"Archero" Mysterious Vendor Guide

Updated on January 3, 2020
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Mysterious Vendor Guide

A guide to the Archero Mysterious Vendor covering how it works and how you should use it.
A guide to the Archero Mysterious Vendor covering how it works and how you should use it.

Mysterious Vendor

As players make their way past the early levels of Archero, they will occasionally (I would estimate about a third to a half of the time) run into the "Mysterious Vendor." This vendor will offer the player a chance to purchase scrolls or gear most often using diamonds. Occasionally scrolls will be sold for coins.

  • Gear can come in Grey, Green, or Purple rarity for any type of gear, including Spirits.
    Purple gear is quite rare and only appears in later Chapters.
  • Scrolls can come in varying stack sizes.

What's most important to note about the Mysterious Vendor is that Archero offers no other way to purchase scrolls or directly purchase gear without using loot boxes. This makes the Mysterious Vendor critical for progressing your character if you're spending, and still quite important at making pinpointed upgrades if you aren't spending just due to gem balance you will have watching video ads during runs.

Remember, hitting various tiers in gear not only increases their strength, but it also may add perks to the gear, making it critical to hit those marks. However, this can be very challenging to reach due to the incredibly low drop rate of gear and the fact the game only sells loot boxes for gear in the store.

Constrained by Coins or Scrolls?

Depending on how you've prioritized your upgrading, whether or not you've purchased gear, and where you are in the game, you may find yourself having either the coins or scrolls to continue upgrading but not the other. The Mysterious Vendor gives you the opportunity to gather more scrolls if you have more coins than you need, either by spending those coins or gems.

This is one of the most important things to consider when using the Vendor, particularly if you're considering purchasing scrolls for coins. However, it's important to note that with the introduction of Hero upgrades, you are often way more constrained on coins than scrolls so while it may make sense to spend some coins on scrolls to get some basic upgrades under the belt, you will eventually end up with more scrolls than you can use.

For this reason, I generally recommend avoiding spending on Scrolls or avoiding spending a lot on Scrolls. After you get over the mid-game hump where you are pinched on Scrolls, you'll end up with a ton of excess and nothing to do with them.

Purchasing Efficiency: If/What Should I Buy?

One of the key issues of the Mysterious Vendor is knowing whether or not it's wise to purchase these items either due to the costing and efficiency versus other methods or whether or not investing in those particular items will be wise compared to other items.

A few general rules of thumb:

  • Gear (in General)
    Generally wise, particularly if you haven't reached the perks available at purple rarity.
  • Scrolls (in General)
    Could go either way, you get fairly scroll pinched in the mid-game but end up with an excessive amount of scrolls in the end game and nothing to do with them. I would say avoid it, or at least don't do it a lot.
  • Weapons
    Critical! When you've landed on a weapon you like and you have excess gems to spend it is entirely worth it to purchase your preferred weapon as it shows up.
  • Armor
    Also a wise choice as your health is critical in progressing and it's cheaper than weapons.
  • Rings
    Generally not too wise, the cost efficiency versus stats gained generally favors investment in weapons. Rings have less than half the attack scaling and only apply to a subset of enemies while being half the cost. To maintain cost-effectiveness you should likely only prioritize rings when you have nothing else to, or they start lagging several levels behind everything else and thus become cheaper compared to weapons and armor.
  • Spirits
    They're generally not a wise investment. They have a very low impact on the game and don't scale based on any of the skills you should be picking up during a dungeon. Prioritize Spirits the lowest.
  • Sapphires
    Generally unwise beyond purchasing up to level 30 or 40. You very quickly have sufficient Sapphires but insufficient coins to keep upgrading.

Scroll Pricing

Coin Price Each
Gem Price Each
Weapon Scrolls
Armor Scrolls
Ring Scrolls
Spirit Scroll
Bracelet Scroll
Locket Scroll
* Larger stacks may be less efficient and you should generally avoid them. For example, a stack of 45 spirit scrolls costs 400 gems, or 8.9 gems per scroll, making it worse than smaller stacks.

Gear Pricing

Gear Type
Grey Pricing
Green Pricing
Purple Pricing
* Unlike in Scroll pricing, spirits have the same pricing as Armor rather than Rings when it comes to purchasing gear. For this reason plus the generally limited impact Spirits have, I recommend you do not purchase Spirits from the vendor.

Sapphire Pricing

Coin Pricing
Gem Pricing
2000 per Sapphire
9-13 per Sapphire
The gem pricing varies depending on the stack size shown.

Items to Avoid Purchasing

There are a few things that for strategic reasons are not wise to invest in. There are also a few instances where inconsistencies in their costing leave the player with some offers that are generally inefficient and should be avoided.

As a general rule of thumb, avoid the following:

  • Purchasing spirits
    Both strategically unwise and over-priced for gems
  • The larger, inefficient stacks of scrolls
    This would include 45 spirit scrolls for 400 gems as well as 30 weapon scrolls for 540 gems. There may be others, so be mindful.
  • Sapphires
    Very quickly you will not need any more Sapphires.

Otherwise, because the Mysterious Vendor is the only way to reliably get scrolls, taking advantage of it can be key in pushing your character forward as long as you don't over-spend and leave yourself with no coins for Hero upgrades. It's important to note that your gem spend should generally prioritize gear over scrolls as you'll end up with enough scrolls to upgrade your gear long before you get enough gear to fully max it out. I would recommend spending coins on scrolls in a very limited fashion but definitely not gems.

Farming Vendors

Farming Mysterious Vendors isn't really an explicit thing you can do as appearance rates don't change in higher chapters, but there are important things to note.

  1. In standard chapters (CH2-13, minus CH7), the Mysterious Vendor appears roughly 60-65% of the time
  2. Mysterious Vendors are roughly:
    60% standard purchases of scrolls or sapphires
    25% purchases of gear
    8% bulk purchases of scrolls or sapphires
    7% purchases of epic gear (Only in CH5+)
  3. Chapters 1 and 7 do not have mysterious vendors
  4. Daily Challenges appear to have a lower appearance rate, down to roughly 35% of the time.

As you really shouldn't be spending much on Scrolls or Sapphires from Mysterious Vendors, if you're looking to find more it must be because you want to purchase gear. In this case, it's generally best if you stick to your standard farming rules anyway. Chapter 6 is already great for farming, and has Epic Vendors, and is overall a great place to go. Chapter 3 is going to be roughly the same, just without Epic Vendors, so you may as well stick to 6.


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