level requirements after level 50, but leveling until then is fairly achievable. It is not currently known what the maximum level is.

Talents in Archero

The primary reason you want to level up in Archero is to upgrade your Talents. There are 8 upgrade-able Talents in Archero and you can pay Coins every level to randomly add 1 point to one of them. The coin cost increases every level, and that increase grows over time. Eventually, costs grow above 100,000 Coins for a single upgrade!

The available Talents in Archero are:

  • Common:
    Strength: +100 to maximum health per level
    Power: +25 to maximum attack per level
    Recover: +50 to red heart-healing per level
  • Rare:
    Iron Bulwark: +25 collision damage resistance per level
    Agile: +1% attack speed per level
    Inspire: +100 healing on level up per level
  • Epic:
    Enhance Equipment: +3% to base stats of equipment per level
    Time Reward: +2 coin generation per minute from time reward per level
    Glory: 1 skill selection at the start of the game, levels up once during the tutorial and is maxed.

These stats will be particularly useful as you get to the mid and elder game where you start maxing out your gear level and are stuck waiting for more gear drops. The healing Talents are particularly useful because the healing formula for Archero is fairly restrictive and punitive as you get higher in the game, making these perks essential to heal off ever-increasing damage numbers.

How Experience Is Granted

Archero has some notably strange behavior with respect to how they grant experience.

Experience is solely granted by playing levels, you cannot earn it any other way. So effectively experience costs energy. However, the strange thing is that you earn the same amount of experience regardless of how far you progress in the level. Whether you die on Stage 1 or Stage 49, you earn the same amount of experience.

Experience does increase by Chapter though, so Chapter 7 will grant more experience than Chapter 3. The differences between the stages tend to be fairly noticeable but exact numbers are not shown by the game client.

Farming Experience

Because experience gains increase with Chapters, and do not increase with Stages completed, you have a few reasonable farming options.

  • Farming the latest level will consistently grant the most experience. However, this is often not the most ideal way to farm coins and scrolls. For example, many people get stuck on Chapters 5, 7, and 9. The best coin/scroll farming Chapters are 3 and, by far, 6.
  • If you have excess energy, and not enough time to play much, simply enter the latest Chapter, spin the wheel to earn a coin payout, go into the first stage and die. This is an ideal way to make progress if you have no time to fully farm a Chapter.

Spinning the wheel and dying is likely something you should pay attention to. Odds are, most people cannot perfectly optimize their energy, especially when considering you also have 5 opportunities to watch ads and gain energy. You regain 5 energy (enough for 1 run) every hour, so throughout the day, it can be incredibly valuable to occasionally hop into a dungeon and do this strategy to ensure you keep your energy timer running and not waste time with a full bar.

The Talents are very critical in developing the strength of your character, particularly when you will likely end up being a long way between gear upgrades with nothing but Talents able to make you a bit stronger in the shorter term. So be sure to pay attention and farm experience when it's relevant.

Stage 0 Screenshot

No time? Start a game, die, and reap just as much experience as if you completed the Chapter plus a decent chunk of coins from the wheel.
No time? Start a game, die, and reap just as much experience as if you completed the Chapter plus a decent chunk of coins from the wheel.

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