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"Archero" Outfits & Coupons Guide

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Outfit & Coupon Guide


Changing Your Hero's Appearance

As of update 2.6 in December 2020, you can now change the outfits your hero wears in Archero. But the system brings along more than just cosmetic adjustments. It also features 2 new coupon currencies as well as additional stat perks that come along with the outfits.

How Outfits Work

On your hero screen, you can tap the outfit button below the portrait of your hero to view available outfits to equip or purchase. Equipping one will change the appearance of your hero, but can also add a bonus perk. Outfits feature two types of perks:

  1. A fairly significant perk that is active while using that specific outfit
  2. A generalized all-perk similar to hero level all-perks that is active as long as you own the outfit and have upgraded your hero to the required unlock level

The perks are often oriented to that specific hero and can be quite useful. A more complete list is included below.

To unlock these outfits you'll need either purple or gold coupons with prices roughly in the range of 50 to 100 coupons. It's worth noting you can view outfits and their stats for heroes you don't own.

Meowgik's "Cherry Kitty" Outfit


Update 2.6 Release Outfits


  • None


  • Royal Knight
    10% chance to resist long-distance damage
    ALL HEROES Max HP +150


  • Flame Student
    Flame damage can reduce enemy movement speed, lasting 5 seconds
    ALL HEROES Attack +40


  • Thunder Lord
    When moving, chance to deal Lightning damage to nearby enemies each second
    ALL HEROES Max HP +200
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  • Bear Master
    5% increased damage to enemies on foot
    ALL HEROES Attack +60


  • Cherry Kitty
    When dying there's a 20% chance to be resurrected in a random Meowspirit's location
    ALL HEROES Max HP +500
  • Cat Warlock
    Dodge rate increased 5 seconds after kill; the higher your level, the higher the dodge rate
    ALL HEROES Max HP +200


  • Shaman Sacrifice
    When around vines, damage resistance is increased by 8%
    ALL HEROES Max HP +150


  • Little Witch
    After being transported, collision damage is reduced by 25% within 3 seconds
    ALL HEROES Attack +60


  • Athenian Lord
    Every 10 seconds, Light stats damage is increased by 10%, disappears at the end of battle
    ALL HEROES Max HP +250


  • Ice Empress
    Surrounding enemies will automatically have reduced movement speed
    ALL HEROES Attack +100


  • Pirate Captain
    Bonnie's clone duration increased with the amount of abilities
    ALL HEROES Max HP +250


  • Elegent Prince
    When stationary, attack is increased by 4%
    ALL HEROES Attack +120


  • Legendary Assassin
    In shadow form, collision damage is reduced by 4%
    ALL HEROES Attack +120


  • Demon Shift
    The lower the HP, the stronger the recovery of HP
    ALL HEROES Attack +100


  • Christmas Elf
    After killing the enemy, there is a chance to summon a chest that can freeze surrounding enemies
    ALL HEROES Weapon drop rate +8%

Earning Coupons

There are a handful of ways to earn or purchase purple "Exquisite" coupons or the rarer gold "Premium" coupons, but currently it's not easy to get a lot of them! I expect they'll become more available over time as many other currencies have but a few of the ways you can get them now include:

Purple Coupons

  • Purchase from the store for gems or MTX (Though the gem price is very high)
  • Included in MTX Hero Chapter Packs
  • Included in the daily MTX packs
  • Special event shops including the December 2020 event shop

Gold Coupons

  • Included in MTX Hero Chapter Packs
  • Special event shops including the December 2020 event shop

Pricing is a bit variable depending on how you get coupons. Using the direct MTX purchase for purple coupons, outfits may cost up to $15 USD. They could also cost 12,000 gems (roughly $100 USD) if you purchase them via the gems path! Frankly, if you have an interest in buying these outfits, you ought to purchase the Hero Chapter Packs or get coupons in event rewards long before buying coupons anywhere else.

Hero Chapter Pack with Gold Coupons


Final Thoughts

Overall I'm excited to see cosmetic changes coming to heroes. I'm also glad they feature perks and very glad they also have all-perks so a collection of outfits also benefits you. They are notably expensive and challenging to acquire and there is likely more power-per-effort available in other systems, but that feels like an appropriate place for these items to land. It's not likely worth spending any money beyond a cosmetic you really like for a hero you play a lot but I'm still happy to finally change the look and feel of a character I stare at all the time.

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