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"Archero" Locket Tier List

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Locket Tier List Guide


S Tier: Angel Locket, Agile Locket

Both the Angel Locket and Agile Locket have a home in the S tier and a reasonable option for anyone.

Angel Locket

The better of the two should you be pushing to a new high on your latest Chapter. You may not be that likely to trigger a revival, but if you do a whopping 3 second invincibility shield will certainly help you out. As it is with pushing new Chapters, you're hoping for a series of random events to all line up in your favor, and getting an Angel Locket revival is certainly a strong one to gamble for.

Agile Locket

Better than the Angel Locket should you be looking to do some more challenging farming or afk farming. Given lower enough damage on enemy attacks given your health, you may be more likely to benefit more from this locket than the Angel Locket. However, it will be less effective if you're stacking dodge given how dodge rates are calculated. A little bit of extra luck and it can even be better than the Angel Locket! But generally I would take Angel over Agile simply because the invincibility shield can be so incredibly powerful in a desperate situation whereas an additional dodge or 2 wouldn't get you quite as much.

A Tier: Bloodthirsty Locket

The Bloodthirsty Locket takes a close A tier spot for its consistency and I believe it to be the most effective low-risk farming or AFK farming locket. Every other locket requires very specific circumstances and a bit of luck to shine, but the Bloodthirsty Locket requires the least.

Its passive perk "HP drops +20%" is certainly better than a chance at doubling an Angel's heal, realistically you want to be avoiding having to take that heal in the first place!

It's primary perk of granting heals on kill below a threshold will mean you have a consistent way to heal up if you drop very low rather than hoping for RNG to be in your favor. However, even healing to 20% maximum health may still be a single shot to kill you, which would make this locket less valuable. Furthermore, instead of 1.5% max health healed on kill like Bloodthirst, it instead has 1% max health healed making recovery from a dire situation that much more challenging. Lastly, this number isn't higher on bosses so this perk is essentially worthless on boss-only chapters!

Overall, given Lockets are most useful for pushing new chapter boundaries you're likely better off investing in the Angel or Agile Locket, but I wouldn't say they're significantly better given the Bloodthirsty Locket will consistently grant you more healing via both its perks.

B Tier: Piercer Locket

Circumstantially this can be incredibly powerful. In the right room with the right struggle and impeccable positioning, being able to stand in a wall can be so strong you might consider it broken. But the amount of 'ifs' that need to be attached to this drop this locket down to B tier. It gets some redemption for the "HP Drops+20%" perk instead of additional angel healing, but unless you already specifically know here and how to use the ability to walk through walls, you should pick a higher tier locket.

C Tier: Bulletproof Locket

Not much better than the Iron Locket, but at least the damage type is right. Most damage you'll take is projectile so it's in the right direction. However there isn't really a circumstance where you would want this instead of some of the better lockets, or even in addition to so on a binary scale of invest coins and scrolls or not, the answer is do not invest.

D Tier: Iron Locket

The Iron Locket is by far the worst locket. It's certainly not worth investing in under any circumstances, including melee only stages. In order for this to be useful it would need to be dramatically more impactful than the dodge or healing you get from other options in which case it may be potentially useful for the Up-Close Dangers dundgeon should you be struggling with it. That's a lot of ifs and certainly not currently the case. Avoid this locket!

Locket Tier List Summary


Final Thoughts

Regardless of tier, ultimately there are a few questions you have to answer for yourself.

  • Which locket(s) should I invest in?
  • Which locket should I equip?
  • Which locket(s) should I invest in if I've already invested in one?

The 3rd question is particularly relevant given that the Bloodthirsty Locket and the Piercer Locket released months after the original 4. This means many people may be considering switching to another locket or considering investing in a 2nd. Generally because there isn't a lot of separation in the best lockets and their perks are all most useful in the hardest circumstances, I would recommend picking one and sticking to it. Swapping to a new one or leveling up a 2nd one for another use isn't likely to make a huge difference even if I consider the Bloodthirsty Locket best for afk farming and the Angel Locket best for pushing a new chapter. The resources are better spent elsewhere rather than upgrading 2 lockets! However, if you can fuse your invested coins and scrolls out of a locket, then by all means feel free to switch to whatever suits you.