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"Archero" Lucky Spin Guide

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Lucky Spin Guide

Lucky Spin Guide

The Lucky Spin System

The Lucky Spin system is a new feature that was added to Archero in November 2020 along with the 2.5 update. It functions similarly to a few other systems from the game but overall acts as a short term event system. When it is live, it is accessible via a small icon on the main screen on the right side below the settings icon.

Similar to the wheel inside of a run, this system will grant you random rewards, but earning these spins is slightly different.

How It Works

In the event, you'll accrue spins to use on the wheel. Upon using a spin, it's effectively like a loot box or loot wheel. You will get a random reward based on where the pointer lands on the wheel after the spin is complete. You don't get to choose what rewards you get, but you do get to act on earning more spins. Spins can be earned in a few ways including:

  • One free spin at the start of the event, refreshing daily
  • Spins earned from completing objectives listed below the wheel. The first iteration of the event gave tickets to spin for spending energy. The amount of energy required to earn additional spins slowly increasing as you spend more. This tops out at 500 energy spent. Given the event lasts 5 days, you'll need to be very efficient at maintaining your regen and almost certainly watching ads to earn more energy.
  • Spins purchased for gems, starting at 50 gems per spin but increasing in cost as more are purchased. Limited to 20 per day.

There is one unexpected twist to this feature. There is a Super Spin reward on the wheel. If you land on it, you will be granted a spin on a much more valuable wheel, with options to purchase limited additional spins at a higher price. The Super Spin starts at 200 gems and increases to 400.

The Rewards

Overall the rewards seem at least somewhat compelling, but not obviously amazing. The most noteworthy reward are the hero shards, which are still fairly difficult to accrue in meaningful numbers in comparison to the costs of evolving heroes. That makes this event something you should pay attention to, but the number of shards isn't anything explosive. In the first iteration of the event, the possible spin rewards are:

  • Coins (appearing to be equal to 10 hours of patrol earnings)
  • Random hero shards (1 or 5)
  • Sapphires (10 or 20)
  • Evolution Chips (10)
  • Super Spin

The Super Spin rewards are:

  • Coins (at 10x the regular value, or roughly 100 hours of patrol earnings)
  • Random hero shards (10)
  • Hero shards for a specific hero (3, and in the first iteration of the event it was for Shade or Sylvan)
  • Sapphires (30)
  • Evolution Chips (30)

The value of these rewards is debatable. Sapphires do have an explicit value in-game, however in the majority of circumstances players aren't restricted by them, which makes them effectiveness useless. Hero shards are somewhat similar. There are benefits to evolving all heroes, but the majority of the benefit of hero shards is evolving the hero you use most. The random shards will have a diluted impact for this reason, but the specific shards in the Super Spin can be great if you use those heroes, or much less meaningful if you don't. However, using the 200 gem hero shard offer in the shop as a comparison point, overall the spins seem like a good deal, at least at their cheaper points.

Final Thoughts

Given this event sits on top of all pre-existing rewards, I'm definitely excited to be racking in some more stuff! In particular glad to have a decent chance at getting hero shards as accruing them is currently very slow and arduous. The super spin is also fairly exciting though admittedly I'd be much more excited if I got to pick the hero shards I was spinning for. In terms of spending gems, it's a bit less obvious. It does seem better than purchasing the 200 gem offer for hero shards, especially while the purchasing price is at 50 gems for a regular spin or 200 gems for a super spin. With a little bit of luck on the super spin, it can be very rewarding. However, the presence of sapphires and evolution chips should temper your excitement a bit.