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"Archero" Stutter Step / Animation Cancelling Guide

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Here's how to dramatically increase your attack speed by stutter stepping or tapping to cancel your attack animations.

Here's how to dramatically increase your attack speed by stutter stepping or tapping to cancel your attack animations.

What Is Animation Cancelling?

Animation cancelling is a concept that is found in a handful of video games, though it's generally not very common. Actions in a video game, such as an attack, are often accompanied by an animation sequence. To prevent awkward-looking animations, developers often tie those actions to the animations so they can't overlap.

I will use a character shooting a bow as an example. The animation begins with the character drawing the bow and firing it, at which point the projectile arrow will shoot. After firing, the character will reach back and grab another arrow before being able to begin the sequence again.

Animation cancelling is doing an action after the projectile fires that stops the character from completing the entire animation and letting them begin again immediately. If cancelled perfectly, the player will only have to wait for another bow draw animation to attack again as opposed to both a bow draw and grabbing a second arrow.

How to Cancel Animations in "Archero"

Archero is built to allow animation cancelling and it can have a dramatic impact on your damage output. To cancel your attack animation and ultimately attack faster, do the following:

  1. Stand still, firing an attack as usual.
  2. Immediately upon the projectile firing from your character, very briefly move your character or tap the screen. This will cause your character to stop the attack animation and instead begin moving.
  3. Tapping the screen is the quickest, but short movements will work as well. If you move, do it very briefly and then go back to standing still.
  4. Your character will begin attacking again, quicker than if you were standing still the entire time.
  5. Repeat.

With a little bit of practice, you can easily increase your damage output by 30-40%. However, you have to be careful, if you move or tap before the projectile fires, you will cancel the wrong side of the animation and not attack! If you do so, you could lower your damage output. This makes animation cancelling a tricky and ultimately more challenging strategy, but for the possible upside in damage output it is well worth it.

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Best Weapon for Animation Cancelling

All weapons in Archero work with animation cancelling so you don't need to worry too much about which you pick.

However, weapons with slower attacks, or longer attack animations, are easier to cancel. You only have a fraction of a second to cancel the back end of the animation, and the larger that fraction of a second is, the easier it is to cancel a larger portion of it. Faster attacks are much trickier as your window to take advantage of cancelling is tiny and you have to be much better at timing your cancel.

That being said, this means that the Death Scythe, as the slowest weapon in the game, is the easiest and best to cancel animations with. You will find it's fairly easy to get some significant improvements in your firing rate with the Death Scythe.

The Saw Blade is more challenging as it is quicker. However, cancelling the Saw Blade feels great as you'll fire incredibly quickly, so it's still absolutely worth it.

Final Thoughts

Animation cancelling can take a bit to get used to, but the increase in your damage output is so incredible you're almost required to learn how to do it to reach higher levels. As the game starts to get more challenging around Chapter 5 to 7, you really need to practice this to maximize your damage output.

However, not only is it tricky to get used to doing and avoiding cancelling the attack itself, but it also makes it harder to maneuver. The constant movements and tapping of your finger make it more challenging to quickly react to projectiles coming your way. So not only do you have to focus on cancelling the animation, you have to be much more aware as well.

Again, this is all worth it for the damage output. However, you will have to pay very close attention to the board in tandem with your animation cancelling. It certainly makes the game more challenging but the reward is worth it.

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