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"Archero" Monster Arena Guide

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Monster Arena in Archero

Added in December 2021, the Monster Arena allows players to pit their collected monsters in a battle against another player's monsters. These monsters then fight it out in an automatic fashion and the winner receives rewards. It's reminiscent of an auto battle style game.

This new feature is accessible by tapping the egg icon on the main menu screen and then selecting the fourth icon denoted by two crossing swords.

How It Works

The Monster Arena is a season-based player-vs-player leaderboard where your monsters auto battle for victory and rewards. Because the battles are automatic, they are done asynchronously. As such you'll find yourself getting notes in your farm about defending while you were away. However, it seems defending has little to no impact on your progress or rewards during a season. Seasons last two weeks and players are split into distinct groups to compete in.

When first entering the Monster Arena section, you'll be able to set your default arrangement of monsters to auto battle with. You can also change it every time you start a battle, or adjust your defense pattern from a button in the Monster Arena section. When defining your board, you need to know a few things.

  1. Your board can only support a limited capacity of monsters, up to nine slots
  2. Each monster can take one to four slots, denoted by the number of gray square icons in the top right of a monster's icon during board selection
  3. Arrange them in a pattern you think will be optimal for combat (for example, ranged enemies behind tankier melee enemies). When placing monsters, you'll see their attack range.
  4. Friendly monsters that reach the opposite edge of the board, or after a long enough time, become supercharged, so having some monsters off to the side that can sneak past enemy defenses can be beneficial.
  5. Certain monsters will offer additional points when used, these are specific per season and can be seen on the main Monster Arena screen.
  6. The star rating of your monsters matters, and its specific stats for the Monster Arena, can be viewed in the Monster Book by selecting a monster and tapping the "competition" tab. Only monsters with a two crossing swords icon in the top right are currently available for use in the Monster Arena. As of December 2021, this is only a small set of monsters.

Every day you can battle 3 times for free, with additional battles available for gems starting at 50 but increasing after that. Winning causes your score, and placement in the leaderboard, to go up. Losing will deduct points.


You earn rewards based on the number of fights you do over the course of a season as well as your position on the leaderboard at the end of a season. On the main screen you can view the reward track of chests, which, as of December 2021, is primarily grant monster keys and coins. The leaderboard also primarily grants monster keys and coins though top players earn epic chest keys as well. Monster chests can be opened on the Monster Arena screen for five keys, granting an egg.

The season 1 reward track featured 13 chests, each granting some coins and monster keys. To claim all 13, a player must play 50 times. This means players must play every day of the season plus spend some gems on a handful of extra plays in order to claim all rewards.

Final Thoughts

An interesting deviation from the main game, I personally find the mode amusing though not super engaging. Using an auto battle mechanic is at least interesting and adds some new flavor. The rewards aren't anything special as they primarily offer a small number of coins and some random eggs. It is enjoyable to have a use for your monsters beyond minor stat buffs but offers little beyond a small amount of additional intrigue. For better or for worse, the rewards aren't good enough to make this an essential mode, so it more simply is something with a minor reward should you enjoy doing it. As such I'm also personally glad that three monster battles aren't now essential to upkeeping progression in the game.