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"Archero" Quick Raid Guide

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Quick Raid Guide

Quick Raid Guide

Update 2.9 brings a Quick Raid Feature

Added in April 2021, update 2.9 adds a "Quick Raid" feature to Archero that allows the player to complete a chapter and instantly earn rewards. Of course, there are some caveats that come with this feature, but overall it's a welcomed addition to the game. Especially for those who wish to make some progress but only have a few seconds to play the game. In my personal opinion, this is wonderful for optimizing your energy when you otherwise might be busy and unable actually to play for an extended period of time.

How it Works

There are a handful of things to understand about this feature because several decisions were made about how it works to ensure its balance and doesn't make playing the game irrelevant.

1. Unlocking the feature

  • Unlocking Quick Raid occurs on a per-chapter basis.
  • A player must beat a chapter 5 times in order to unlock it.
    You can view progress against this unlock by tapping the chapter to bring up the selector screen.
  • Unfortunately, the game does not track chapter completions prior to this update so you'll have to beat each chapter 5 more times to access the feature.

2. Using the Quick Raid

After unlocking Quick Raid, there are a few things you need to know:

  • The "Play" button now will have a sword icon in the top right corner, and when tapped will bring up a secondary window for the Quick Raid feature.
  • This secondary windows displays your potential rewards for completing the chapter. Rewards appear to be reduced to 60-80% of what you would otherwise get. Interestingly, gear rewards are specific such that you may get armor or rings from 1 chapter, and spirits or bracelets from another.
  • It also displays remaining Quick Raids as they are limited to 3 uses per day in total (NOT per chapter)
  • Upon tapping play, the game will deduct your 5 energy and Quick Raid the chapter
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3. Receiving your rewards

  • After instantly Quick Raiding, you will receive a dialogue showing what rewards your earned
  • You can get egg drops.
  • Your eggs do increment in progress and that progress will be highlighted
  • You may also get a Mysterious Vendor pop-up

Overall it's fairly straightforward and I quite like it.

Why You Should Care

Because the feature is limited, it is useful for a few types of scenarios.

  1. Maintaining energy efficiency during busy times. Because you can easily use 15 energy in 30 seconds with this system, it allows you to more easily keep your energy timer running. If you'll be busy for a few hours, you may still be able to open up your phone and Quick Raid. A bonus here is for busy times you may also "AFK farm" by running through a level you can beat without looking. It's possible the reduced loot from Quick Raid is still better than the highest chapter you can AFK farm.
  2. Chasing a specific type of gear drop. Because gear drops are specific in Quick Raid, you can repeat levels that drop a type of gear you need more of.
  3. Chasing eggs in chapters that are boring to play. Maybe you're level 90 but grinding a specific egg is best in chapter 4. You could do it without looking, but it would still take a bit just to run through. You could use your Quick Raids to increment your egg progress without having to run through an overly easy chapter.

Drop Types in Quick Raid by Chapter

Note that these icons represent a random piece of gear from that gear type, not that specific item. For example, you will get a random chest piece, not necessarily a Bright Robe. Credit for the image goes to reydeltrineo from Reddit

Note that these icons represent a random piece of gear from that gear type, not that specific item. For example, you will get a random chest piece, not necessarily a Bright Robe. Credit for the image goes to reydeltrineo from Reddit

Final Thoughts

Overall I'm very pleased with the feature and it's a welcomed change to the game. I admit there is a tricky balance to be struck between being able to easily and conveniently play the game and allowing someone to progress without actually playing. I find Archero isn't often the best here as energy rates often require playing more time per day than I'd really prefer if I'm playing the longer and harder chapters. Quick Raid definitely improves this, even if it's only limited to 15 energy use. I also definitely appreciate the added effort in ensuring Quick Raid also grants eggs and egg progress, which I otherwise would not have expected.

I expected limitations in the system, and after using it, the limitations vs. rewards generally feel well balanced, though admittedly, I do wish it was four uses instead of three so I could clear my whole energy bar. I expect that was intentional.

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